Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blog Challenge Day 11

Yes, today's international greeting is English! :D

Today I'm back on my blog to complete today's challenge! Today shall be Day 11!

The Topic is....
What's in Your Makeup Bag?

I don't normally bring my make-up bag wherever or whenever I go out (mainly because I don't wear make-up outside very often) but I do carry one when I'm on vacation :) I bring the basic stuff such as:

1) My Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream
2) Natural Collection's Duo Eyeshadow in Cocoa/Strawberry
I bring along this particular eyeshadow because I find that the colors are very convenient and natural. When I do wear make-up outside, I usually stick to natural shades.
3) Etude House Miss Tangerine Lip Tint
I like wearing lip tints more than lipsticks or lipglosses for some reason. And I love the mild orangey-reddish shade it gives to my lips, it doesn't LOOK so striking which is good because I don't like my lips to look so striking and bright.
4) Garnier Skin Naturals in Beige
I'm currently using Garnier's compact powder, so far I have no problems with it.
5) Silky Girl Double Intense Gel Liner in Pure Black
I'm happy with this gel liner, the applicator is useful and it glides on very well.

So, what's in YOUR make-up bag? Share in the comments! :D

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Introducing My Second Blog

Today I'm going to greet you readers in Japanese. So as the HUGE picture shown above, Konnichiwa ^^ You may noticed that I have been starting off or greeting you guys internationally in the previous couple posts. Well, I decided to learn how to greet in all languages. So you can learn with me too :)

I took a brief break from blogging but today I come back, introducing a new blog that I have created. Although I feel like I've just abandoned A Little Bit of Pixie Dust, I do not plan to do so. I plan to continue blogging here and in the other blog. Please do check it out, it's called She Shall Write

It's basically more towards the things that happen in my life like school work and other random stuff. Over here, I will continue to finish my Blog Challenge and my mini haul posts. So don't unfollow! Please continue to read this blog and check out the other blog too :)

Thank you so much for continuing to leave comments :) I love my followers! <3

Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 10: A Photo of My Favourite Place to Eat and Beauty Buffet Buys


Aloha in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace, compassion and mercy. Since the middle of the 19th century, it also has come to be used as an English greeting to say goodbye and hello. Currently, it is mostly used in the sense of hello.
Just a little Wikipedia definition of Aloha ;) A little fact for you guys!

It is Day 10 of my 30 Day Blog challenge! And the topic of today is
'A Photo of My Favorite Place to Eat'

Because of my health condition, my family and I rarely eat out for the past few years. But of course we do, and when we do, we usually go to ZEN. ZEN is our 'go-to' place for good Japanese food. I recommend going to ZEN (Sunway) for a good Japanese meal.
Another one of my favorite place to eat is at Ootoya. We only eat at Ootoya when we are on vacation at Bangkok because, well, they don't have Ootoya outlets here in where I live :( But every time we visit Bangkok, we never fail to dine at Ootoya. It's basically what we eat everyday at Bangkok, and no, we don't get sick of it. My family and I are BIG fans of the food they serve, by the way, it's a Japanese restaurant (we eat A LOT of Japanese food, it's the most suitable to my special diet). I have mentioned about Ootoya in my food post about my previous trip to Bangkok (2011)


Beauty Buffet Buys!

(Because of the big amount of things that I bought from my Bangkok trip, I am breaking my haul into parts. Every post will feature something that I got from Bangkok. I hope you enjoy reading them!)

Beauty Buffet are mini make-up stores (real cute! but can be a little bit cram) located at BTS Sky Train stations. My family and I have been traveling around Bangkok using Bangkok's sky trains which are SO convenient. And at certain stations there will be a Beauty Buffet outlet. My sister and I visited a couple of outlets and different stations before going off to the mall.

Here's what I got:

1) Anne & Florio Nail Polish in No.71
2) Anne & Florio Nail Polish in B16
3) Gino McCray Kabuki Brush
4) Gino McCray Aqua Tint

I bought a Gino McCray Synthetic Face Brush C.26. I wonder if you can call this a kabuki brush? I find that brushes are so expensive nowadays, and fortunately I was in time for the Beauty Buffet sales at a particular outlet, I got this for 259 baht. Compared to others, this brush is way more cheaper. It's very soft and fluffy :) In terms of good application I'm not sure yet because I haven't used it but I'm glad I got it for a reasonable price.


I also picked up a couple of Anne & Florio nail polishes. The brown one is in number B16 and the purple one is in number 71.
How it looks like on my nails. I love both colors, I'm so glad I got them. No.71 is a greyish purple, it's sort of similar to Picture Polish's Berry Nice-only lighter. No.B16 is a new color to me, normally I'm more in to blue, purple and pinkish shades but I wanted to try something new and seeing this Brown color, I thought I should give it a try. After applying it, I started to love the color alot, now No.B16 is one of my favorite shades :)
This is 3 coats for No.71 and 2 coats for No.B16, no top coat. I like Anne & Florio nail polishes a lot, I find that they look shiny and glossy even without a top coat.

The last item I purchased is a Gino McCray Aqua Tint in Peachy Rose. I bought this at the price of 190 baht. This is my first ever Aqua Tint and I'm excited to try it. Have any of you readers tried an aqua tint before? If you have, how do you use it? Since it's my first time trying one, I could use some tips.

The tint is like a nail polish as you can see. Even the applicator is like a nail polish's one.
A 'swatch'. After rubbing in, I am left with a rosy shade.


