Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hair-ccesorize :)

Hello there :D

It's a very very HOT Sunday today! But I have managed to put some pictures together to make this post. This is sort of like a, hair accessory haul post :D I love hauls! I hope you like my post :)

First off, I strike off another two items off of my wishlist that I April. Here's my wish-list post from months ago. It took quite a long time to gather all the things from my wishlist :P The two things I striked off this month, is a Hat (I just realized I did not list that down in my Aprils Wish-list post, oops :P) and a headband with a bow on it. I wanted a headband with a RED bow on it but I couldn't find a classic and simple one so anything with a bow would do for now :P

Here are the pictures I took this morning!
1) Uniqlo Bowler Hat :)
I got this super cute and classic bowler hat at Uniqlo just recently, I was very happy that I found it among racks and it was on discount so I totally wanted it. But for some reason, I suddenly felt like I should wait but later I thought to myself "What am I waiting for?!" and I grabbed it :D

On the left is myself wearing my bowler hat, I totally copycat After School's JuYeon's way of wearing the bowler hat. On the right is Ju Yeon wearing her's, a blue one, she posted this on Twitter and I thought that was just uber cute and immediately I wanted to try wearing mine with pigtails :D And now I'm so glad I have bangs! :D

2) Uniqlo Wool Beanie
I have no idea what this exactly is called 'cos I cut off the name tag but basically it's a very soft and comfortable wool beanie that I got at Uniqlo along with my bowler hat. This was also on discount :D I am a HUGE fan of beanies :) I get so jealous of those Korean hallyu stars posing with their very own beanie, looking flawless and cute ^^

1st row: On the left, Girl's Day Kkab Bang Min Ah wearing her beanie with her bangs out (ooh, a similar color to mine ^^) and on the right, myself in my own beanie with bangs out.
2nd row: Left: T-ara's Sexy Hyomin on her blue beanie, bangs in (bangs in? Sounds silly. No bangs :D) This is one of my favorite pictures of Hyomin ^^ On the right, myself looking...OH *speechless*. Personally I prefer wearing the beanie with bangs out.

3) White Elastic Headband
One of my favorite headbands (not sure what you call this kind of headband), it's stretchable and very comfortable. I love the classic white color, more of like a vanilla color :) It's very girl and cute. I just fell in love with it the minute I saw it in Daiso (where I got it), Daiso is a Japanese store with lots and lots of awesome stuff from Japan.
4) Ribbon Hairbands
Got this lovely ribbon hairbands at Diva. Totally love the colors, one is in sort of a Champagne color and the other is plain silver. It's very thin, the bows aren't that large but that's fine with me :) I'm still on the look out for more Ribbon or Bow hairbands :)

And that's the end of my mini haul!

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Have a GREATTT Day people :D
Remember to smile, get lots of sleep, drink lots of water! :D


Monday, October 24, 2011


Hello to my lovely lovely readers :D

I'm back with a little update post :) Before I start I wanna thank you for the comments you guys leave :) Thank you so much, I appreciate each and every one of them!

And also I wanna give a BIG thank you to Wi from A Single Girl's Musings for giving 3 awards to me :D! Thank you so much :D You really really really made my day, 3 is alot! Thank you for always visiting my blog and leaving sweet and funny comments, I enjoy reading your blogposts and the comments you leave me. Keep up the AWESOME work on your blog :) For those of you who have not heard of Wi or her blog, you have to go check her blog out! :D

Well, now for the update! I've got bangs :D Here's how I look like now:
Oh my nose looks funny! ><"

This was how I looked like before:
It's been a long time since I changed my hairstyle so I decided to get a change this year :)

How I wanted my hair to turn out:
After School's Lee Joo Yeon

My bangs is slightly shorter and thinner than hers though :/
What I'll be doing next is try to cut a hairstyle like:
T-ara's Ji Yeon :) She looks SO FABULOUS :)

What's your favorite hairstyle nowadays? Comment below and tell me ^^

Next, as you know, I am a HUGE Girls Generation fan. And recently they have comeback with their new song The Boys. I have been waiting for their comeback since their last one ended. And now they're back, looking super duper fabulous in their new song The Boys. LOVED the MV! Here's the video if you haven't seen it yet:

All the members looked flawless as usual in the MV. Sunny's new strong hair cut was quite shocking for me as she was always seen in her pretty long hair but so far, I'm loving her haircut. I simply loved Taeyeon. If anyone knows any makeup tutorials on YouTube on Girls Generation's The Boys' MV please let me know :)
A little poll for my readers :)
A 'Who Wore It Best?', I wanted to do something different and interact with my readers. So let me know, who wore it best?

