Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drizzling Skies

Waddup People! =D

I'm feeling good today as I don't need to go to school for the CNY break starts today! I'll be taking a break from school for a whole week. Of course it would be better if I had another week to be lazy but let's not be greedy :)

The grey clouds have been around since Saturday and they are still around. It's been pouring and drizzling for 2 days now. It is the first time in history that CNY is actually cool and chilly, CNY is known for the burning hot weather. But I'm thankful for the drizzles and the cool air, I can totally get use to this, I dont mind if this strangely cold breeze stays for the whole week!

The view outside my house. The sky is normally blue but looks like the gloomy mode is turned on.

Monday Status: Lazy and relaxed :)

Adios Amigos! (is that how you spell it ._.)



Friday, January 28, 2011

This Was Forever's 800 followers Giveaway

First off, I'd like to congratulate Emily, the blogger of This Was Forever for reaching 800 followers. That's alot! :) Someday I hope to have that much followers and reader :)
Secondly, I'd like to introduce you to her giveaway celebrating 800 followers. You may be the lucky winner of those fabulous goodies in the pic ABOVE. Deets? The contest is closed at Jan 31st, 11:59PM EST. Winner will be chosen randomly and it is opened internationally. Which means I can join! :P If you're interested in this giveaway, do sign up here:

Do join! :)


Thank God for The Hols!

Morning gals :)

Pooh! I had a good looong sleep last night, it's a good thing I got some rest 'cos I've been busy lately. But thank God for the holidays! It is now here~ The one-week CNY break I've been waiting for eversince the year-end break ended. Although I won't be going outstation (due to my Dad's condition), I have a feeling I'll have a good time this week. With my lovely cousins coming this week, I'm bound to have a blast! Gong Xi Gong Xi to all fellow Chinese :)

Mmm! I smell the pineapple, it's coming from the kitchen :P My mom is making pineapple paste for the CNY tarts. They're totally delicious, but just keep in mind, do not eat too much, I wouldn't want any of you guys to get sick. CNY is the time for family reunions and yummy treats! And it's normally always burning hot but it's gloomy this morning. Hope it'll stay foggy and cool all day. I may like CNY but I definitely hate the hot hot weather!

OOH I almost forgot. Some of you may be joining giveaways or maybe even hosting giveaways! I'll definitely join some now that I'm free. I found so many fabulous giveaways, I can't help it but join. I'll be posting them on my sidebar, or maybe write a post. So stay tuned for the giveaways shoutout!

Ciao ciao,


Manicure Time!

Yes-yes-yes-yes! It's the holidays, and that means I have to paint my nails :D What color are you guys putting on for the Chinese New Year? It's always and mostly red for the CNYs but I'm going to do something different. I'm not the red kind of person, not to mention chilli hot red. I'm going topsy-turvy this year and putting on a sort of Christmasy theme. Sparkles! Or what I call...Bling Bling! :)

I'll be using Prorance International Manicure brand :) Here's a little pic of my left hand.

Gong Xi Gong Xi and Kawaii Giveaway

HEY Bloggas :)

Sorry I haven't been blogging for quite some time. But I'm back now, just in time for the holidays. I have a feeling I'll be blogging more about giveaways these few days. After all, I haven't been joining them for some time, and I want to earn myself some goodies :D To my fellow bloggers and particularly chinese ones, Gong Xi Fa Cai :) It's the season for family gathering and angpaus! $$$ if you know what I mean :P


Here's some little info on this Rilakkuma Giveaway. I am a fan of that kawaii little bear, and if you are too, do join! Hawaii Kawaii is hosting this perfectly kawaii giveaway and it ends... actually today... the winner will be picked out tomorrow, Saturday, Jan 29th to be exact. So if you're reading my blog now... do join this very second!

The prizes are shown in the pic above ^^ awesome prizes aren't they? P.S The giveaway is also hosted by Kawaii Ya. Go sign up at:
And here is the link to Kawaii Ya's website:
Do sign up as I sign off,
Byeee :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kaitlyn's Pink Giveaway!


Oooohh, yesss, pink! I love the sound of pink and I love the sound of giveaway too. I found the perfect pink giveaway to enter. It's totally a must. A million thanks to Kaitlyn for hosting this giveaway. I MUST win, and if you want to win too, hope you do join. The prizes are awesome and of course, pink as can be ^^. They include: LUSH Candy Cane Bubble Bar, The Scent Genie, LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel and last but not least MAC Angel Lipstick.

More deets: Opened worldwide :) and Ends... February 9th, 2011 at 11:59pm Central Time. More good news, Kaitlyn says she might throw in a few more surprises, sweet! :)



School Life

Aloha Bloggers :D

Wooh, it's the second week of school and things are getting tiring now. All students had compulsary detention today, unfortunately, some of the parents are happy with the detention thing going on. Well, the students aren't but we, students, have no choice. Children are children, and children makes no choice. I'm in the students affair group which has got to do with hospitality. I hope that goes well.