That is it for my Beauty Buffet Buys and my Day 9 challenge post. I hope you enjoyed reading. Don't forget to comment if you've tried out an aqua tint before :D
Have a wonderful week! Happy Sunday ;)


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 9: A Photo of the Item You Last Purchased

Bonjour readers :D That's French for hello by the way. (I'm sure everybody knows that :P)'s DAY 9! Day 9 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge, so let's see...21 days left till I finish my first blog challenge. I have a feeling I'll be doing another blog challenge as soon as this one ends because it's a lot of fun and I've enjoyed writing these challenges :D

Day 9's topic is A Photo of the Item You Last Purchased
I purchased the February 2012 issue of Ray Magazine.

I love reading Ray Magazine, it's practically the only magazine that I read :P Ray Magazine has tips for fashion and beauty, they even have make-up tutorials which is something that I love to read through. Most of the fashion in the magazine are based on Japanese fashion.I am such a fan of Japanese fashion! All the skirts, jackets, coats and shoes are so elegant and has that vintage touch to them.

Day 8: Forever & Always and Versatile Blog Award

Hey guys!

Today is Day 8 of my blog challenge and the topic is... 'A Song to Match Your Mood'. Hmm, at this very moment I'm feeling a little sad because I just recalled someone who was and is someone very special to me. We were close but not anymore. We intended to stay close for 'forever & always" and sadly, we failed to do so.

I've found the perfect and I do mean PERFECT song to match my mood, it is none other than Taylor Swift's 'Forever and Always'.

I relate to this song so well! And every lyric matches so well with what's going in my head whenever I think about this precious someone (in a lot of times) and how I feel right now. One thing about Taylor Swift's songs, which is a very famous feature about all her songs, is that you can really relate to it. For me, this hit the spot. Even the title is perfect to how I feel.
Just by reading the lyrics you'll know exactly how I would interpret it. I was so surprised how much I really related to this song :)

Yay! I just received a blog award, from one of my followers, Gabby. You have to check her blog out (click 'blog' and it'll take you directly to her blog) She is the pretty author of her beauty blog Gabby's Beauty Basics. Definitely check it out if you're interested in beauty and fashion :)
"Thank you for the award, Gabby!"
The 3 things to be completed when you receive this award are...

1) Thank the person that gave you this award
(thank you Gabby [again!])

2) Share 7 random facts about yourself

3) Pass the award on to 7 of your favourite bloggers

7 random facts about myself:

- I carry a comb everywhere I go
- I am obsessed with anything vintage
- I must sleep with a blanket, I feel insecure without it
- I hate bland food, especially plain white porridge
- My nose itches like mad whenever there's a dog around
- I don't like painting my toe nails
- I like to doodle on my hand

Seven of my favorite bloggers:

Vee's Randomness
Hello Bunni
Peiyinn's Stop
Sesame Kiss
Tales of My Everyday Life Adventures

So I have completed all 3 thanks. Once again, thank you so much Gabby for this award. I shall be back tomorrow to write my Day 9 blog challenge and post my Part 1 of my Bangkok Haul :)
Have a great day!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 7: Your Dream Wedding

Hello! :)

I'm back! I know I've been MIA for awhile but I'm back to resume my blog challenge. I came back from my Bangkok vacation about a couple of weeks ago (I will do a separate post about my trip or maybe a Bangkok haul post later). I meant to write this post and catch up with my followers earlier but on Tuesday which was 4 days ago I had a pain attack at my Pancreas area. For those readers who are new to my blog, I've had pancreatitis since the age of 7...I wrote a little about my history of pancreatitis in a post (quite a long time ago), click 'post' if you wanna read it.

Anyways, I recovered very fast, the pain lasted only around a whole day. I discharged yesterday and I was thinking to myself "Okay, it's time I wrote again on my blog." :p I feel like I haven't wrote in AGES!


I'll be resuming my Blog Challenge. Today's (Day 7 of my blog challenge) topic is:
Your Dream Wedding

Whenever the word 'wedding' appears in my mind, the next word I think of is 'simple'. I've seen several movies where brides go crazy trying to make their wedding 'grand' and 'perfect'. But to me, I want my wedding that will be memorable, simple and sweet. Nothing to fancy or grand.

I'd like the wedding to be held somewhere outdoor, somewhere with a breathtaking view, somewhere with lots of trees :D (I love trees) Definitely somewhere sunny yet shady because I am one who hates sweating and getting under the sun :P

I read at a website that the largest wedding attendance was a Jewish wedding in Jerusalem where 30,000 people attended. In my wedding, I'd like a small attendance where just our closest families and friends would come. A small happy gathering.

The wedding dress, I always felt that the wedding dress is the most important thing that a bride needs to think about (and I'm sure it's true). For me, following the theme 'simple', I would love to wear a simple yet sweet gown. I've noticed that nowadays brides are wearing mini wedding dresses which I'm not a fan of. I'd like to follow the tradition of wearing a long wedding dress, but minus the train because I feel like it's sort of a nuisance :P
My mother in her wedding dress <33

Basically, I'd like my wedding to be a memorable day where I'd look back and smile. I hope I was able to interpret my wedding ideas well. Hopefully, you can get a little idea of what I'd like :) And I really hope that in the future God blesses me with a special someone and I hope to have the perfect 'simple' wedding in the future <333

Tune back in tomorrow to see the next challenge! :) Comment! :)
(pictures are from except the picture of my Mom)