Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Show and Tell: Last Day of October Edition

Hello there!

  It's the last day of October! The month of October flew by in the blink of an eye, I can't believe we're so close to Christmas and the end of the year already! I'm excited for Christmas, in fact, I'm already in the Christmas mood (it came early this year :p). Anyway, I spent the last day of October on a girls day out with my Mommy dearest and my older sister.

We went shopping!
Here's what I got...

Doorknob -.-"
Mother bought me a lovely dress today, she got it for RM55 at the market behind our house. I love it! I personally don't wear dresses that often, I prefer t-shirts and jeans over dresses. But I can't say no to vintage and simple dresses like this one. I have a thing for simple, classic, elegant, vintage and authentic clothing; and I think this fits into my criteria. The fabric is nice and comfortable too, it's probably not the best quality but to me the most important thing is that it's comfortable.
Here's how it looks like at the back. It has a lovely little black ribbon you can tie at the back.
I love the floral print and the color, very classic and simple :)
Here's what I got from the mall :)...
First, we stopped by the newly opened H&M store at Lot 10. It was our first time visiting the store. My first impression on the store: it's nice and huge, I like how there's 3 floors. The
clothes are nice but they do seem a bit old too...many of the clothes looked worn out and had lint on them...let's just say, the clothes aren't very presentable. But overall, I do like the store quite enough :P  Here's what we got!

The only thing that I got from H&M was this knitted beret (honestly I'm not sure what it's called...I think it's a beret or a beanie. But if you know the actual name of this hat, do let me know. I'm not very good in fashion as you can tell). I bought it for RM29.90, which I think is pretty worth the price because it feels and looks like it's good quality :P What am I SAYING? Anyway, I'm happy we got it.
I managed to convince my sister to be the model of this picture. Here's how the beret looks like.

It's a dark blue in color, it's not pure dark blue though, it sorta has a greenish color to it too. You can't really tell in the picture but it does look dark greenish-blueish in person. I'm bad in describing colors :(
When we were about to leave the store, the sky started pouring -.-" And we didn't bring an umbrella along with us, wonderful! We decided to purchase an umbrella from the store. It was definitely pricey for an umbrella, it costs RM29.90 for one. But I'm glad we got this because, ohmygosh, isn't it pretty? :D
It's beautiful and lightweight too, I hate heavy bulky umbrellas that are hard to hold or carry around but this is not heavy at all.

My sister did get 2 dresses from H&M but NO PICTURES! She refused to model for me :(
And of course, I couldn't return home without stopping by Etude House! :) I managed to refrain myself from doing any heavy shopping :P All I got was this Proof 10 Eye Primer. Before purchasing this, I never owned an eyeshadow primer, so this would be my very first eye primer. I'm quite excited to try this out, I hope it works well ;)

This is how it looks like :)

The nice saleslady threw in a few samples for me to try out. A couple of BB creams, a couple of their SUN BB Creams which I'm assuming is a new product?  I don't know but I'm excited to try them out. Lastly one packet of their Wonder Pore Clay mask :)

Lastly, I visited MUJI! For those of you who never heard of MUJI; MUJI is a Japanese lifestyle brand. My family and I are big fans of this brand even before this franchise came to Malaysia. We learnt about MUJI years ago over at Bangkok's Central World. The products at MUJI are pricey but I think they are worth it because of the good quality. I'm pretty sure everything they sell in MUJI is made from Japan, after all, it is a Japanese brand :P

Here's what I got!
I've been into Striped t-shirts or blouses lately! Stripes are simple and I look good in stripes :) The fabric is abit thick but it's comfortable and I'm excited to wear this out!

The original price of the t-shirt was RM139.00 as shown above :P But I got a 30% discount, YAYY!

If you ever visit MUJI, and if you're a person who uses or has a thing for pens, you GOTTA try their pens out! Yes, they are pretty expensive for a pen but I really like using them, the quality is great! My sister got a couple of blue pens and I got a more pricey black pen today (RM10.90). I'm going to use this pen to practice my cursive writing :) So excited to use it!

That is the end of my Last Day of October or Girls Day Out haul (I just gotta habit of naming or giving something a Title xD)! It was a tiring day out but I'm glad we managed to make some good purchases.
See ya in the month of November! :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Return

Hey guys!

  It's been 6 months since I last blogged. I feel like a total stranger to Blogger after this long hiatus! So sorry to stop writing. In my last post (in the month of May), I mentioned Blogger trouble. for some reason, won't let me post up stuff, it got me frustrated! While I was gone, I was admitted to the hospital a few times, and there was a lot going issues and hectic days. But I'm glad to be back to Blogger, and hopefully I'll be able to consistently post up new posts and catch up with reading of my followers' blogs.

Truly sorry for abandoning my blog for quite some time...