Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 6: A Photo of An Animal You'd Love to Keep As A Pet

A pet? Oh this is is easy :) I've never had a pet, besides the tortoise that my sister and I saved at the park (it died :( we named him David, or was it Ollie? :P names that we got from Totally Spies).

I have not one, but a few animals that I'd like to keep as a pet but I'll let you know my favorite :) I want a lion.
This is Aslan (whom I admire and like a lot!), some of you might recognize him as the Great Lion or King from the Chronicles of Narnia. And in this GIF, he looks sorta scary and in the same time majestic. If I saw a lion up close (which I have at a zoo), I would be terrified because I know it's a ferocious predator in reality but really, it's beautiful and majestic image just makes me want to keep it as a pet. And if I ever had one, I don't think anyone would dare hurt me because I've got a lion as a pet! :D

Life would be so cool if I had a lion as a pet!
Another animal that I'd like to keep as a pet is a German Shepherd.
I'm actually allergic to dogs, when I'm up close with a dog, my nose gets itchy and I start to scrunch up my nose for a period of time, makes me look hilarious to watch :P I love dogs, I absolutely love the cute and pretty ones especially small newborn puppies!
But as I get older, having a protective and loyal one can be great as well, y'know like having a companion after all dogs are man's best friends. The downside in having a loyal dog is when it dies, you'll feel terrible and sad for a long time and then you'll have to do one of the hardest things in life, that is, move on :(

Dolphins are the cutest! I've loved these marine mammals since young, along with whales but I think dolphins will make a better pet. Considering the size of a whale, like where on earth will I put it? :P But I've always dreamed of having HUGE HUGE tanks in my backyard and a glass window in my study room where I can observe with the dolphins :)
Yes, yes they are :)

Before I hit the hay, I would like to inform you guys that I will be MIA for awhile, probably around 5 days... so I shall put this challenge to a pause for awhile. When I get back from my vacation, I will resume all blog challenges :D
I hope you guys have a wonderful new year and for all my asian readers who celebrate CNY, Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai ^^

don't forget to leave me some comments :D
(pics are from

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 5: How Important You Think Education Is

I am back for Day 5! Surprisingly, I've noticed that I have been able to continuously post up this challenges...and I though I would be too busy to do so :P

Today's topic is How Important I Think Education Is

Honestly, just reading the word 'education' makes me feel dull and bored, I'm very sure very few people on this Earth likes to hear the word 'education', I know I don't! :P
Obviously, education is very important, for all of us. Without education, people around the world would be useless :P
Nowadays some youngsters aren't very interested in education, they just love to party and have fun but let's face it, education will help our future be a brighter one :O
Studying may not be fun (I relate to that! :P) but it benefits us! So for all you youngsters out there, study hard and don't just party all day~
There isn't much for me to say on this topic because it's very basic to me, I've grown up believing that education is a must in life and it's definitely important and I hope in 2012 I will be more hardworking! :)

SO here's a little selca of me to end today's challenge, for your information I'm saluting you guys, but it looks like it's a FAIL :p But all the best with your studies, I pray that God provide you people out there with good teachers and good schools :) Work hard, play hard (but work more) xP

Have fun studying (seems impossible at times but it's possible)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 4: Your Favorite Photograph of Your Best-friend

Hey guys!

Day 4 is here~ Wow this challenge makes me feel how fast time flies! :P
Well, moving on, today's topic is My Favorite Photograph of My Bestfriend!

My best-friend is definitely Jesus Christ, hands-down. But since I've never seen Him before...I don't have any pictures of Him :P But there is a particular drawing or portrait, sketched by a young girl who saw visions of Heaven and saw Jesus. She drew this, which was her interpretation of how He looked like. And although I've never seen Him before, I feel like this is the most beautiful and realistic picture of Him. If you'd like to search about this young artist, her name is Akiane Kramarik. I feel peace and joy just looking at this art piece.