IU or Jessica from Girls Generation? :)
This picture is from allkpop.
Both of them are wearing a Purple Bird sleeveless dress by Lewitt.
So...who wore it best? I think both of them look really pretty in this piece. But let me know what you think in the Comment bar tomorrow :)

Have a GREAT week people :)
Lots of love,

Friday, October 14, 2011

TAG: 24 Questions. Remedies

Hey guys:)

So I thought I would be extremely packed and wouldn't be able to blog since I'm caught up with studies but actually I seem to have some time :P Great news, I have been passing tests so far, and I'm really happy :D BIG SMILE! Will be taking more tests next week so I really hope I do well :)

In the earlier post I mentioned that this post will be about skin remedies, and that's right! I have been paying quite a lot of attention to my skin lately (not what I usually do) But I have LOTS of blackheads, pimples, oilseeds, and all that gross acne stuff which is driving me nuts! I went searching on YouTube on how to get rid of all this dry and oily skin problems. And I found this remedy:

Yes, this is bubzbeauty, a famous Beauty guru on YouTube. I love watching her videos and I learned a lot from her :) Wanna thank her for sharing her knowledge by making wonderful videos. This is a video about her Oatmeal Remedy which is what I've been doing daily. It does work! My face feels refreshed, softer, and smoother. But I still have a little bit problems with acne.

NOTE: If you have any good skin care remedies or tips, please do share with me! I'll try them and tell you how they work out :) Thank you!

Here are more videos on Skin Remedies:

You can go on Youtube and search 'bubzbeauty' to get more amazing beauty tutorials! She shares almost everything :) Suscribe to her!:)

Next, I'm going to do a Tag that I read at my new follower's blog Gabby's Beauty Basics. It's fun and I thought it would tell more about me :) You can do this tag on your blog and link it to me too, please do :)

1) What is your middle name?: I don't exactly have one. Tan? My full name is Elise Tan Yi (yes, I got Lizzy from Elise!:D)

2) What is your favorite subject in school?: Language Arts! I love poetry and literature :)

3) What is your favorite drink?: Banana milkshake or Milkis (Korean calpis)

4) What is your favorite song at the moment?: Crazy Love by Mindy Gledhill. I love her songs! I love almost every song in her album, but this is my favorite :)

5) What would you name your kids?: If it's a girl, then it would either be Megan or Hazel. If it's a boy, I'll name him Ethan (haven't thought of a second name:P)

6) Do you participate in any sports?: I am not active in sports. But I like swimming and badminton.

7) Favorite book?: It's a tie between the Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle and Dear Julia. I also love Madame Doubtfire :)

8) Favorite color?: BLUEEEE :)

9) Favorite animal?: Polar bears, lions, or whales.

10) Favorite perfume?: Etude House's Petite Bijou Peach Touch

11) Favorite holiday?: Definitely Christmas. I celebrate my Savior's birthday!:) And I love the mood, the presents, the gathering, the laughter. Everything! Which is why the worst thing that could happen is having a bad Christmas.

12) Have you graduated high school?: A SECRET. I like to be mysterious :P

13) Have you ever been outside the country?: Yup! I love traveling :)

14) Do you speak any other languages?: Very tiny bit of Chinese, very tiny bit of Bahasa Melayu (or Malay), Korean, Hokkien. But I speak ENGLISH 98.5% of the time :)

15) How many siblings do you have?: Just one older sister :)

16) What is your favorite store?: Etude House and B2S.

