Friday, September 23, 2011

Hawaiian Flower

Ello peeps!:)

This post is gonna teach you how to do nail art :)
This is my VERY FIRST tutorial post so it kinda sucks a bit, I apologize!
Anyway, here goes.
I'm gonna teach you how to do this design:
Ignore the device and focus on the design xD
It's a very simple design, but I think it's very pretty and cute and you won't need any professional nail art tools :)

You will need:
Nailpolishes :)
I'm using:
1) 17 Nail Xtras: Double Gloss Top Coat
2) Etude House Nail Polish in VIP Girl Color GR605
3) Natural Collection Nail Tip Whitener
4) Bihun in Color No.6311
5) Some Q Tips for cleaning the sides (optional)
*I kinda skipped the base coat (which is sorta important) but base coat can be included.

A toothpick or a kebab stick, or a wooden skewer :)

A bobby pin like this:
*You'll wanna get the ones with a round tip :)

Now let's begin.
Start by applying a base coat. NOTE: I did something wrong! I used the top coat as my base coat, but both works fine :P
But use a base coat nail polish for this!!
Next, I painted my nails with my Etude House VIP Girl in GR605 nail-polish. You don't have to use the same color with me, you can choose any sort of blue or maybe purple or pink color. Any color you think would go well with the Hawaiian Flower. I think my VIP Girl nail-polish color looked very well with the hawaiian flower, it's a hawaiian color too (come to think of it :)) It's sort of a turquoise greenish blueish color :)

Use a Q Tip and apply some nail-polish remover on it and gently clean the sides of your fingers.
Up-close :)
Let it be completely dry and then we're gonna move on to making the flower pattern
I dipped some of my white nailpolish on to the end of my bobby pin.
And I dotted 4 white dots on to my nail. These white dots are the petals of the flower, you can add to them, the more white dots, the more petals your flower is going to have.
Next, white the petals are still watery ( do not wait till it dries), grab your wooden skewer or toothpick and stroke from the middle of your dot to the center of the flower. That will form the design on the flower. Honestly, I think it looks complete the way it is now but for the finishing touch which can be optional, I'm gonna add a red dot to the middle of the flower.
Lastly, using my red nail-polish. I'm going to clean the tip of my bobby pin (or use a new one) and brush or dip the red nail-polish on to the end of the bobby pin. Dot the center of your flower and it's DONE :D

Final product!

I'm not very good in this tutorial thing so I'm sorry. But if you have further questions and if you'd like me to re-explain certain steps, I will try to do my best to do so :)
Leave your feedback and if you have done a nail art tutorial before, please leave me a link of it. I enjoy browsing through tutorials :)

Thanks and buh-bye :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Stealing Bastard

Hey guys!

SORRY, it's been almost 2 weeks (or is it 3? lost track :P) since my last post.

my reason:
ot's of stuff has happened over the last few weeks, a break-in at my house, my Mom's missing ID Card, my stomach going all crazy on me...oh it's been rough.

But Thank God everything's over! I'll just have to trust in Him and everything'll be alright :)

Firstly, the break in! This is the first break-in that's ever occurred in my household, the last time some dude broke in to my Dad's car taking several items along with him. This time, it's a real case, a big one. Some bastard(s) (I'm not sure if it's a group or just a one-man-business) broke in to my house and took precious and pricey items along with him/them.
I'm really pissed.

The thieves/thief took: My Mom's branded handbag which was a gift from my aunt (OH GOSH, I forgot the name of the brand, but it's famous :P) , CASH$$ a robber always search for cash! My dear handphone T^T and my Roxy backpack which was quite new. Some cash from my sister's wallet and several stuff that we still are trying to discover. He took quite a lot of things but we haven't identified what are the things he took.

He ransacked most parts of the house leaving clumps of messes in the living room and the garden! He dumped books, files and papers from my school-bag in the backyard. SERIOUSLY?!! You jerk. And I just found out that that stealing dude is currently using my phone with my SIM card in it.

SORRY for my ranting.
'Nuff said.
Moving on :)

Anyway, if you've got any break-in memories or if you've got robbed before, do share. How do you get over the trauma?? :P
I'll be trying my best to complete my haul posts and nail tutorial very soon, sorry for the delay.

Here are more pics from my Bangkok trip:
Shopping at Giordano. Lot's of great buys!

My Dad :D
Sister heading to Etude House!
Central World, Bangkok. Seriously recommend to visit if you're a shopping person. The perfect place to shop till you drop :) Lot's of great stores, I did most of my shopping there :) And it's connected to my hotel (Centara Grand, Bangkok) so it's super convenient.
Sister stopping by to take a look at Skin Food. If I'm not mistaken it's located next to Etude House.
This is the second part of the mall, I think it's the East Wing? :P See the sign B2S? If you're a stationery fan, I suggest you visit the huge store. Lot's of cute and awesome stuff, they sell almost everything! This Central mall has the biggest B2S.