Next, Miss Esther Ng :D
She has a blog too, if you'd like to check it out, this is her blog!
She is the sweetest, cutest and most loyal best-friend I ever had :) We talk to each other almost everyday and I am so blessed to have her as my friend. Here is my favorite pic of her:
It was kinda hard to choose because she had so many awesome pictures, but I liked this alot! :D If you're reading this Esther, you're BEE-YOU-TEE-FOOL :)
P.S She's doing a 30 Day challenge too, head down to her blog to check it out :)
That is the end of Day 4 :D i hope you liked this post, I'm pretty sure Day 5 will be put up very soon so stay tuned and don't forget to leave me a comment ;D
I will be replying them :)

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 3: Your Idea of the Perfect First Date

Day 3 :D

So today's topic is My Idea of the Perfect First Date. Honestly, I've never thought about this before... so this really is a CHALLENGE :)
Believe or not, I'm not a girl who's in to LOVE or puppy love :) I think at my age, I should just concentrate on my studies. But I'll share what I think my ideal first date would be like x)

My perfect first date would be like a day out with my best-friend. I would want to go out and do the things that I would do with my best-friend. The perfect date would be definitely not fancy, but fun. I'd like to do something exciting, like go see a comedy and the cinema or visit an amusement park! :D

I'm not good when it comes to LOVE so excuse-me. I already feel awkward talking about this topic. I hope I get more comfortable with the topic, LOVE :D As I am no longer a child ;)

I'd really like to hear your thoughts about this topic, so share them with me in the comment box below :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 2: Your Favorite Movie

Hey guys!

So last Friday I started my first blog challenge and today I'm going to do Day 2's Challenge. I know I skipped a day and the rule for this challenge is to try not to skip a day but I broke the rule :P But rules were made to be broken! ;D (my excuse) But due to school and activities, I won't be able to post every single day so I declare this 30-Day challenge to be RULES-FREE :p

Back to the challenge...
Today's topic is: My Favorite Movie!

My favorite movie hands down has to be The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I love all Narnia movies but among the three, Prince Caspian has won it's place as No.1 :) I can't express how much I love Narnia films, C.S Lewis is my role-model and I hope to grow up writing amazing stories like he did. Narnia is the magic to this horrid life :P

Runner up has got to be Disney's Tangled! Tangled is my favorite Disney animated film. I am a HUGE fan of Disney's animated films, I grew up watching all of them (and I bet lots of people did too). Disney is a childhood thing :)

Tangled blew me away, I was very excited to watch the film and when I did, I became a huge fan immediately! Tangled is something different from all the other princess Disney films...and there are so many beautiful scenes in the movie, I really enjoyed the movie so much! I never get sick of it :D

The prettiest and the most romantic scene ever created in the history of Disney films <33

Here are a list of other movies that I love to watch:
1) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

2) Toy Story 2
3) You Again

5) Parents Trap

I'm a girl who enjoys movies, since young. I'd come home from kindergarden and go through my CD boxes and play a movie :) Good times good times. I hope to watch more amazing movies in the future and I'm praying there'll be great ones this 2012! I heard Tangled Ever After is coming out, and I am beyond excited :D

Leave a comment on what your favorite movie is or if you've done a post on your favorite movie, leave the link :) I'd love to read all about it!


Friday, January 13, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge! Day 1

Hey peeps!

The first day of my 30 day blog challenge has come :D Before I start, I just wanna ask those bloggers out there, if you ever see this post and if you've done a blog challenge before, are there any rules to follow? :P I'm still so new to this whole challenge thing, so if there are rules, just comment below :)

Day 1: Your Favorite Song

I have a million favorite songs! It's so hard to choose which is my most favorite because it keeps changing from time to time. I change my favorite song almost every month.
I decided to show a list of songs that I never get tired of, I guess you can say, these are my favorite songs:

1) Anchor- Mindy Gledhill
I first heard this song at a blog and I immediately fell in love with it. It's a very slow and calm song, I love to listen to slow songs like these. I love the lyrics, it's very touching and inspiring.

2) Dream- Priscilla Ahn
I came to know this song through a movie, some of you may know it, 'Bride Wars' the comedy that starred Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. I love this song because it reminds me of my childhood when I had so many dreams. Again, it's sort of a slow and calm song, my kind of song. It's relaxing to me.

