Friday, August 26, 2011

My Blog's First Award :D

OMG! I have recieved my first blog award ever. I was nominated by the lovely Julie Ann Lozada, stylish blogger of It's A Girl's Thing. Thank you so much Julie :) Hope you guys check out her blog, she never fails to update it with beautiful pictures :)

Well, here are
The Rules are:
Link back to the person who gave you the award.
Complete the form below.
Tell seven random things about yourself.
Nominate 15 bloggers.


Name your favorite color: Blue :)

Name your favorite song: I have so many, so this is a tough one. I like bubbly, jazzy kinda songs. I love KPop, ballads, country and definitely Christian music.

Name your favorite dessert: Berry flavored Gelato or Sorbet

What pisses you off: People who don't mean what they say and people who suddenly get mad with no good reason.

When you're upset: I scream into a pillow and start punching it :P

Your favorite pet: A Golden Retriever, the prettiest dog in the world.

Your biggest fear: To die a gory death.

Your best feature: My eyes, I think my eyes are in an almond shape which is different. And my toes according to my Mother.

Everyday attitude: I start my day declaring that Jesus is Lord over my life. And I try to stay cool the whole day if possible.

What is perfection: Jesus, definitely the right definition of perfection.

Guilty pleasure: Peeling my nails, it's a terrible habit but I stopped xD

7 random things about me:

1. I love to break candy or chocolate bars secretly in little shops or pharmacies that sell them. But lemme tell you, I stopped doing that too! It's bad xD

2. I brush up my Korean language skills by talking to myself in Korean. Like cussing :P I don't cuss. Just words like "Gawsh!", "So Frustrating", "Kill you!" xP

3. I love pillows, I have baby pillows lying all around my bed. I just love hugging them to sleep.

4. I always love rainy and gloomy days.

5. I sometimes check wardrobes to see if I could get to Narnia just like a kid.

6. I love inventing machines, designs, food, fashion, so many other things!

7. I'm stronger, braver and smarter than I think I am.

And onto, passing this on to 15 bloggers (who haven't received it). I would really like to nominate Julie back if I had the chance to but since she was nominated before, I can't do that :P

The 15 Blogs that I nominate for ‘One Lovely Blogger Award’ award are:

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The Cat Hag

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Kawaii Barbie

There are so many more that I meant to add to this list but I can only choose 15! I hope you check out these lovely blogs.
Love you guys!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Okay people! Finally, my Talentime post is finally here!
I have to apologize for my terrible pictures and for the LONG DELAY.
I have no photography skills compared to many talented bloggers.
Just bare with my pictures :)

There was bad lighting since the hall was dark so my pictures didn't turn out good.
This little girl was so cute! She's a talented little lady. She played the violin so well!

This dude is my schoolmate. He has awesome photography skills and another skill I didn't know he had. He played the French Horn! My school and I was wooting and cheering for him :D Sadly he didn't win a prize :( That was too bad 'cos he played well that day.

Benjamin (schoolmate) accompanying French Horn boy (he's name is actually Zhu Yi :P) with the drums.

These kids were adorable! I love their costumes :D They were a little shy at first but I could see that they got comfy in the middle of singing and they sang louder. The girl in the black was a very enthusiastic little singer :P She sang the loudest :)

OH NO! Blur picture. Super sorry :P This flexible talented dancers are my besties, Wei Yew, Wei Peng, and Mildred. It was a graceful sad dance but they had killer gymnastic moves!

I took a video instead, as a memory. I loved their moves. But that wasn't a smart thing to do as it took up space in my camera :/

Mildred, Wei Yew and Wei Peng, before the performance. Praying and waiting anxiously. It was their first time performing :D SADLY, they didn't win either :( it was quite disappointing but they kept their spirits high and enjoyed their time. We were very proud of them! :)

Then we took a short break >< Little Blessed smiling for the camera when he saw me snapping random pictures.

A group of dancing kids! They had killer hip-hop moves :D The little ones were cute :) I think they were called the Dance Friction or something...short term memory loss :P

DEAR Bestie Erica :) With her loooong hair.

Dark pictures invasion! My school principal, Teacher Michael. In charge of the camcorder taping everything.

That's little naughty Justin playing with Erica's hair. I guess he wanted to play the iPhone game too :P

Eugein all nervous while putting on her finger thingy.

Me being funny on the bus while Esther is busy playing games on my iTouch

The results are in! Chamidi and Rupiny, my besties wins a prize! They put up a very lovely traditional performance :) They deserved it!

Eugein won first place!! Congratulations my little Angel :)

After a long day of performances, Esther fell asleep while they were handing out the prizes :P poor girl!
Originally I posted a clip of my Indian gorgeous princesses dancing :) but....I have no idea what is wrong with Blogger, it ain't allowing me to post it! Sorryy
I said I would create a BIG post but this isn't BIG. So sorry, I will blog more since the holidays have come for me, YAYY! :) Did my nails again. More pictures to be posted.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sneak Peek!

Hey girls!

So I had a very tiring yet very FUN day today :D As I mentioned in my earlier post, I went to a Talentime event for all homeschool centers. There are so many talented kids around! My school won 3 prizes, woo hoo! I am very tempted to post the noob pictures today, but I have decided to take a rest first. My apologies. There will be a BIG update tomorrow, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, I will be dropping by blogs to leave comments and check out what my fellow bloggers have been up to!
My favorite pretty pumps from Hush Puppies. This was a random snap during the show :P
More pictures tomorrow!!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Back With Kpop

Hey girls.