LAST DAY, at the airport. This is near the gates. A huge wall of windows. It's fantastic, and you can see lots of airplanes from all over the world waiting outside.
While waiting for my Dad to collect his V.A.T Refund, I took a snapshot of my sister's new pair of Converse sneakers. Matching Converse socks! :)
Before returning home, we took a stroll along the duty-free stores. There's even a M.A.C store! :)
And...last but not least! Thank you so much to my readers and followers :D

I'VE REACHED 50 FOLLOWERS. Made me smileeeeee:D
thank you so much :)
I'll try my best not to let you guys down. Heaps of love.

P.S Excuse the title, I'm just recovering from my trauma and hatred. I hate you robber >:(
[so immature :P]

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cuts From the Wishlist

Hey ladies! :)

So I guess you can say, this is sort of a haul post, it's part of the haul anyway :P But I just wanna share the items that I bought that are in my wishlist for April-August :P

Number 1:
Nerdy glasses. I wanted a pair but in the end I got 2 pairs :D A white one and a black one.
My mom bought me a red pair but I thought that it didn't suit me, it looked so much better on my elder sister so it is her's now :)
Gawsh, I look so dorky :P
The white pair, the frame is huge! Got this one from KL, Midvalley Megamall.
Got this one from Bangkok. Sala Daeng, Central, Daiso. 60 Baht! :)

Number 2:
Superman or Elmo t-shirt!
I wanted a t-shirt with Sesame Street's Elmo's face on it but I couldn't find one :(
So the second option was to get a Superman t-shirt. A blue one with Superman's famous logo, and I got it! :)

I ain't gonna show it today, I'll show it along with my clothes haul. This is the EPIC paper bag :) My mom says it's scary, especially how Wonder Woman is so bulky here :P I was smiling from ear to ear after my Dad paid for it :) Thanks Daddy :)
Ohyeahhh, Superman and Batman!
Number 3:
A pair of new pumps! This is from Rock Port. I'm a pump fan! :D I love the color, I actually wanted a different pair with a different color, sort of a tea color? But there wasn't the right size :/ So I got this one, equally lovely. I like it's classic and simple design, love the bow!!

Ahh, bruised feet! ><
Number 4:
A new iTouch 4th Generation cover. It's kinda difficult to get an iTouch 4th Generation cover, there aren't much designs compared to the iPhones. I really wanted a Hello Kitty cover but that's okay :) I like my new one now, it's checkered and it's sort of red with a little bit pinkish? I LOVE the color, it's really sweet and I decided to settle with this!

P.S, That's my holiday nails! :) I'm thinking of doing a tutorial post on how to do this for those who doesn't know how to :/ but I'll see if I have the time :)
END of wishlist :)
I actually went to Bangkok hunting for a hat. There were many but most of them looked really old and grey and the colors were fading so I decided to search for more in KL :)

have a great Sunday bloggas :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Beauty Part

Hey guys!

This haul post came a bit late, not too late I hope, because I had to get admitted to the hospital >.< I had a minor viral infection that caused me to puke and have terrible backaches and backpains. Due to the HORRIBLE hazy weather in Malaysia, many people have been sick and I must've caused a sick bug (:P) at school. I was admitted for 2 nights, thank God it wasn't more than that. I'm still recovering, but that ain't gonna stop me from blogging :)

Thank you for your lovely comments from the last post! ^^

Anyways, back the haul. I'm breaking this haul in to different parts. So this is the beauty part of my haul. I really regret that I didn't buy more cosmetics, there was an offer (buy 1 free 1) at the pharmacy Boots. I have no idea what's wrong with me, I should've bought more!! Arghh, sorry for my rantings :P

BTW, over the last two weeks, I actually won 2 more giveaways! Recently, I mentioned in my previous posts (way back in August) that I won a jewelery giveaway. The prizes are not with me, but I hope it comes soon.
But just the day before leaving for BKK, I won a giveaway, the prizes are 3 choices of any Picture Polish nailpolishes I wanted, they are probably on their way to my house now :) (I hope!)
And for the next giveaway, I won the TRESemme Straightening Spray with Argan Oil! Yippee!
It reached my house when I was in the hospital, my dad called up and said that it reached! And now it's here with me on the bed :P Can't wait to try it soon.

On to the haul~~~
The overall beauty items that I got!

