Thursday, March 31, 2011

Syry-Online Giveaway!

Hey fellas :D

Syry-Online is having a giveaway, and here are the *drumroll* DEETS!~

Here are the list of prizes:

Etude proof10 Eye Primer, Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner, Estee Lauder Vita-Mineral Energy, Estee Lauder Lift Extreme, Genesis Mud Astringent Clay ( Deep Sea ), Saizen Eyeliner Pens ( Brown and Black ), Ellipse Tablets, Chapstick Lipbalm, FreshStart Organics Insect Repellant, FreshStart Organics Hand Sanitizer, FreshStart Organics VCO Massage Oil, FreshStart Organics Honey Coffee Soap, Faceshop Soap, Dotflicks Accessory ( Not in the Picture ) and More Stuff (she's gonna try and add more! :D)

Here's the pic (see above)!

I'm sooo excited, I hope I win~


The Sun is Burning!

Hey my fellow bloggers! :) OHMY, the SUN is KILLING me. It's soooo hot! I'm hoping it could cool down by the end of the week. It's April Fools day tomorrow! Well for some of us who are living in Asia :) Any ideas on how to fool my buddies. This may sound mean but my friends can be sometimes so clueless that it's soooo easy to fool them :D If you've got great April Fool ideas, do share your genius works. MEHHEHEHEH. I was so furious because of the super hot weeather that I drew silly doodles I call 'Killing The Sun', which is dumb 'cause there won't be any light without the Sun. I didn't draw it that well but that's a fork pierced into the middle of the sun :P Silly me :)

My awesome hamster, Gertrude, I call her Gertie. It isn't actually my hamster but I'm helping my BFF who's in America for 4 months to look after little Gertie :)

Oh yeah! Here's a little section to mention Caramel Coffee's FIRST Giveaway! :D

Caramel Coffee is an awesome KAWAII blog ;D Now this is her first time hosting for giveaway, the prizes are awesome (see below pic) Contest ends April 24th. Here's where you can sign up: Go check it out!~

It's on my sidebar just so you know :D



Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Wednesday That Brought Smiles and Emmabean's Giveaway

Hey guys! So here's a little bit about my day. Not much to write but I was very happy this morning when I went to school with fingers-crossed. Why fingers-crossed? As I mentioned in my previous post, I took a history test the day before and I was freaking nervous! And guess what? I passed! Not with flying colors because it was VERY hard for me. But 83% isn't a bad mark. Just on the tip of passing. I'm happy with my results. I felt happiness the whole day! :D How was your day? Comment below :) Emmabeans Giveaway! Check out Emmabeans Giveaway! Emma, the beautiful 21 year old student and blogger of Emmabeans is giving away goodies. If you'd like to join or check out the giveaway for more information... I suggest you click here: This is an international giveaway, so everyone can join. Ends April 1st at 11:59 pm. That's practically all you need to know so I hope you'll join :) Here's a little pic of the prizes!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hey fellas :) I'm back! I havent been blogging since Saturday? Not that long but I feel that I need to report more on my blog :P I've been busy with my studies, trying to push harder and not laze around. That's tough work but good news, I've been passing my tests. The results are always unexpected and I'm hoping I'll pass a history test that I did today. I've been very nervous 'bout this one, I have to learn about all 50 Countries of Africa, to me that's just insane but I hope I success! The weather is KILLING ME! It's so hot these days. I think my brain is melting :O Haha, I asked my mom to help freeze my favorite green Snoopy hanky for me so I could cool off with it.

It didn't stayed cool for very long. UGGH. I need to live in a fridge! ;D

Other than the weather draining my energy, I've been helping my school with a fundraising campaign. I'm selling candies to raise fund for the Missiontrip who will be going to Cambodia to bless the poor refugees there. I offered my help and sold all 60 packets of candies.

No sign of winning any giveaways yet! Really hoping I win something soon :O



Friday, March 25, 2011

Goober Girl

Hey guys! :D

This is a total random post but today I went to Tesco with my mom and I saw a whole shelf stocked with bottles and bottles of Goober peanut butter! That totally brought back memories from my childhood. FYI, I haven't been eating peanut butter since I was...7? Because of my health issues, I try to stay away from it, it's tough but hey it's better than ending up in the hospital. And no, I'm not allergic, my health problem is really complicated. Anyway, I used to eat peanut butter sandwiches, they were totally YUMMY!