3) In Christ Alone- Owl City
I'm a Christian and there are so many worship songs but I think this one has to be my all time favorite. The lyrics are just remarkable and always reminds me of how much Jesus cares and loves me. I always listen to this song whenever I feel down, it rejuvenates me.

4) IU's You and I
I am a big fan of IU, for those of you who haven't heard of her or have heard of her but don't know who she is. She's a very famous young K-Pop idol, she has an amazing voice and a pretty face :) I love to listen to her songs, every one of them. But this one called You and I, which is her latest, has won it's place as my most favorite! I never get bored of it and I doubt I will in the future.

5) Enchanted by Taylor Swift
I am a total swiftie (nickname for a Taylor Swift fan), I love her voice and I love the songs she write. To me, there's always a certain feature, how do I say it? A little bit of her in every song? :P I'm bad at describing things. But what I mean is that, all her songs are almost the same but different. It's confusing, I know. However, Enchanted is my favorite! I love the word Enchanted and once I saw it on her Speak Now album tracklist, I immediately listened to Enchanted first. The lyrics are very enchanting and cute. Taylor Swift has many many good songs, but Enchanted is the one I think is best.

Well, I could go on and on about my favorite songs because the list just never ends, it's always updated every month which made it a CHALLENGE for me to talk about today's topic. Now I see why they called it a 'Blog Challenge' :P

Anyways, I hope you tune in to check out my next challenge which I will post soon. Leave a comment below and hit 'Follow' if you like my blog :) Any questions or requests? Just leave a comment.

I hope you guys have a wonderful, wonderful week. Chinese New Year is coming super soon, and I just can't wait! Can't wait to collect Ang-Paus (red packets with money inside) that is :P
Kiss kiss, hugs hugs,

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Hey guys! :D

My second blogpost for 2012 is here :D I would like to show you the stuff I got from Etude House! =) This is like, part 2 of my haul post :P Thank you for your sweet comments and advice from my last post, I enjoyed reading what you guys had to say, please continue to leave comments for me because they make my day! :D

After this haul post, I'll be starting a Blog Challenge! I'm so excited because I've never done a blog challenge before so this obviously, will be my first time :) So if you want to try a blog challenge do, you can do it along with me! Link me to your blog challenges if you have done one or will be doing one. The challenges that I will be doing are taken from Tumblr, just to let you know.

But let's get back to the HAUL :D
My Etude House bag with all my new goodies! ^^ I like their pretty pink bags :) eventhough they're normal plastic ones :P
Item number #1! This is a really good buy, these are Nail Polish remover. They were on some promotion package thingy, they were really cheap! So if you want good quality nail polish remover, head down to Etude House, and quick! I don't know when their sales end. By the way, most of the items were on discount because Etude House was having some year end sale, so yipee! ^^
I'm not very sure about the prices but if I'm not mistaken, the original price is RM6.90 for one bottle. I bought both for RM8.
I love these nail polish removers because the quality is so far better than most removers that I've tried and they smell really good ^^ They have different scents, the pink bottle is Sweet Floral and the blue bottle is Fresh Floral. The pink one kinda smells like peaches :P

Item #2
I love these eyeshadows! I have very few matte eye-shadows so I really wanted to buy a few to try out. Etude House was having a sale for most single eye-shadows so I came on the right time :D

Their names are...(From left to right): Cafe Latte, Cocoa, some pale creamy shade :P I couldn't read the name because a code was stamped right in front of the name. I'm glad I can read hangul now, because all the names are written in hangul a.k.a Korean Alphabet! :)

Okay, so I've never done swatches before and so I apologize for the bad quality of my swatches :P my very first swatches! and not good ><

Close up!
Left to right: Cocoa, Cafe Latte and the creamy color :P
Cafe Latte is almost identical to my skin color :O

Item number #3! Just a regular angled eye-liner brush, I was in need of one!

Next item... Green Tea Nose Pack and Ginko Lip Patch. I have been really annoyed by my blackheads on my nose lately so I've been putting nose patches quite often but none really worked. I haven't used these nose and lip patches yet, but I really hope it works because these are quite pricey ><

The Green Tea Nose pack cost me...( I just realized I bought it for a cheaper price because it was on sale :P) RM3.96. Original price is RM6.90 for just one patch! :O
The Ginko Lip Patch cost me...RM 7.73 which is pricey even after less but I can't really judge yet because I haven't tried it out, so I'm hoping it works really well.

