Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hello sweethearts :P

Here's a great news, Pink Dolly is hosting a LUSH!~ Giveaway. Oh yeah, it's got a LUSH products included in the prizes. I just found out about the Lush company, and it's really great, I love all their products, EVERYTHING is super nice. I like their bubble bars too.

The LUSH gift set ain't the only prize, there are MORE! Yes, MORE :DD yippee! I really hope I win this things because I find it hard to come across giveaways with LUSH products as prizes. If you want to learn more about the prizes or join: http://badanla.blogspot.com/2010/11/lush-christmas-give-away.html

Lovely giveaway :D Thanks PINK DOLLY!~

Skinnie GEnes Holidays Giveaway

Yayy! It's time for a happie holiday giveaway ^^

I promised Jenny I'd join her giveaway and I have. Now, if you're interested you should go check out her blog and her giveaway. Prizes are lovely, they include: Lip Fusion Lipglosses. I posted a picture of it on my sidebar and above. I want them, I'd like to thanks Jenny again for following me and hosting this giveaway.

The entries can be submitted before January 5th, and yes it's opened internationally :) Here's the link: http://skinniegenes.blogspot.com/2010/11/holiday-giveaway.html

Hope you join! Posted on my sidebar. I like to do both (write a blogpost and post it on my sidebar :D)


Jumping with Joy

2 has become my favorite number because I've got 2 special followers on my blog!

Thanks Jenny and Liz, love your blogs too!~ Finally, I have followers. I felt kinda lame that I was talking to myself -___- Thanks again for following me! Don't forget, I'm following you guys too.

Thanks darlings, keep up the good work blogging :)



The Last Day of November 2010

Hey lovelies,

I just realized that today is the very last day of November 2010. The last month of 2010 is coming, I'm just 2 hours away from December. Wow! November was quite a happy month for me, and for all students that is, I had 2 weeks break from school, I liked November because it wasn't Christmas yet and we were still one month away from saying goodbye to 2010 but now it's soon gonna be December. Sigh! Time do fly fast, speedily. I feel like we just started the year and now it's gonne be the end of the year soon. Again, Sigh!

Well, I invite December with a happy smile! :) After all, December is one of my favorite months, it's Christmas time!~ I'll update you on my December, hope I get at least A follower in DEcember :S!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Nail Galore's End of the Year Giveaway!

That's right!

Nail Galore is wrapping up the year with a giveaway. The prize is Chanel's Latest Holiday Collection Color; Pulsion. Uh-huh, if you want that click here: http://nailgalore.my/2010/11/nail-galore-year-end-give-away-chanel.html

More deets: It's opened to EARTHLINGS :D Cool way of saying International :P Ends December 15th, 2010. So submit your entries FAST :)

That's it, please do JOIN :)


Da Dentist

Hey guys and gals,

How was my day? Lemme say something, HORRIBLE.Well, not exactly 'cos I didn't have to do any of my homework (lazy little me >:D) but I had to visit the DENTIST. Oh the horror, you know how people hate to go to the dentist's, well it wasn't a problem for me and it didn't really bother me but I just HATE it now! The drilling and the sucking, I can't take it. Especially the drilling, thinking about it makes my teeth now. Gone were those days where I'd just go to the dentist's to brush my teeth by the awesomely cool electric toothbrush (the toothpaste tastes great too :P) I really gotta cut down on the sweets, but hey, I'm not like to freaks eating candy 24 hours a day.

After the appointment, after the drilling and the sucking and stuff, we had to go to another dentist, it was Rachel's (unnie) turn. She took off her braces last Saturday and she went to pick up her retainers today. Mom succeeded in driving to Ampang for the first time (I hope she's happy). It was raining heavily and I didn't like going to the orthodontist 'cos its BORING! But I guess we don't really need to go that often now. So there you have it! Two dentist appointment today, I'm glad that's over!

Lizzy (still no followers yet, basically writing to myself T.T)

Momo's World Giveaway

Hello ^^

It's 9:30 pm and i've got a cute giveaway. Momo is having a FIRST giveaway! There are lotsa prizes so I can actually post all the pics of the prizes but hey, you gotta believe me, it's great. Prizes include Japanese products like cosmetics and stationary (now does that sound great? JAPAN gurls)

DEETS: Opened worldwide!~ Ends: Dec 31st at 11:59 PM, of course, 2010. Here's the link: http://momo1982.blogspot.com/2010/11/my-first-giveaway.html

P.S This is posted on my sidebar.

