Thursday, May 6, 2010

LIberty sheep blog?

Have you met my LIberty sheep? If not, go check him out on my blog. I was wondering whether I should create a blog for him. Then I can write down all it's adventures. Hmm...any opinions?

The month of MAY!!


It is FINALLY the month of May! Hooray for May. :p. I'm just excited because the month of may is the month of my birthday. BTW, my birthdate is 27th May 1997. COuntdown till the 27th of May :D! I know, i know, its just a month. But alot of things will be happening.

Tmr i'm gonna have fun fun fun with Abby and Mildred. Water fight!! Its childish, but lotsa fun. Yayyyy! Can't wait, can't wait, cant wait. Just came back from the doctor's clinic. Took a H1NI jab. Go get one before all runs out. Did some spy work...heh heh...private and personal stuff.

Today gonna relax. Later: DENTIST APPOINMENT 0_O. Japanese class. Hope my teeth are okay. Going for scaling, ahh scary. Now waiting for my favourite drama of the year to load. Go check it out. Personal Taste. By pretty Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho. Good good show. Yay, gonna have a drama marathon.

Gotta go go go, drama LOADED.