This are the lip balms I got from Siam Paragon. They're from the brand Berli Pops. I've never seen this brand before but I decided to try it. I bought 3 packets, 2 for my pals and 1 for me. I love the packaging. They are all 95.00 Baht which is 9.50 Ringgit, in Malaysia's currency. I thought that was cheap so I took the opportunity, I thought it would made cute gifts ^^
One of the packets comes with 2 lip balms...and it still costs the same with the others.

The 2 in 1 packet :) This is the Melon Mellow Smoothie Lipbalm.
I got 2 Cherry Cheery Smoothie Lipbalms for myself and another friend of mine :)

Oops! Upside down pictures. I got this makeup sponge and an eye brush for 60 Baht (6 Ringgit), which I guess is $2. I got this at Daiso, Sala Daeng's Central Mall. All the items in Daisho are 60 Baht, everything! :)

My 17 Cosmetics!
1) 17 Pure Finish Sheer Mineral Blusher
2)17 Soft Liner Eye Pen
3) 17 Eyeshadow in Darkness
4) 17 Eyeshadow in Blue Storm

Nailpolishes! These are the bottles that I bought.
This one is a pinkish shade, I can't tell you the exact name 'cos it's in Korean :/
You have to apply around 2 or 3 coats to have that slight pinkiness :P 1 coat just gives a transparent look

This shade is in Blue Pearl, translated that from the Hangul :P

Very dark blue o.O

Group photo! :P

Next haul post coming soon :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I eat. I receive Blog Awards.

Ello people :)

No, this ain't the haul post. I still need to clear all the goodies that I bought and snap some pictures before I write the post. But it will be coming soon.

Moving On...
I received 2 more awards! From the lovely Wi, the blogger behind A Single Girl's Musings! Thanks Wi :) Check out her blog, she posts amazing pictures! She writes about her life, fashion, beauty and many other cool stuff. She has such a friendly personality. I love reading her posts, they are ALL always very interesting to read, so you should CHECK it out and click zee FOLLOW button :)

These 2 awards are... in cool is that? :D\
1) Your Heart is my prize
2) Your Blog is Heavenly

The titles are so flattering ^______^
makes me just say...awwwww :P

I pass these awards to:
Vee of Vee's Randomness
Suki of Suki Pooki
Julie of It's A Girl Thing
Peiyinn of Peiyinn's Stop


Esther of Blogging/Expressing

Thanks again for the award! ^^

Next! More pictures from my Bangkok trip. FOOD :)

This trip was different because, there was NO free buffet breakfast. Odd, but my Dad didn't really explain why but we saved up a lot not going downstairs for buffet. Instead we ordered Room Service which was YUM YUM and just YUM. The waiter came up with a mini table full of warm delicious food. 1) Two Eggs of your choice I chose: Omelette (I spelled that wrongly :/) with grilled ham and baked potato (you can request for hashbrowns but they are just deep fried and soaked with oil :O) My sister chose: Scrambled Eggs, very neatly placed on a half a slice of bagel. And grilled sausages. With baked potato. Oh and both our sets came with a grilled tomato too. My parents didn't really eat much for breakfast so they ordered toast, pastries and muffins, which I didn't try :( Dad ordered Carrot and Apple juice while my sister and I shared Pomelo juice, something different for a change (we normally stick to plain old Apple juice). Fresh fruits for the day: A platter of papayas. Not very juicy but very sweet :) And cereal? My all time favorite: Cocoa Pop! :) Oh and the toast came with two sets of jams in mini cute bottles.

Watching Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 6 while eating breakfast. We don't normally do that but we broke the rules for just a few days :P
LUNCH! Every time we visit Bangkok, we NEVER (I do mean NEVER) fail to visit Ootoya's. So far, this Japanese restaurant can only be found in Thailand or maybe just Bangkok alone. The menu is basically Japanese but the food served are very different. But ALL the food that I tried in the restaurant are ABSOLUTELY DELISH.
My sister's set, grilled minced Chicken burger patties served with Bangkok's yummy fragrant rice.

Remember how I said Ootoya's delicacies were different? Well, they add yam or taro in their Miso Soup which is really yummy, it gives alot of flavor to the soup. Slurp! :)
Mom's vege stew with fried shrimp patties. This tastes heavenly but be sure to order a bowl of rice to go along with this because sometimes the chefs tends to add a little bit too much of salt :P
My set! Alaskan salmon, seriously, it's from Alaska and the salmon taste different from any ordinary salmon. It's very soft and melts in the mouth :)
Close-up! A must-try, I always order this whenever I visit Ootoya. And it's cheap too!
Dad's grilled chicken with salad!
Ootoya the restaurant :P
Take-out pictures. On the second night on the trip we were all so beat out after shopping non-stop for 6 hours so we takeaway the food from Ootoya. Here are the pics! I love their packaging, really neat.