Charmed Chick 50 Followers Giveaway


Charmed Chick's got 50 followers on her blog, but actually she has gotten 11 extra so YIPPEEE! Charmed Chick's got 50 followers now so she's hostin' a sweeeet giveaway. I'll post this on my sidebar too. It opens internationally but you have to be a blogger. It ends 7th January 2011 (awesome! next year :D), it closes exactly at 11:59pm GMT. The winner will be chosen using random.org.

Here are more deets: The prizes include Eyelure Color Lashes, Superdrugs Little Pink Tin Lip Balm, Superdrug Smoothie Self Heating Face Mask, Two Pairs of True Spirit Earrings and Two NYX Chrome eyeshadows in colors Java and Geisha. I posted the pics of the prizes above. Interested? Click here to JOIN: http://xcharmed-chickx.blogspot.com/2010/11/fifty-followers-giveaway.html





My Kamio Banana Plushie is finally here! It came faster than I thought. Thanks to my unnie who searched all over the internet for it, thanks to omma who bought it and last but not least thanks to Uncle Albretch who helped with the shipping and all. And thanks to me for discovering it! :) I discovered it when I saw one of my fav singers who took a selca with it, and immediately, I had to have it.

This banana is squishy and soft, but that's not it, the reason why I loved and wanted it SOSOSOSO much is because it can PEEL open! FALALA, ain't that great. You don't come across stuff like that these days, it's super-duper cool and wonderful. It splits, it really splits! I love it. There's a picture of it above. It's the best Christmas present ever, totally a great companion for a good night sleep. I had a good dream last night ;)




Hiya :)

How are you lovelies today? I'm fine, sorta (there's always a sorta in my life :P) Yesterday was great! Sorta. Half of the day was crazy but the other half was awesome. I went to watch Tangle a.k.a the story of Rapunzel with Dad and my Unnie. 3 words: I LOVED IT!

It was awesome in my opinion, I loved Rapunzel's character and voice, Mandy Moore did a great job. It was funny too and somewhat different from other fairytale movies like Princess and the Frog, that was quite a failure. It had some very cool scenes and I loved the animation. They made Rapunzel look very pretty and I loved her oh-so-gorgeous golden hair, super long! :D

The hero was funny too and there was some romance but I find it awkward to see romance in a princess fairytale, I mean of course there had to be romance in a fairy-tale otherwise it wouldn't BE a fairytale but, it would be nice if it were real. I like the mini chameleon Rapunzel kept as a pet. Cute, the characters are humorous and great! I must say, it is a MUST-SEE movie. Awesome and if I were to rate the movie, I'd give 5 STARS out of 5!
It's that good, for me of course. :-)

Friday, November 26, 2010

What a Fine DAY!

Ellow :)

How was your Saturday? Although it hasn't end yet but I can say that my Saturday was good :) Rachel (my older sis) took out her braces today (I'm not excited about that :P) and she went to her buddy's house, meanwhile I went window shopping together with my dad, mom and BFF (Abby Bengs). Nope, we did not buy anything but I had fun with her :)

We ate lunch together and she told me some funny stories that made me laugh out loud...AND we had a photo session together on the way back home, sorry, the photos aren't with me now! Will post soon. I just dropped her at church and now I'm resting. So glad, Math tuition is finally over. All I have to do now is concentrate on my LifePacs :/

Well, will update soon :) see ya!


Just Jingle's KAWAII giveaway

Aloha peeps!

I just wanna inform you about a giveaway I joined yesterday. And yes, it's also sponsored by MODES4U, sick of it? I hope you aren't cos I'm not :P

Just jingle is a BUBBLY and EXCITING blog, so check it out at: http://justjingle.blogspot.com/ Simple as that.

