Friday, September 9, 2011

The Beauty Part

Hey guys!

This haul post came a bit late, not too late I hope, because I had to get admitted to the hospital >.< I had a minor viral infection that caused me to puke and have terrible backaches and backpains. Due to the HORRIBLE hazy weather in Malaysia, many people have been sick and I must've caused a sick bug (:P) at school. I was admitted for 2 nights, thank God it wasn't more than that. I'm still recovering, but that ain't gonna stop me from blogging :)

Thank you for your lovely comments from the last post! ^^

Anyways, back the haul. I'm breaking this haul in to different parts. So this is the beauty part of my haul. I really regret that I didn't buy more cosmetics, there was an offer (buy 1 free 1) at the pharmacy Boots. I have no idea what's wrong with me, I should've bought more!! Arghh, sorry for my rantings :P

BTW, over the last two weeks, I actually won 2 more giveaways! Recently, I mentioned in my previous posts (way back in August) that I won a jewelery giveaway. The prizes are not with me, but I hope it comes soon.
But just the day before leaving for BKK, I won a giveaway, the prizes are 3 choices of any Picture Polish nailpolishes I wanted, they are probably on their way to my house now :) (I hope!)
And for the next giveaway, I won the TRESemme Straightening Spray with Argan Oil! Yippee!
It reached my house when I was in the hospital, my dad called up and said that it reached! And now it's here with me on the bed :P Can't wait to try it soon.

On to the haul~~~
The overall beauty items that I got!

This are the lip balms I got from Siam Paragon. They're from the brand Berli Pops. I've never seen this brand before but I decided to try it. I bought 3 packets, 2 for my pals and 1 for me. I love the packaging. They are all 95.00 Baht which is 9.50 Ringgit, in Malaysia's currency. I thought that was cheap so I took the opportunity, I thought it would made cute gifts ^^
One of the packets comes with 2 lip balms...and it still costs the same with the others.

The 2 in 1 packet :) This is the Melon Mellow Smoothie Lipbalm.
I got 2 Cherry Cheery Smoothie Lipbalms for myself and another friend of mine :)

Oops! Upside down pictures. I got this makeup sponge and an eye brush for 60 Baht (6 Ringgit), which I guess is $2. I got this at Daiso, Sala Daeng's Central Mall. All the items in Daisho are 60 Baht, everything! :)

My 17 Cosmetics!
1) 17 Pure Finish Sheer Mineral Blusher
2)17 Soft Liner Eye Pen
3) 17 Eyeshadow in Darkness
4) 17 Eyeshadow in Blue Storm

Nailpolishes! These are the bottles that I bought.
This one is a pinkish shade, I can't tell you the exact name 'cos it's in Korean :/
You have to apply around 2 or 3 coats to have that slight pinkiness :P 1 coat just gives a transparent look

This shade is in Blue Pearl, translated that from the Hangul :P

Very dark blue o.O

Group photo! :P

Next haul post coming soon :)


  1. Hope you get well soon. Like the nail polish! :D

  2. Awww.... Sorry to hear that you got admitted to the hospital, I hope you're feeling much better now. And that is such a fab haul! TRESemme is such a great hair product. And I really love the Blue Eyeshadow! I'm trying to expand my colour palette now, trying to incorporate more vivid and vibrant colours in my make-up haha

    And ooohhh Korean nail polish! Haha... K-poppers unite! ;D

    BTW, congrats again for winning two giveaways. I am waiting for them to reach your doorstep and see your post about it!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  3. Hey lovely! My hat is from Zara, but I bought
    It last year! Try H&M they have really cute hats this season!! I already bought one! I hope I helped u out! xxx

  4. Hey Lizzy =) I hope you're feeling better! I send you lots of magic thoughts so you'll be okay !! hehe.

    I've always wanted to try an eye pen and I recently ordered one by Eyeko =) Tell me if you like yours !
    This blue polish looks really nice !! I think I've got one that looks similar, but if I don't I'll have to get one =D

    I'm glad you liked Jen from Frmheadtotoe !! I also recomand you bubzbeauty she's great ! and other none asian beauty gurus that I love are MichellePhan (of course!!), Xsparkage, punkchyaz, Allthatglitters21 and her sister Juicystar07 and they also have a really cool website called !
    I follow a lot more but I'm not gonna list them all here =D Just tell me if you want more !!
    I've been following beauty gurus on youtub for 2 or 3 years now and I've learnt so much !

    xxx Vee

  5. hi there! thank you for the lovely comments on my blog! i followed you already! can you tell me if the TRESemme Straightening Spray works out well for you, i've always wanted something so my ends wont be frizzy.. More love to you blog!

    <3 lots!


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