Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All is Well, All is Calm.

Hey bloggers! I'm back from school and now doing some of the assignments from my LifePac. My status for today is All is Well, All is Calm. Things are going fine. I'm doing well with my studies but I hope I do even better, next week is the parent-teacher meeting and I hope my parents will be happy with my result. I'm not suppose to be blogging right now :P, but I just wanted to update the blog a little...

Tomorrow is IEW day!! Woohoo, I can't wait to pass up my essay on my role model: CS Lewis tommorow. Will update more as I need to finish my assignments. Can't go on lying to mommy. :)

Ciaos people!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lazy Sundays.

There were Sundays that were, tiring, exhausting, and sometimes stressful. But nowadays, I experienced what a lazy Sunday would be like. Ya-know, just lying around not doing anything. Read a random book from the shelf. Watch any random show on TV. Browse through blogs. And type stuff on your own BLOG. The sky now is yellow, yes, YELLOW. Okay. Tea colour. Perfect for a lazy Sunday. It's kinda humid which is not nice x(, well, that's the kind of weather we get living in KL.

Dad bought a Toy Story 3 CD yesterday night. I guess I'll watch it later in the evening to end this beautiful lazy Sunday...

Drifting awayy...

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Mom made these cookies (above) for CNY. It was a success.
Yummy treats!
Green Tea Cake with Red Bean cream on the outside!
Specially made for Uncle Albretch and Grandpa.
Just one of mom's masterpieces... :D

Jeff Kinney!

Whoa-ho, I just found out Jeff Kinney is the creator of POPTROPICA? Whoa, the man is a GENIUS. Jeff Kinney is the author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which is an awesome book to read! BuT he is also the creator of my favourite online adventure game Poptropica. He rocks! xD

Those who doesn't know Poptropica, go visit:
YOU GOTTA VISIT IT. Lovely game.


Friday, August 13, 2010


Oh-yeah people. Just to tell you. I just posted something about my mom's cooking blog. To save your energy from writing the URL, you can just press on 'Mommy Yean' on my link list. Saving you the trouble :D


Mommy Cooks!

My mommy has been cooking for a looooong time. Last year, I helped her make a blog, so she can put in all her recipes. Not really fancy like some other profession foodie bloggers. But still, its good with amazing recipes in it. Trust me, I have been eating the food she made all the years of my life and its GOOD.


LiZ. xoxo

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The World Of Blogs

OKay, eversince I taught my mom how to go through cooking blogs, she's been mad about it. Mad as in good thing. She's picking it up as her hobby, and I'm really happy for her. She experimented making goodies like Japanese Cheesecake= SUCCESS! I'm really happy about it.

She told me to browse through these blogs, it can be interesting. I wanna become an author and so she told me to read the blogs. It can help me. I felt kinda excited and I wanted my blog to be as exciting as theirs. So I'm going to read their blogs and give ya my opinion.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Preston Blair and His Amazing Drawings

Hey bloggers!

I was interested in poems last week (still interested) and guess what? I submitted one of my poems to a website, those who wants to submit theirs can go to:

Its a good website, my teacher found it for me. I tried sending in 1 first. I'm so excited!

This week while staying at home from school (the flu is back!), I drew some of the drawings from my dad's old book written by Preston Blaire. Dad won it back when he was young in some contest. Its really good! Preston Blaire is a genius! The book my dad won is really old and some of the pages are torn, there are a few missing pages and I'm hunting it down on the internet to see if other people with the book has those pages. I love drawing them! I think I copied the drawings quite well. I just found out that the name of the book is: Advanced Animation by Preston Blaire. Great book for those who loves drawing animation and cartoon!

Check it out!