Now, GIVEAWAY DEETS (FYI, this is an ultimately kawaii CUTE giveaway, Like being cute? I got one word for ya, JOIN): Opened worldwide, it ends on Dec 3rd. Yeap, 2010 :D To find out the prizes and join, click here: http://justjingle.blogspot.com/2010/11/kawaii-cute-from-modes4u-giveaway.html

JOIN!!! It's jingletastic and kawaii, SUPER :) P.S I'll just post a pic of one of the prizes, kay? This is not the end, there are more prizes and the lucky winner will get ALL of 'em (PRAYING IT'S ME :D)



Cutesypoo Toys+Modes4u Giveaway

Hey peeps,

I've found another kawaii giveaway, sponsored by Modes4u (AGAIN :D, I never get sick of Modes4u giveaways) and also Cutesypoo, I just heard about this blog. It's a kawaii blog too, I like it's name ^^ how cute!~

If you wanna check out Cutesypoo Toy's blog, click here: http://cutesypoo.blogspot.com/

Here's the GIVEAWAY deets :)

The contest ends December 6th. I only posted a pic of one of the prizes but to check out more prizes in this giveaway and also to JOIN the giveaway, click here: http://cutesypoo.blogspot.com/2010/11/modes4u-giveaway.html

Oh, did I mention? It's opened WORLDWIDE :D

Hope you join ^^


BIG kawaii Giveaway from Modes4u

That's right peeps. This is a BIG giveaway hosted by none other than the kawaii-est blogs, Modes4u. I just wrote a blogpost about the amazing website, hope you read it. It's an online shop and a blog. You must visit :D

Now, the deets on this BIG kawaii~ Giveaway! First off, it's opened worldwide so, yes, you can absolutely join if you're living in Earth. Secondly, this giveaway ends on December 6th, 2010 which is a Monday... Modes4u will receive entries untill Midnight (that's when the spell breaks xD), so hurry up! The faster you enter, the better.

There are 20 prizes to win, I know!Awesome right? I think it is. Oh yeah, one more thing... the winner will be announced the next day (Dec 7th, Tuesday). Winners will be chosen randomly using none other than random.org.

The most important part, this is where you click -->> http://blog.modes4u.com/community/big-kawaii-giveaway.html Do join before the contest ends. There are pictures of some of the prizes on the link I just wrote, so check it out :)

That's practically it, hope you join,


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Modes4u JJang! ^^

I love Modes4u! If it's your first time hearing this, Modes4u is a website for all kawaii stuff fans. This absolute kawaii website is an online shop that sells all kawaii stuff, from bento boxes to hoodies (i love hoodies! ^^). THere are really cute bags and stationeries too. Lotsa accesories to check out too. If you love kawaii stuff then this is your one-way ticket to kawaii heaven!

Here's the link if you're interested to check it out: http://www.modes4u.com Please do check it out :) I like the boss, she's super kawaii and nice! There are gonna be some blogposts of giveaways hosted by modes4u so stay tuned. All the prizes are kawaii goodies, so my type of thing :P

I've never won any of the giveaways but I'm hoping I get to win one of them one day. Crossing my fingers :D

Once again, don't forget to check out modes4u.com! You'll love it (if you're a fan of kawaii, that is :))

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Usage of Sidebar

If ya'll read my giveaway posts please do follow me and also I'll be shifting the posts to my sidebar from now on so if you'd like to check out the giveaways section you have to see it in my sidebar. Thanks gals :)

Bloggers Template

WOO-HOO! Changed my template to Bloggers Design.Ahh, Classic. Now it's gonna be useful as I can see if anyone follows me and I can use my sidebar. Please do follow me!!

Haircut Day

Hello :D

How ya' people doing? I'm fine, the holidays have been...well, so-so. It's kinda boring, Mom wants me to study hard so I can progress in my work fast and... T^T it's tuiton day, and it's MATH!! Who like's studying? Studying=Boring but it'll make me good in the future. Sigh!~

Today I got a haircut! At Tesco's 15 minute haircut shop. Got a little trim and thinned it...I'm known for my glorious thick and dark hair. But having THICK hair ain't all good, it's always hot so I am currently enjoying myself with my light and thinned down hair! :)

But the day isn't all good, I feel sad for my fav cuzzie (my own spelling for cousin ^^), I'm not gonna say the bad news, it isn't any good to tell anyway. Well, cheer up Gracie! Elise loves you :D

Yayy, Dad's gonna take Aaron, Abbypoo and Me for a movie this Friday night! :) Tangled, I guess you've heard of it! "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, with hair so fine, come out the window, climb down the vine!" :D

Hope you guys have a great day!