I do miss peanut butter sandwiches, my parents used to buy Skippy. We spreaded peanut butter on bread and added sliced bananas, that really brought a big smile to my face :D And then, my sister and I saw Goober. Love at first sight. It was PB&J in one spread. Mmm-mmh. My mommy would pack me a Goober sandwich to school, ahh, good times good times.

For those of you who have not heard of Goober. You gotta get one, well unless you're allergic that is...KEEP AWAY but for those who loves peanut butter...EAT AWAY!

I hope for the day I get to buy my own jar and EAT AWAY too. But this is the secret to a good sandwich. I don't know about you but I love it!

I'd better stop, I'm getting hungrehh. :P I'm gonna make me a sandwich...a peanut-butterless sandwich :'( *sniff sniff* I suggest for those who can eat peanut butter without worry to enjoy!~

Byeeee!~ :D


Thursday, March 24, 2011

True2yourself and Jaebumfangirl giveaway

Okay ladies,

So this is my favorite Jaebumfangirl giveaway so far. I love coats! Lovely, if you like one too. Here are the DEETS!

Prize: Wool double-breasted coat / Gray – brown from True 2 Yourself!
Deadline:Wednesday, March 30, 2011, Midnight EST
Opened Worldwide!
Here's where you can find more info and sign up:

Good luck!


Wusketeer and Jaebumfangirl Giveaway

Good Evening. Take note that this post is all about... Wusketeer and Jaebumfangirl Giveaway!!

HAHA. I'm just so weird.
Here are the deeeets.

Prize: (drumroll please...)Dozer Snail Pencil Pouch
Deadline:Wednesday, March 30, 2011, Midnight EST
Opened Worldwide


Good luck!

Zakka Inspired and Jaebumfangirl Giveaway


Lemme introduce you to Zakka Inspired's and Jaebumfangirl's giveaway! Here' are the deets, interested? Sign up quick! I'll be updating my blog with more posts on Jaebumfangirl's giveaways. I've already posted 3 yesterday so if you want to join more, you can read my blog.

Prize (My fav part!): Give Peace a Chance Wristlet from Zakka Inspired!
Deadline: Monday, March 28, 2011, Midnight EST
Opened Worldwide!~

Here's where you can sign up and read more for info!---

Good Luck on winning! Ciao~....-more coming-.....

Scrambling Through My MInd

Waddup peeps!

Ok... so I've been scrambling through my brain trying to figure out what on earth am I going to update on my blog. My life? That's just too simple nowadays. It's always the same routine, I'm a kid who wakes up, go to school, study, hang out with friends, go for extra, drink and sleep. That's all! So I decided to wonder around in the world of blogs, visiting one blog to another like a monarch butterfly :P

Or...I should just join more Jaebumfangirl giveaways, that's sounds good to me :D Stay tuned then, if you're in the mood for randomness and giveaways.

Adios Amigos!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bored Inc. and Jaebumfangirl Giveaway

Heyy peeps!
Wrapping the day up with another Jaebumfangirl giveaway.
The giveaway list is soooo long, I've still got more to sign up for. But I need to resume my studies :)
So I'll be a good good girl and end my blogging session for the day.

Bored Inc.! Such an adorable giveaway. Here are the deets, you ready? xD

Prize: winner’s choice of any tote or purse from Bored Inc.! Sound's awesome to me.
Deadline: Monday, March 28, 2011, Midnight EST
Opened Worldwide :)
Sign up now, sign up here:

That's it for today :D Have a wonderful day. For those who lives in Asia, goodnight :)

Sweet Dreams,


Swiedebie and Jaebumfangirl Giveaway

Let me introduce you to Jaebumfangirl's and Swiedebie's Giveaway!!

Prizes: Oo-Hoo Goes There Owl Clutch Purse
If you're a fan of kawaii accesories or keychains or many other kawaii stuff, you can go to Swiedebie's blog! :)
Jaebumfangirl has the link!
Deadline: Monday, March 28, 2011, Midnight EST
Opened Worldwide
Here's where you can sign up! :)

That's it :) For more info, go to the link above!