I've been on a short MIA, if that ever makes sense :P

I'm back with a mini post, updates on the K-Pop World. Nothing spectacular or special happening in my life so far. It's been boring boring study days lately.

Tomorrow, I'll be going to the National Home School Talentime. It's sort of a concert where all the homeschooled students gather to show their talents. I'm not participating but my fellow schoolmates are, so I'll be going along with my school to cheer them on :) So there'll be something to post tomorrow! I'll try to take some pics. I did my nails today, but the photos are in another camera, so I can only store all the pictures tomorrow.

Right, to the K-Pop Update!

Apple girl, Kim Yeo Hee is back! Anticipating her new single "Half". These are her comeback concept photos. According to, Kim Yeohee personally picked out pastel tone outfits and accessories for her photoshoot and MV. She has such a sweet voice, can't wait for her comeback.
[photos from]

Secondly, bad news. KBS has announced that 1 Days 2 Nights (a very famous variety show) will be ending in 6 months. It's sad news for me because I am a HUGE fan of the show. It's hilarious and never fails to give smiles and laughter. If you've never seen this variety show, you should. It shows a lot of the beautiful places you can visit if you travel to Korea :)

Gotta say goodbye, yes, so soon :(
Gotta hit the hay early!
For more K-Pop updates, visit ^^
One last little quote for you guys


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Monday Blues are Gone, Says the Camera :)

Hey guys!

It's picture time :)
I've been hanging alot around the lenses of the camera, snapping pictures away :)
My iTouch camera quality isn't good though. It's always blur. I need an upgrade in my Apple devices ;D

iPhone 4, daddy?
He said NO :(

Back to the topic!
OHNOES. This picture is so puny! It's not suppose to be that way, but oh wells! These are the cupcakes made for my Dad's 49th birthday. Soon, he's gonna turn Sweet 50 :P It's Red Velvet, my favorite cupcake flavor. Frosted with cream cheese and topped with fresh raspberries. All homemade.

I look so silly in the picture xP Love my Etude House Eyeliner <3
Morning selcas. Uggh, my bare face. I didn't notice how long my hair grew so fast!
Tackling the skills of fish-braiding my hair. It's a bit tough for now, practicing till I become an expert in fish-braiding.
Cinnamon Rolls on the menu for breakfast! :) Yummy! Mom's baking is always the best. But I don't know why she ain't happy with it :/
That's all for now!

Monday, August 15, 2011


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HK Disneyland: Part 2: Dining

Back with Part 2 of my HK trip! :)

I'm sorry I can't post these pictures according to the days because I totally got mixed up with which picture belonged to which day (as in Day 1 or Day 2).
So I'm just gonna post this like a travel journal or guide :P

Hopping from one ride to another made our tummy rumble, here's the food guide :)

The entrance of It's A Small World :D
(I'm the one facing the camera.)
After the ride we went to the ice-cream shack just right next to the ride to order some refreshments :) Grace, Rachel and I got Coke slushies. They served ice-creams but we decided to go with something different and fizzy.
I'm a big fan of Coke slushies!

Grace with her Coke slushie :) Pretty smile!

Meanwhile, Sammy (a HUGE fan of ice-cream) got strawberry ice-cream.
Grace and Sammy feeding the adorable sparrows the leftovers of his ice-cream cone.
By the way, there are always so many sparrows chirping and hopping around the park, they are so cute! ^^

After more rides and shows, it was time for lunch. Okay, I'm certain this was the food we ate for lunch on the first day.
We ate at the Royal Banquet Hall.
The Royal Banquet Hall served food like Japanese Noodles, Dim Sum, pizza, beef burgers, sushi and grilled steak (these are just some of the food they sell there).

Samuel requested for his all time favorite, Japanese Soba (Buckwheat) Noodles. He was happily slurping away :)
Me in the pink jacket with my messy bun. Grace on the right drinking her soup.
I ordered Rice with Pork slices, if I'm not mistaken. It was yummy, like home-cooked food, more towards the Asian cooking.
Grace ordered Mickey Mouse Pizza. I don't know if that's what you call it. But look at the shape of it! Everything's Mickey Mouse shaped in Disneyland, including the food. There are Mickey Mouse shaped jellies, waffles, pancakes, pizzas and croutons! I think there are more Mickey Mouse shaped food but sadly I never got to try all of them.
Samuel slurping ;D

These are some pictures of our Buffet Breakfast.
We ate breakfast at The Chef Mickey's Restaurant in Hollywood Hotel.
The spread was good, lots of varieties of food.
Not to mention, lots of Mickeys :P

Piggy Pau a.k.a Steam Bun
so cute

Rachel smiling for the camera.

See the Waffle? Isn't it cute? If you ever dine in Chef Mickey's. Go for the waffles. All four of us kids had second helpings. The bacon and baked beans were yummy too. But I think the waffles were the main highlight.

That's the end of today's tour.
I'm sorry for such little pictures
Too busy eating I guess :p
The next time I visit somewhere, I'll be sure to snap better pictures and make better posts.
Till next time!
(P.S, There will still be a Part 3)