Signing off,


P.S There are gonna be more posts of giveaways so stay tuned :)

52 New Days: Dior and Urban Decay Giveaway :D

Let's be friends
Hey gals, 52 New Days is hosting a giveaway! Hooray :) Prizes include:(Dior Products) Full Size DiorShow Mascara in Black (oohlala, I want that :D), Mini Duo Express Instant Eye Make-up Remover, and Mini Crayon Eyeliner in Black. (Urban Decay Products) 2 eye shadows in Narcotic (matte teal blue) and Toasted (muted copper shimmer) (*purple and tan colors shown in the containers are not available) And a few more surprise goodies! (I like this part best :P more prizes!!)

How do you like the prizes? If you wanna join, click the button on top, it's actually for the sidebar but I dont have one so I'm putting it on the post instead of the link :P saves the trouble for me and it looks nicer. Enough of that, here are the deets: Opened to all bloggers (that means worldwide) and it ends December 3rd, 2010. A winner will be chose randomly using the generator and announced on December 5th (hope that'll be my lucky day :P)

Just so you know, all the prizes are bought from the blogger's own money $$! Thanks Nelah :D

JOINJOINJOIN NOW (remember, to join, click the button above!)

Extra Petite's Giveaway

Click on the button to join extra petite's GIVEAWAY;D Yes, it's open internationally and ends Dec 12th. You might be the lucky winner of those goodies in the button but don't forget, I might be that winner xDD


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pandaphilia's 250+ Giveaway

Annyeong! ^^

Love Pandas? Love giveaways? Love Beauty products? Then join this giveaway! Pandaphilia is giving away beauty goodies (i love the brands of all the goodies) :)


Contest ends: December 15, 2010. Exact time: 12 PM, CST

Yippee, it's open internationally :D

Thanks Angie (the blogger of Pandaphilia) for this cute giveaway!

Love pandas :)


Monday, November 22, 2010

KONADomania's 700+ Followers Cool Giveaway

Hiya gals, KONADomania has got 700 over followers, woohoo! Congrats :) That's not the only great news, there's a GIVEAWAY!~

Giveaway details:

This giveaway is opened to human beings which means you can join as long as you're in Earth.

Opened untill Nov 30th, 2010!

Do join ^^


Varnish VIxen's Giveaway

YELLOW :) Hot News: Varnish Vixen's hostin' an totally awesome giveaway. There are 4 prizes but the winner can only get one.


1) Prizes are stated in the link I give below. I'll just be posting the picture of the prize I want to win. There are nailpolishes to win too.

3) Opened worldwide

4)Ends December 5th

5) Prizes are BRAND* New!!

Please do join :) before it ends!


Only Half Dressed Giveaway

Aloha to divas out there!

I have a fantastic giveaway for you. A pwetty one, I gurantee.

Here's the info and things you need to know:

1) Prizes!: FCUK Pure Bodywash, Ted Baker Gentle Body Scrub, Soap and Glory Floral Body Spray, BARRY M-instant nail effects, Barry M-304, Topshop Floral Ring, New Look Beaded Necklace. The winner will win all these including the sequin make-up which it all will be packed into, sweet right?

2) Opened internationally! ^^
3) Ends November 30th, hurry up gals.

4) Here's the VIP (Very.Important.Part), the link: http://onlyhalfdressed.blogspot.com/2010/11/giveaway.html

You'll love it!


The Polish-Aholic's Holiday Giveaway

Hey everyone!

The Polish-Aholic is celebrating the holidays with this nail-polish giveaway.

Here are the details and things you need to know, (link included):

1) The prizes includes a whole bunch of awesome nail-polishes, shown in the picture above, for more details about the prize (such as brands) go click on the link below.

3)Good news! It's opened to all international readers :D

4) Contest ends December 9th, Midnight PST

5) All prizes were bought by the blogger's money, not a sponsored giveaway.