GadgetsHunter and Jaebumfangirl Giveaway

Aloha peeps!

Sadly, the holidays are over!
But I've been having quite a good week actually, I've accomplished quite alot :)
I'll update more after posting blogposts on Giveaways!
Jaebumfangirl has tons of goodies to give out!

Here's one of them:

GadgetsHunter and Jaebumfangirl Giveaway

Prize: ELECOM Fruit Earphone!! So cute ;D I just gotta have ONE :DD
Deadline: Sunday, March 27, 2011, Midnight EST
Opened Worldwide
Sign up here, sign up now :)

That's it :D
More coming from Jaebumfangirl (I'm sooo addicted to her giveaways), so be aniticpated :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Night Out!

Hey guys :)
So the holidays are soon going to be over, sigh. I don't feel like going back to studying, as usual I pop back to my lazy self everytime a holiday ends :D
Here's a little look at my night out with my family at the Cyberview Lodge.
I should do a little Hotel review xD heh-heh-heh.
The Cyberview Lodge claims to be a 5-star resort but honestly, I wasn't very impressed.
I must say, I'm a girl with an expensive taste xP That's a bit embarassin' but yes, I am a girl with a VERY expensive taste.
The resort was very very quiet, so I guess it's good if you want relaxation but I had a strange feeling about that place. The bed was soft but I didn't feel comfortable some how. There were ALOT of mosquitos. I killed 6 at one go, and my sister didn't have a good night's sleep as the buzzing of a thousand mosquitos made her go crazy. The food wasn't very good either. So I made up my mind that that would be the 1st and last time there.
Day 1:
Room Service

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich with Salad. My dad was feeling hungry so my Mom ordered this but it's funny how my Dad didn't get to eat it as he went to the gym :P So we dug in, it's probably the best dish I've eaten there. My mom had to take several minutes to explain to the waiter on how we'd like to exchange the French Fries for the salad instead, so I can say that the service wasn't really good.

Day 2:

Haha, my dad peeling the pau skin. How were the paus? Not that good. I've tasted better ones.

My dad in deep thought, I like to call it his moment of being Lost in Space, I was going to steal his grilled tomatos but NAH!

The look inside the Verandah (the restaurant). There are a number of restaurants in this resort, but with only one night, we didn't go through all of them.

The outside of the Verandah! Quite nice actually, shucks, we should've sat outside. The surrounding was fantastic.

The landscaping was excellent and that's pretty much the only thing that shows that this resort is 5-star, other than that, some parts of the resort seems unrefine. The toilet has a drain odour, there were so many mosquitos, and the food wasn't good. I guess that's how my vacation turned out to be. I spent the whole time in the room watching Star World :P It was quite boring in the Resort, it was exactly like a ghost town~! Hope I get to stay in a nicer resort the next holiday :P

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mellow by Josie and Jaebumfangirl Giveaway


Prize: The lex 2-black
This neck warmer can be worn in any way you like. It is a great gift for anyone! Color Shown: black. Material: 100% Acrylic.

Deadline: March 21st, 2011, Midnight EST
Opened Worldwide
Here's where you can sign up or log on for more deets:

Lizzy xoxo

Jaebumfangirl and Swak Shop Giveaway

Morning! ^^

I bring you coffee and more Jaebumfangirl giveaways to join!~


Here's the DETAILS!

Prize: Two Button Band Slouchy Newsboy Cap
Handmade Oversized Slouchy NewsBoy Hat with a soft plush Lambswool blend that has been designed with lots of texture. Provides lots of warmth and is so comfy to wear. This hat provides a lot of stretch and one size fits all. Wear your hair in or out–will accommodate lots of hair.
Deadline: March 21st, 2011, Midnight EST
Opened Worldwide
Here's where you can sign up and log on for more deets:
There'll be a couple of giveaways more to enter, so stay tuned ;D
have a wonderful mornanggg,

One By Shoks and Jaebumfangirl Giveaway

Third GIVEAWAY of the day! And also hosted by Jaebumfangirl :)

Prize: Cute and Stylish Large Size Zippered Tote from One by shoks!