The last item and my most favorite item from this haul is... The Etude House Line Nuance Duo in Baby Peach and Mocha! I love this~ This is like a pen with an eyeshadow on one end and a brown Mocha liner on the other end.

I really like this peach color, it's almost similar to my Etude House Peach Beam Blush's shade.

When opened, there's the cool (it's just a normal one :P I like to use my adjectives) applicator.
UP-CLOSE :) it's a really pretty shimmery peachy color which I love!
I just realized that I did not take a picture of the other end which is the Mocha liner :P So I decided to take some pictures from GOOGLE :D

Anyway, if I ever visit Etude House again (which I hope will be very soon!) I will definitely get another one of these babies.

Don't go away yet! I still have another item but this isn't from Etude House. This is from Beauty Credit which is another Korean cosmetic store, I think it's Korean because Actress Goo Hye Sun is on almost every cover of their products :P
I got this Blackhead Clear Pore Cleansing Strips. So as you can see, I'm very determined to get rid of my annoying blackheads >.<"
The sales lady says that this one is the best but I don't know, I don't think that it's the BEST. It just got out a little more blackheads than the other ones that I've used.

Okay! You have officially reached then end of my Beauty Show&Tell or HAUL~ I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have a haul post; do leave a LINK of it in the comment box below :D
Have a wonderful wonderful week~
I will be starting my blog challenge...soon! ANY QUESTIONS? Feel free to ask, just leave a comment.
UPDATED: The name of the creamy matte eyeshadow is Vanilla :) Managed to figure the name out :D

Monday, January 2, 2012

My 2011 December Haul

Hey guys!

It's the second day of 2012, can you believe it? I'd like to wish everyone on Blogger a Happy Happy New Year! :D I hope to blog more this year and perhaps...get more followers? :P heh heh.

Anyway, I'm going to share the stuff I got from last Christmas! I bought most of them and won half of them :P Let me just say that there will be quite a lot of pictures as you scroll down ;) I warned you :) But then again, I love pictures! Enjoy!=)

First off, my Random Eyes Boutique Giveaway prizes have arrived! :)
*I apologize, the photos came out vertically :P not all of them, don't worry :)*
The prizes were packed in these adorable little black bags. I love how the boutique packed it!
The Random Eye Boutique Tag :D
First bag, as you can see, it's so tiny and cute ^^
My earrings! I chose the Hershey Chocolate Bar earrings! Looks exactly like the one in the picture from the website. I like how the sizes are big and not puny :D

Do you notice the googly eyes? Every Random Eye product has a pair of googly eyes on them, how awesome is that? :P

Second mini bag, my necklace :) I chose the Nestle Crunch Chocolate Bar necklace.

Up close at my Crunch necklace. I love it! :) I'm really glad I chose this design, it's different and cute. Chocolate bars are amazing, I suggest you pick up this necklace if you ever visit Random Eyes Boutique.

Secondly, I'd like to show you the stuff I got online. I shop online very often and since it was the holidays, I was allowed to do so. Found so many adorable items that I wanted online but being the sometimes thrifty girl I am, I got only few items. I did spend quite alot though, the prices are definitely not cheap! Plus shipping and everything but it's definitely a fun experience for me :) I do like shopping online :)

The first item I got online was from MiniBites Accessories, an online store selling adorable mini accessories such as earrings, rings and necklaces. I bought the most adorable item (in my opinion) on the online store, the Macarons in Paris necklace in Strawberry flavor (the colors are named by their flavors >_>) And my sister and I was shocked when we received it because the size of the macaron was very small compared to the picture we saw on the website >_> I guess it was our fault for not checking with the seller :/
By the way, one necklace costs RM25 which I think, is very expensive, for a mini mini mini necklace.
Let me just tell you if you're interested in buying, their products are really MINI, literally.