That's roughly what you need to know, now go join! :)


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas is HERE!~

Yup yup, Christmas is HEREEEEE!~ Wee, it's not exactly Christmas yet 'cos it's not officially December but who cares? November is the starting of the Christmas mood and spirit that runs through the city. Decorations of all sort are up and songs like 'Santa is Coming To Town' or 'I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause' are playing in shopping malls and stores. I love it! It gives me the cool and free feeling, it's the time where we spent time with our family and most of all, it's the time we celebrate our Saviour who came down from Heaven to Earth to die for our sins and set us free :)

If it wasn't for Jesus, there wouldn't be any Christmas dinners or gathering, and most importantly, we wouldn't be free. So, I'd like to say, Thank You Jesus :DD and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Early wishes from,

lizzy! ;)

Polishaholic Giveaway

This Polishaholic has got a great giveaway for you, the prizes aren't big but they're perfect who loves nail art (a girl like me and my sis). The contest closes 20th December and Hooray! It's open to all earthlings :P That means, opened worldwide. Congrats to the blogger who has got 400 followers! :)

Winner will be chosen by random.org, here's the link: http://lakieroholiczka.blogspot.com/2010/11/400-followers-giveaway.html

Do join before the contest ends :)


Cel's Cute Giveaway


Congwachulations to Cel who has got 400+ followers, including me, heh heh :P This is opened internationally and it ends December 10th so the winner can get the goodies before Christmas, good thinking eh? :D

You'll love the prizes, roughly the prizes are glamorous and cute nailpolishes, a rose ring (a token of the blogger ^^made by Cel), nail stickers :) Awesome! Omo, I want them all.

Zombie Claws 50 Followers Giveaway

Ollo :D hEy, did you know Mistress Zombie is hosting giveaway? Did ya? Did ya? :) Well, I have the details to this very cool giveaway. It includes embossing tools for freehand nail art, Coconut Lime Bodywash (Mistress Zombie's fav, sounds nice ^^) and a few enchanting bottles of nailpolish! Want them? Well, come and get them at: http://zombieclaws.blogspot.com/2010/11/50th-friend-giveaway.html

You might win if you join before November 23rd, 11:59 pm EST (which is the closing time)

Go check it out soon :)


Katrina's Nail Blog Giveaway

Woohoo!~ It's giveaway time with Katrina :) I have a friend named Katrina but this is another great blogger who's pretty and loves painting her nails instead of doing her homework :P (she wrote that in her blog, great description Katrina ^_^)

Aha! The prizes, the catch of all giveaways. NOTE: All prizes are brand new and are bought by Katrina's own money $$, use it wisely if you're the winner! I will :DD I will not be posting all the brands and names of these awesome nailpolishes but the picture is posted above. If you want to know more details about the prizes and if you want to join the giveaway, click here: http://katrinasnailblog.blogspot.com/2010/11/woo-hoo-giveaway.html

This contest ends November 28th which is a Sunday, winner will be announced the next day. That's all that you need to know, please do click the link to find out more about it and please do join. P.S check out Katrina's blog too, it's great!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Heli's Beauties Giveaway

I'm so ultimately glad I found this blog! It's amazing :D and so is this giveaway. First of all, I'd like to thank Helen for organizing this giveaway, lemme tell ya, it's HUGE. The winner gets all these prizes: A bunch of nailpolishes, Skinfood Sesame Masks, Sebastian Clay, W7 Palette. (shown in the pics above) The goodies in the pics are all used by Helen but the real prizes are all brand new, she just didn't want to open it, she's letting the lucky open it herself :DD I wanna be that winner.

If you do too, click here: http://helibeauties.blogspot.com/2010/10/giveaway.html Hurry up, 'cos contest ends December 24th ( 'ya know how time flies fast) and it's open for international bloggers.

Do join! Cheers,


Nails Talez & More! Giveaway


Gotcha! I found another blog who is celebrating 500+ followers and also celebrating Christmas earlier by having a giveaway. The prizes are none other than...China Glaze Tis' The Season Nail-polish. I've entered a few giveaways who are also giving out this set but...no harm joining another one :)

Here are the details: It's open worldwide and it ends November 26th. A few days more and it'll close so hurry up gals :)

P.S There are two winners which means there are TWO prizes!! :)

Double the fun.