I've been busy lately, not much time for blogging. I hope to join and win a few giveaways over the weekend. Will be updating the blog, I hope. :) Have a great week!



Saturday, January 8, 2011

Beauty on The Way-100 Followers Giveaway


I give you the first giveaway for today! Beauty on the Way has reached 100+ followers. And, now they have up to 200+ followers! Woohoo, congratz to the lovely beauty blog. They wanna celebrate by hosting this giveaway. It ends 10th January, 2011. Opened worldwide!

The prize? Beauty on the Way will be giving away a brand new GUERLANE OMBRE ECLAT Eyeshadow Palette. It is shown in the pic above.

That's it! All the best on winning :)


Goodies and Baddies

Hiya peeps :)

WHoo. This week has been a toughie for me but I'm still alive and well! :D And here I am to report to my blog. I hope yall joined the giveaway on my previous blogpost! It's terrific, there'll be more giveways to join, I'll be blogging alot today!

Here are pictures of the GOODIES I got from 2010's Christmas Season:

Lovely bottles of nailpolish, my sister and I just had to have them and we got them at a very cheap price at Bangkok's pharmacy. And the best beauty product I collected in the whole 2010, the Motherpucker Lipgloss set. Really happy, we got it :)

Below are the awesome goodies I won from Tzeyien's giveaway :D I was in shock when I found out I won, it's the second ever giveaway I won. It feels good and the prizes arrived at my house on the day I got back from Bangkok. I was really happy, it was like Santa sending a parcel to my doorstep. A million thanks to Tzeyien! :D

So in this picture are the stuff I bought from Hong Kong Disneyland. There were so many different souvenier shops with so many variety of Disney related items. It truly felt like a toy factory or like Santa's workshop. There were badges, earrings, soft-toys, cookies, clothes, caps, etc etc! But most of the items were pricey so as you can see I didnt get much from Disneyland. My mother bought a cookie box with authentic Mickey on it, I thought it was the neatest box in the whole store, I had to have it. Believe it or not, I havent touched a single cookie in that box. The adorable Minnie Mouse Pen Drive was bought by my daddykins, thanks Daddy :)! And those two badges were also bought by Daddy, I chose the cutest ones (okay, maybe not the CUTEST of a 1000 of them, but the... most pleasant ones) :P.

The title of this blogpost did mention Goodies AND Baddies. The goodies part of the blogpost has ended, that was all the lovely things that I got from 2010. But now back to reality, it's 2011. And I've already got back to square one, got back to school and still adapting to the new ways.

I didnt get a good start for 2011, firstly I was down with the fever and now... it's only the first week and one of the biggest challenge for my family and I has arrived. My dad's spine is injured, I'm not sure about the deets but it's serious. His back wasn't in good shape eversince he took me and my buddies to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. He went on a really hard and inconvenient (I felt it hard and inconvenient too) slide and since then his back hasn't been well. Now he might face surgery. We're still very shock to things, and it looks like my life may change a little or maybe alot. But I know that Jesus was help us, guide us and show us a way.

Please do keep my dad in prayers :) I'll really appreciate it. I'm hoping that he'll recover soon so that he'll be in tip-top condition once again. He was strong and healthy and I hope he still is :D

That's it for the BADDIES department. I hope I'll be able to overcome this! Meanwhile, I hope you guys have a great start to the year! :D

Lotsa pink pink Love,
Lizzy ^^

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blush is the New Black Giveaway!

Hiya people,

In my previous blogpost, I said I was going to introduce more sweet cosmetic giveaways and hooray! I am so glad I found this amazing blog that comes with this awesome giveaway. The blogger Elise (I never really said anything about my real name, but yes, my real name is Elise. I just like to call myself Lizzy online :P), is giving away lovely make-up goodies (shown in the pic above) and all you gotta do to win is....

Extra deets: Open worldwide

Ends Jan 5th, 2011

That's it! Hope you guys join the giveaway and hope I win! :P

Elise (yes, I'm using my real name now xD)

Monday, January 3, 2011


hii bloggas :]

Haven't been blogging for quite a few days already. Well, we've all already met 2011, so Happy New Year to you guys :) It's a new beginning and I hope you guys start of the new year with a fresh start! God bless you guys.

It's the first day of school but unfortunately I was absent. I'm what the title says; SICK. Yes, sick, viral fever, I probably got it from some person in the malls or some place. I dunno, but I hope I get well soon and get back up on my feet to start the new year! I didn't want to go to school but now it seems that I dont want to miss school, i'm a weirdo, yes xD

Anyways, I'm thinking that there'll be some new giveaways coming up, so I'll probably join some and tell you guys about it on my blog. Stay tuned (I sound like a radio DJ :P).