This bag is large enough for carrying stuff for traveling or maybe when you have so many things to carry! This bag was made for girls who always wanna be cute and stylish anywhere, anytime! Dimensions: Height 16″, Width 22″.

Ends March 23rd, Midnight EST
Opened Worldwide
Join at:

Totally hope I win xD,


Jaebumfangirl and VideoSift Giveaway

Here's another giveaway you can join, nonono, not a cosmetic giveaway...better and CUTE ;)

HINT: It's small but you can load lotsa things in it :D

Hello Kitty Classic – Sanrio Mimobot (2GB)
• USB Flash drive (2GB)
• Hi-speed USB 2.0
• Mac/PC compatible
• Preloaded with Sanrio wallpapers, icons, avatars and screensavers
• Size: 2-1/2″ x 1″ x 1/2″ (6 cm x 2.5 cm x 1 cm)
• Note: Spacesuit protohoodie sold separately
• One year manufacturer’s limited warranty

That sounds impressive, I WANNA WIN IT :)
Here's the link to sign up:

Ends March 23rd, Midnight EST
Opened WORLWIDE :)

she said nicely ;D

HA-HA-HOLIDAY :D and Jaebumfangirl's Giveaway

The holidays have started,
But there's practically 1 more day left. :(
Didn't blog :(
Sorry! :D

Anyway, here's a GIVEAWAY for ya. Ya-ya-ya, I know, I'm a giveaway freak. There'll be more giveaways coming in the next posts. This one's hosted by JAEBUMFANGIRL and Modern and Vintage.

The prize is a classic nautical cosmetic bag in navy blue and white, with an appliqued white anchor. Made from soft pure wool, and is fully lined in French-style ticking. Measures 17cm x 13cm (7″ x 5″).

Isn't it pretty :D


Firstly, here's where you need to sign up:

Ends Wednesday, March 23, 2011, Midnight EST

Opened Worldwide!~

Hope you join! :)


Friday, March 11, 2011

Total Fan!

Hey peeps :D

I was just browsing through a couple of kpop fanblogs, I myself is very interested in the Korean culture. I love the food, the language, the fashion, the music, almost everything! :D Well, I came by this particular blog selling K-Idol Merchandises. They sort of caught my eye! Here's a few:

A plain white hoodie with the Heartbreaker logo on it for those who love Big-bang's G-DRAGON :)

Girl Generation Light stick ;D it's pretty, I'm a SONE by the way. I'd like to have one of these. Here's a BIG BANG Light Stick too. OOH, it's orange :) that's nice!
*GASP* These t-shirts are great! The pink one shows the sillhouette of Girls Generation, Hoot theme. The one above is gorgeous too! I love the girly color, very SONE :DD Tried to get my hand on one of these but, too expensive ;'(

Mini Figurines! :D So cute right? This blog ( showed a whole list of pictures of these ADORABLE mini K-idol figurines. I want one!! There are Big Bang, Super Junior, DBSK, SNSD, 2PM...etc, you name it! I need to make an addition to my wishlist ;D

CALENDARS! Koreans like to publish calendars and photobooks which are sometimes useless but really tempts a fan to buy one (including me) because of all the stylish and pretty pics. Here are the SMTOWN ones, nicely taken!

After doing this post, I've made some additions to my wishlist! This is total paradise for crazy K-pop fans like me. It'd be nice if I could collect all these goodies. :D That's all for now!
Have a great weekend ;)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Toothless Thursday

hiya :)

So I'm here to update my online journal! After re-reading the hilarious adventures of the Diary of the wimpy kid, I realize it's fun updating about your life. I've been reading quite alot lately. First off I re-read my favorite mysterious book, Kiki Strike: The Empress Tomb. For those of you who likes mystery, I seriously think you should read this book. It's packed full of adventure. Go read the first book (The Shadow City) before you move on to the second one (The Empress Tomb).

It's definitely a must-read by the creator of this masterpiece, Kirsten Miller. It's pure genius people. Anyway, I am now chilling out in my bedroom with my dear banana plushie and my other pillows :D

My banana has split and is ready to sleep! :D Will be updating more tomorrow, I'm very very close to the holidays! Letting out a happy scream :)

Don't let 'em bed bugs bite ^^

Monday, March 7, 2011

Back From the Dentist!