Out for The Day

Hmm, today's schedule is tight for me. This morning I woke up at 8:30 AM, had pancakes for breakfast and went off to KLCC with my family. SALES, yes, YEAR-END-SALES. Didn't get much stuff but I got the Snoopy Mag (shown in the blogpost I just posted). Had ramyun for lunch ^^ slurp. Watched Ramona and Beezus just now with Dad and Sis, the movie starred Selena Gomez, although I'm not a fan of her but the movie was kinda nice. P.S Selena Gomez isn't the main character of the movie, some lil' girl is :)

Dad's gonna take Mom, Unnie and I out to Pavillion for some pictures. Looks like Pavillion has already put up Christmas decorations so we're gonna go there for a few pictures using Dad's new cam. Ahh, I love blogging. Scouting for giveaways now :) checking out beauty blogs too.



The New Owner of Peanuts 60th Anniversary Book

The bag that comes with the magazine :D

That's right people! I'm the new owner of my very on Peanuts 60th Anniversary Magazine. It even has it's own bag, it's petite and cute. I love it!~ Bought it from Kinokuniya Bookstore today, thanks mom ^^!~

Friday, November 19, 2010

NailPolish Days

Well GALS, its the holidays and basically, I call it the Nail Polish Days. These are the days where I paint and collect new nailpolishes. Last Christmas I got BLUE, yes, I LOVE BLUE. It suits me well, that's what I think. I hope to win a few giveaways and that means winning cosmetics and NAILPOLISHES to test out. If I ever win, I'll be sure to post about it and take some pics of my beautiful nails ^^ tee-hee.

Hooray for the Holidays!

weeeeeeeeee! We students are freeeee :) I just started my holidays by watching the Kdrama: Gumiho with my mommy and unnie. It's not exactly scary but it's fun, just that I hope the ending will be good. We had a school party today at school (obviously :P), I brought a batch of puppy dog cookies. I snapped a few pics with my friends and teachers. Although it was boring, I still had fun. Sigh, I have an appoinment with my doctor tomorrow, I feel so lazy but...what can a kid do? Pfft.

Well, that's all.

This is LIZZY signing off.

Mon coin a moua Giveaway

Ello Madamemoiselles,

Here's another giveaway you ladies can join! This giveaway is super sweeeet, it has 4 prizes and yes, 4 winners ;D Each winner will have extra prizes, awesome right? The extra prizes are Revlon and Nailene goodies. Heh-heh, more goodies! I'd like to thank the blogger for this awesome giveaway :)

*the 4 prizes are shown in the picture above!

Contest ends November 20th and it's open to anyone living in this round ball called earth, easier words: worldwide :DD

That's all for now, hope you join!~


Paper Cakes Giveaway

HIHI!~ :)

I'm in a good mood today, do ya know why? THE HOLIDAYS HAS STARTED!! :DD woohoo! Yippeee to all fellow students. I was even happier when I found out Paper Cakes was having a cuteeee giveaway.

Girls, do you like earrings? Oh, I love earrings! Dangling ones. If you want to get a cute pair of your own for FREE, click the link on this post and you might be able to win one :D Paper Cakes and TIZZ's Shop is gonna giveaway this cute earring (shown in the picture above). Ain't it lovely?

Contest is opened worldwide and ends Nov 29th, 2010. Hurry up darlings!~ Join :)



Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jaebumfangirl's PINK~Pouch Giveaway

Win a Batwa [Pink Pouch] by joining Jaebumfangirl's new giveaway. Yep, it's opened worldwide and it ends 23rd November,2010 at Midnight. Here's the link: http://jaebumfangirl.wordpress.com/2010/11/16/batwa-pink-pouch-giveaway/

Oh yeah, check out jaebumfangirl's website too: http://jaebumfangirl.wordpress.com/ It's got lotsa giveaways to enter and beauty tips too, well, there are lotsa things to check out at her website so please do click on the link.

P.S The prize is shown in the picture above. :-)

Thanks ladies,


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aurora's Nails GIVEAWAY

Hey 'yall!

