Saturday, February 26, 2011


hey peeps!

this is a totally random song but you really should check out this lovely song: Dream by the pretty Priscilla Ahn. Honestly I didn't know she existed back then :P But after listening to her song, she's a very inspirational lady with a singing talent!

Here's the lyrics:
I was a little girl alone in my little world who dreamed of a little home for me.
I played pretend between the trees, and fed my houseguests bark and leaves, and laughed in my pretty bed of green.

I had a dream
That I could fly from the highest swing.
I had a dream.

Long walks in the dark through woods grown behind the park, I asked God who I'm supposed to be.
The stars smiled down on me, God answered in silent reverie. I said a prayer and fell asleep.

I had a dream
That I could fly from the highest tree.
I had a dream.

Now I'm old and feeling grey. I don't know what's left to say about this life I'm willing to leave.
I lived it full and I lived it well, there's many tales I've lived to tell. I'm ready now, I'm ready now, I'm ready now to fly from the highest wing.

I had a dream
Enjoy! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Glamma Dazzle's 200+ Giveaway!

2nd Giveaway Post of the day :D

This one's a HUGE one. Not to mention Fabulous! Glamma Dazzle's got 200+ followers and to celebrate it she's having a giveaway!

Here's the link to join:

Ends 28th February and opened internationally! :D Don't miss it!~

Cosmetic Cupcake's Big Birthday Giveaway

Hey ladies :D

First off, I'd like to wish 'Chelle (blogger of Cosmetic Cupcake) Happy Birthday! May God bless you ;) Secondly, I'd like to ask you to join this terrific BIG Birthday Giveaway. 'Chelle is generously giving away goodies to celebrate her birthday. Prizes are shown in the pic above. Link to giveaway:

Giveaway ends March 6th so quickly sign up and you may win!~ I do hope I win :D

BTW, it's open internationally :)

theblackandwhite lurve

Hey guys~
Like my picture? I've been into Lomo and Black n White photography nowadays, most of the pics I take are selcas. I enjoy taking them randomly and editing them ;) it's tons of fun. Do share your selcas too! I enjoy browsing through other teen's photography, I think it's my new hobby. Just so you know, I updated by giveaway sidebar with lots of end of February Giveaways. Hope I get to win one! :D I think I should update more if I wanna win some goodies ;) Who knows? I might win at least one. I do hope so! Well, it's back to Maths for me. This was just a random post. Will be back with more. Have a great week!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Movie Review: When In Rome

My first movie review! :)

Most of you probably know about this movie but I just saw it on Star Movies last Sunday and it is a must-see! It's funny, cute and romantic. Highly recommended for those who love romance-comedy. Starring the lovely Kristen Bell and the hunky hilarious Josh Duhamel. They're both great actors which made the movie even more fun to watch.

the pretty blondie, Kristen Bell :)

An ambitious young New Yorker (KRISTEN BELL), disillusioned with romance, takes a whirlwind trip to Rome where she defiantly plucks magic coins from a... An ambitious young New Yorker (KRISTEN BELL), disillusioned with romance, takes a whirlwind trip to Rome where she defiantly plucks magic coins from a "foolish" fountain of love, inexplicably igniting the passion of an odd group of suitors: a sausage magnate (DANNY DEVITO), a street magician (JON HEDER), an adoring painter (WILL ARNETT) and a self-admiring model (DAX SHEPARD). But when a charming reporter (JOSH DUHAMEL) pursues her with equal zest, how will she know if his love is the real thing?
Doesn't it sound great? GO WATCH IT :)

How School Brought An End to CNY

HEY bloggas :)

WOW! I haven't been blogging for quite some time. I missed alot of awesome giveaways, which sorta break my heart because I really want to win at least A giveaway. But still no luck yet. There are still so many new ones though, but with all the school work and life, I think I'll have to pass. Honestly, I haven't been working hard so I'm cutting my giveaway registration time and spending more time with my arch enemy, Maths. Yes, Maths and the other 5 subjects that are included in the words Subjects to Study. Things are complicated, yes they are :)

I'm thinking of composing new songs though, I want to at least make a whole booklet of my music inventions this year so it'll be like my very own song book. Hope that goes well. Oh yeahh, it's the end of CNY, that means no holidays for the past few weeks to come. Uggh, the frown is on my face. That means back to work, and STUDY STUDY STUDY till my smile comes back and a new blogpost declaring holiday for little workers we call students ;)

OOH, gotta go, it's time to exercise. Hope 'yall have a great week ;)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Official CNY

HIHI! :)

It's officially CNY this 2011! Happy Chinese New Year. It's the first day of CNY and the weather has turned back to its CNY traditional self. It's hot! My family and I had a small dinner yesterday, to celebrate the CNY eve. We had yummy steamboat. There were lots of loud bangings and boomings, FIREWORKS! It gave the CNY mood and feeling but it was so loud, my parents could get any sleep! But thank God, I slept like a log x)

Other than that, no sign of any e-mail saying I won a giveaway. I want to win! There are lots of fantastic prizes. I'd better go join more x) I'll keep you updated, don't worry. Once again, Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Jai Jian! :D