From the dentist ;) It went better than I thought it would be. I was really nervous at first because I never had a tooth pulled out by the dentist before! SERIOUSLY, this may sound disgusting but I use to literally pull out all my shaky teeth. It did hurt but I was use to the pain. So it's my FIRST time getting a tooth out at the dentist's. My right side of the mouth is now recovering from the numbness, it doesn't feel comfortable because I can't feel a single thing but it's better than feeling pain. The dentist was extra careful and when he pulled out my tooth, I didn't feel any pain at all!

He gave me my tooth as a souvenier, I wanted to take a snapshot but later decided not to, I don't wanna gross you guys out :P

Yesterday, my sister and I went through a whole drawer of photos of us when we were young, really young. The photos were taken when I was maybe 3 years old? And there were pictures when I was 7 too. I took some pics of the photos with my iTouch! :)

Sorry :P You'll probably have to turn your head sideways to see this pic :P That's me when I was 3 in the zoo. And the little kiddo next to me is my elder sister. Hee-hee, I looked like a little boy.

That's my sis and I cuddling with my dad in Australia...wait or was it New Zealand? It was at the 12 apostles and it was freeeeeeeeeezing. I'm the one on the right with a coca-cola lollie in my hand. I loved lollies at such a young age ;D

All grown up! Oh wait, another picture where you need to tilt your head to observe ;D That's me, my sister in blue, and my mom in white with the red glasses on. She'll probably say she looks fat in this pic and kill me for putting up on my blog so SHHH! ;D I look really tired and my hair was all messy, I remember that when we took that pic I was really tired and my leg hurt after a long day of walking all over the town in Taiwan.

Well, that's all for today! :D Have a wonderful week. It's exactly 3 more days till my 1 week break! WOOHOO~ :)

Lotsa lovey-dovey-love,

Nail Talez & More! Giveaway

2nd giveaway of the day! :)

Nail Talez & More is celebrating her 1 Year Anniversary by hosting a giveaway! WOOHOO, congrats to Nail Talez & More. Now let's get down to business :D Here are the lovely prizes:
1st China Glaze Anchor's Away
2nd Color Club's Rebel Debutante
3rd Nail Art kit, China Glaze Black Mesh Crackle, Sinful Colors Anxious Azure, & CND Gold Sparkle

As you can see, there are 3 winners! I definitely want to be one of the 3 winners and if you do to, sign up here:

This giveaway ends March 12th so hurry up!

Lotsa love,


Vettens Blog


I'm gonna join a few giveaways before I go for my scary dentist appoinment D: Wish me luck! ;) Vettens Blog is have a giveaway! PRIZES (my favorite part):
GOSH - Rainbow
GOSH - Bright Passion
Catherine Arley # 666 (purple holo)
Catherine Arley # 676 (silver holo)
Catherine Arley # 805 (black holo)

I love the colors! If you love the prizes and you just have to have them, sign up! At:

This giveaway ends March 1oth, we have 2 more days to go so join fast! And it's opened WORLWIDE :D
wish you all the best! hope I win xDD mehehheh

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Aloha readers :D

Well, it's already the end of the 1st week of March! A few more weeks and I'll be able to reunite with my darling BFF who is now currently taking a 3-month break in Texas, her hometown. The 1st Semester holiday is right around the corner too, heehee, FREEDOM!

This week will be the last of toiling and packed schedules, I hope :s I'll be going for my Japanese class later, I'm not happy about it, I'm too lazy to work! xD I AM a lazy girl and I DISLIKE work. Not a good thing to boast about! Another bad news is that I'll have to go to the dentist this Tuesday :( Recently there was a tooth growing in my gums above another tooth, I thought it was a wisdom one but found out it wasnt, it was a baby tooth that was suppose to come out when I was nine! Well, I'm definitely not 9 now! So, I'll have to get rid of the problem, I place my precious tooth in the hands of God and the dentitst, he'd better not screw this one up xD

That's it for now! I'll be updating my blog with more posts and giveaway shoutouts, so stay TUNED. Thank you for reading..... lIZZiENEss 07!!