17) Favorite restaurant?: Chillis :D I love Mexican food!

18) Do you like school?: Hard to say, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't :P

19) Favorite YouTuber: lilcammo93, charlieissocoollike, and bubzbeauty. I have many more!

20) Favorite movie?: Big fan of The Chronicles of Narnia series and also Pixar animation films. But to be specific, I love The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and Tangled the best. Also like Letters to Juliet, When in Rome, You Again, Julie and Julia, and many more.

21) Favorite TV Show?: Castle and America's Next Top Model

22) PC or Mac?: I would love a Mac but I have little kaching-kaching, so I just own a PC :p

23) What kind of phone do you have?: A Samsung Corby II, my previous one got stolen :(

24) How tall are you?: 158 cm :)

Well, that's about it for today!
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Have a great weekend!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Books and Blue Skies

Hey guys!
So I haven't been blogging very often lately. I have LOTS to blog about though. Like my last part of the Bangkok haul, and a mini Uniqlo haul, plus a little something on my giveaway prize! Yes I've received it! :D Well, the posts will come. But just a little late as I have some major studying to do before the year ends.

Today I went out to the Big Bad Wolf book fair in Malaysia. It's one of the biggest book fairs held in Malaysia and the biggest that I've ever went to :) I was excited but I must say, that this is not the best book fair that I've been to although it's the biggest.

There were LOTS of books, but some were torn and tattered and their variety of books wasn't big enough.

Here were some pictures that I took there :)
The weather was absolutely brilliant today! Okay, not that brilliant because it was VERY SUNNY. But look at the sky. It's quite hard to see very blue skies in KL. But for the last couple of days, the skies have been pouring cats and dogs so it must've cleared up the sky :)

It was so blue, I felt so happy and bright. I snapped lots of pictures. I felt like going on a picnic but since we were out to get books, anyway will do :)

Heh heh, inside the car. I was so amazed by how the sky was so blue I had to take lots of pictures. Doesn't it look like a painting from the inside of the car? :D I love those big fluffy clouds :)

Destination reached! Getting out of the car, I quickly snapped a picture. P.S this was at the parking lot :)

The book fair was held at a stadium, and it was HUGE so we had to take a shuttle bus to the stadium or court where they held the book fair. It was around 10 am and people the place was already full. The bigger crowd was about to come in too.

The book fair! :) Lots of people walking around with boxes and boxes of books :)

My family's boxes :) We got only 3 boxes full, but that's already enough! I saw families with 6 to 8 boxes. Some came with their trollies and even luggages :) Good idea ;)
Heehee, Mom got Nigella Lawson's cookbook :) We're a fan of Nigella!

Well, that's about it for the day. I was exhausted after around 2 hours and a half in the stadium going through books and books. We got quite alot but I hope we could get more in the next book fair :)
How was your Sunday? :)
P.S my next post (will come maybe later in the next week) will be about Skin Remedies, if y'all have any good skin remedies that you know PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE do share with me in the comment box. I will give it a try and post about it :)


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bangkok Haul: Stationeries

Hey guys! :D

It's been quite long since my last post which was my very first tutorial! :) Thanks for all your sweet comments, and if you're going to try the design that I taught, please link it back! I'd really love to read it :D

So I'm back, with the other quarter of my Bangkok haul. Sorry it's coming so slowly. This is the stationery half of my haul :) I don't know if I mentioned this before but I am a HUGE stationery fan, I can just go crazy in the stationery store! So if you're a stationery fan, do head down to Bangkok City. I showed a picture of B2S in my previous post (The Stealing Bastard), B2S is a HUGE stationery store and I literally went bonkers there :P Well let's cut to the chase and take a look at what I got!


Not exactly stationery :P But let's just include this into this post :D
This is a really cute Hello Kitty bag that I got at Central Sala Daeng.
It's so pretty and cheap too. It was on Sale so I definitely had to have it. And I needed a new Hello Kitty bag because my previous one tore after serving me for almost 3 years! So I guess you can say the quality is quite good :)

It's very big and spacious so you can fit in lot's of stuff. I normally carry this bag to school as a bag for my jacket, my HUGE water tumbler (:P), some big files, my recess snack and lots of other things :P And this bag has a zip, and I love bags with zippers, because all the stuff inside can simply just fall out easily without a zip (a problem with my previous zipless Hello Kitty bag .__.)