Aurora's gonna giveaway this lovely China Naughty or Nice Collection shades,great for the holiday mood :) Contest opened to international readers and it ends... DEcember 16th at Midnight so let's join FAST :-)

Oh and did I mention? There are two more prizes, second and third place winner will win each a China Glaze Holiday Set, ain't that sweet and generous of Aurora? ^^
Ciao gals :-)

Cambo Soup Giveaway


hey peeps, CAMBO SOUP is having a brilliant giveaway, the prizes include: Clinique Eye-Shadow Pallette and...drumroll...Silk Whitia Anti-Oxidant Whitening Masks. With that my face will be shining, boy, I love this giveaway :P

Contest ends 8th December at noon and it's open internationally, yahoooo!~

Hurry up, gals :)


Chrissy Dee's 100 Followers Giveaway

Hey Gals! :-)

I joined Chrissy Dee's giveaway celebrating 50 followers for a her blog a day ago but HOORAY 'cos Chrissy Dee's got a 100 followers now! Woohoo!~ Again, she's gonna celebrate this by having a giveaway and yes! It includes... M.A.C Cosmetics. I love M.A.C, thanks Chrissy :)

The prizes, oh yes, I LOVE THE PRIZES: MAC Permanent Eye Shadow of your choice, MAC Permanent Lipstick or Lipglass of your choice. It's great ^^ Interested girlfriends? Well, click here to join the giveaway: http://chrissydee1011.blogspot.com/2010/11/100-followers-giveaway.html

It ends 2nd January, 2011, so you've got the whole christmas to join but the faster the better! :) And it's open internationally so gals like me can join :) Join if you're living in Planet Earth.


lotsa love-dove-love!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Starryxuan 100 Followers Giveaway

Yayy! Starryxuan has over a 100 followers now ^^ and she's having a small but fab giveaway.The prizes include: Majolica Majorca Reset Gel Eye Make-up remover, Canmake Nudy glow gloss in Strawberry Syrup and a Sleek Storm Palette. I love SleeK Storm Palettes!

Contest ends 30 November, 10 pm and it's also opened internationally. ^^ That's about it lovelies!


Beck's Make Up Corner: Christmas Giveaway

Beck, the blogger of Beck's Make Up Corner is having an early Christmas Giveaway. The prizes are sweet, all of them are shown in the picture above. To join her giveaway, please click here: http://becksmakeupcorner.blogspot.com/2010/11/christmas-giveaway.html

NOTE: Open internationally and ends on December 3rd! JOIN FAST :)



Glamorous Glitter Giveaway

I like Glitter and I like being Glamorous, if you do too, please join Libby's giveaway! :) Firstly, it's open internationally and it ends November 27th, 2010 at 10pm. There are so many shades of nail-polish. All of them looks glamorous and I'd really like to own a whole set of them. To join, please click here: http://libbyspinkvanity.blogspot.com/2010/11/glamorous-glitter-giveaway.html

You might be the new owner of Forever XXI's Glamorous Glitter Collection. I have the main pic of the giveaway posted above. There are more close-up pics of the prizes in the blog (click the link above) and more details and ofcourse the rules!

Lizzy, xoxo people!

Another Fabulous 50 Follower Giveaway

Heads Up girls!

Kayla has also got 50 followers and now she's got 50 more! Altogether she's got 115 followers, congrats to you Kayla :)

Hooray! This contest is open internationally! It ends... November 25th, midnight when everybody's ASLEEP :D heehee, at least I'll be. The prizes? Look in the picture above! I just love the prizes :D Ohmygosh, it has a MAC lipstick included, now doesn't that sound sweet? I wanna win this thing! If you want to join it too, click here to sign up: http://kaylashevonnebeauty.blogspot.com/2010/11/50-follower-giveaway.html


Chrissy Dee gets 50 followers!

Congrats to Chrissy Dee who got 50 new followers! :) Here's her 50 follower giveaway! Today is quite a gloomy day for me but my mood got better when i found more giveaways to join. One of them is Chrissy Dee's. Here's where you click and JOIN (Please do, gals): http://chrissydee1011.blogspot.com/2010/10/50-followers-giveaway.html

The contest is open WORLDWIDE, yes worldwide! So as long as if you're an earthling, you can join :) Tick Tock, you gotta join fast 'cos it ends Nov 18th, 2010.

Chrissy's gonna give away a Sleek Bad Girl palette, Barry M Nail Effects and Barry M Nail Pain in Dusky Mauve plus a cute little keychain (the prizes are shown in the picture above :))

Thanks Chrissy for the awesome giveaway :D!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Last School Monday


Well, today is the last school Monday... I'm actually glad :) but today wasn't all good. There were some tension between some of my friends but I'm puting that behind. I don't wanna spoil my day. So... I'm gonna play a whole lot of Toontown!

Can't wait for the holidays. I can't wait to be freeeeee!