The cute pattern :D


I got this ADORABLE pouch at Siam Paragon. Siam Paragon has a million cute stuff and stationery so I go there shop for most of my stationery.
And they always seem to have new designs and brands every time I visit Bangkok. So this was the first time I saw the Little Red Riding Hood line. And there are so many other Red Riding Hood goodies, but I felt that this pouch was the most useful item for me so I bought it at the price of RM 15 (totally cheap!) which is $5 USD :) There are several designs but this was the only one left :(

Number 3:
Souvenirs for my buddies!

I was thinking of what items that I would like to give to my friends as souvenirs. The first thing that came to me was STATIONERY :) And there are so many cute stationery to choose from in Bangkok so why not?
So I got a couple of bookmarks (super cheap!)

Some cute crayon erasers, OMG, the huge MADE IN CHINA label! :P

And lastly, a couple of vintage notebooks. I picked out the car designed ones for my male buddies :P I hope they like it, and they're younger than me so this won't be childish for them :P

Number 4:
Angry Bird iTouch case. This was sort of a gift from my Dad. He went shopping at MBK plaza and he got this for me. We were on an iTouch casing hunt and it was quite difficult finding for the 4th generation version. So he got me this knock-off Angry Bird iTouch casing, I'm not liking it because it's not the original one, but it's a good thing this was cheap!

Number 5:
Cute stickers ^^ I was a sticker fan since I was little. But it's hard to find cheap and cute stickers in Malaysia. I saw so many cute stickers that would make really good decorations for stuff like cards, electronics, blah-blah-blah :P
But this one caught my eye, more like brought to my eye :P My mom knew I love stickers so she saw this and showed me it and I was like "I'll take it" with a big grin :) There are like a million really cute Antarctic animals in this polar bear packet, my favorite is the baby penguins :)
Number 6:
Disney handphone cases :) I'm a big Pooh bear fan as you can tell from my previous posts. And I was desperately in need for a handphone casing (now stolen T^T) so I went on a search for one. I got this in Siam Paragon where there are millions to pick from. There was a whole shelf of Disney handphone cases, but this was the cutest among all the Winnie the Pooh ones.

*I'm in need for a new one because this one doesn't fit my new handphone!!* (Samsung Corby II)

A gift for a special girl who's a big Mickey Mouse fan :)

Number 7:
Vintage notebooks. I collect notebooks, they're one of my favorite things in the world :) I just love collecting them even though I basically don't use them much. But I'll make sure to use these new ones till they're full :)

This is my favorite item among the items that I got in Bangkok. It's so nice and vintage, the colors of the pages are also vintage. I'll show you after decorating several pages :) I plan to write my journal in it and also do some doodling :)
P.S It's from the brand La'Boom if you're interested in checking out.



Got this at B2S! This notebook is from a Korean stationery brand. I love the very simple and cute design. The color is so warm and cute too. The little girl and bunny caught my eye, it's such a cute design. I had to have it! :P

Number 8:
My new set of pens. These are some pens that comes from new brands and they can't be found in Malaysia. So I decided to try them. The quality is really good, all of them works well and I'm very happy I bought them :)

Close up for the Angle Tip pens that I got. Works like a marker, the tip is very thin :)

Close up for BiC Marking Pen, it's permanent so I can't simply doodle them on places :P

My favorite among these pens. This is from Pigma Micron, it works really well and smooth.

We have reached the end of the haul post! :) The last part of the haul which is the Fashion part will be coming next :) Hope you guys enjoy the post. My grammar may be wrong in certain areas, that's because I'm not really concentrating right now :P I can't think straight now, I wonder if this has got to do with my bump in to the wall just now :P

Oh wells,
Have a wonderful week!
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Love you people :)