Here is how the necklace looked like.
Oh drats. The chain got tangled the second I pulled it out of the plastic @.@

I guess it doesn't look that small up close .__. Guys, lesson learned, check with the seller about little details before buying. Looks can be deceiving :P
Walah! My puny cute macaron necklace.

2nd item that I got online were K-Pop items :D A couple of posts before, I showed a sneak-peek of my SNSD The Boy's album. And here it is! :D
Open Sesame!
Other than the CD, here's what's in the box. Our seller gave us free Mr Simple (only Sung Min, Kyu Hyun, and Ryeowook >_>) and f(x) photo cards.

Ryeo-Wook! He has a strong and unique voice but I'm not a big fan :/

Cho Kyu-Hyun ssi :D (If you're reading, Wi, looooook! Your favorite! :P)

F(x) cards :)

Look at Krystal's makeup O.O

The lyrics book, I think .__. This booklet tells all the information about every song in the album.

My favorite album extra are the photo cards! :) In this mini section, there are cards with individual members on them and a little message from each member.

My favorite is the one with all 9 members in beautiful gowns :)
This album is expensive but definitely worth it because it came with 2 free posters and all these extra photo booklets and stuff. There's also a random member card in every album. I got the Sunny card which I did not take a picture of, sorry! I also didn't take pictures of the 2 posters that came with the album but I will post pics of it when I put it up on my bedroom wall :) I got the album for a cheaper price on eBay, if you're interested in getting one just let me know, I'll send you the info on where I got it.

I also bought an IU poster from the same website I got the SNSD album. I think it's the cover of IU's Real album. It's super gorgeous, I'm glad I bought it. I'm a huge fan of IU, thinking of getting her new album, Last Fantasy, poster but then again maybe I should stop spending for awhile :P
Finally put it up on my bedroom's door. Happy! Now I've just got to put up the SNSD The Boys poster, I'll make sure I show 'yall when I'm done putting it up :)

Next, this is a forgotten blog post, I was suppose to show 'yall the prizes that I won from the Picture Polish Giveaway months ago! It was delayed for such a long time I completely forgotten about it. Well, lemme show you them! I'm in love with these Picture POlish nailpolishes, they're simply awesome, the shades are gorgeous and the quality is great!
P.S I chose Berry Nice, Marine and Coral Reef. I was glad that I chose Berry Nice, I've been looking out for plumish purple kind of shades lately, but the best is still Berry Nice.
Thought I should show you guys how they look like on me nails :) Sorry for my messy application, I'm not a pro when it comes to painting my nails neatly, it's one of the things I'm not good at!
UGGH, messy nails :P I gave Coral Reef to my older sister as her birthday present last year, she chose out the color. It's pretty but I prefer my dark and unique colors, I use to wear mostly pinkish and reddish shades alot back when I was young so I'm in for a change as I grow up :)
Moving on to the items that I bought during my holiday trips...this is the only little item I got from Penang. I got this cute ribbon earrings at a flea market at Straits Quay for RM8. Don't you think it's adorable? :) Sorry for the bad lighting in the picture. It was the only item I got because I was sick the next few days of my trip! >.< it was horrible being sick on your vacation. I had viral fever and diarrhea, trust me, it's miserable. I suspect that I got the viral bug from some Philippine dude on the airplane who farted (I almost died when I inhaled the poison gas) :P It was just terrible, the whole trip was ruined!

But at least I got such a pretty little thing out of the trip :)
I have reached the end of my December haul!
Sorry it's so long! The next blogpost will be an Etude House haul :D I wanted to combine it with this post but I bought the Etude House in 2012 :p so, I will be doing it in a separate post.

LASTLY! I shall reveal my haircut :)



My hair is now shoulder-length and layered. I didn't plan to have it this short, honestly, but it's not that short till I can't tie my hair up. I'm just glad I can still do up a high bun :) Excuse-me for my blemishes on my face :P I have been breaking out alot!

I got my hair cut at a salon behind my house. The person who my Mom booked to do our hair was on leave which was so ==" So nevermind, we asked the other two free employees who claimed they were professional to do our hair instead. Personally, I was very mad at their service, they didn't treat us very well. They were very snobbish and service wise, very unprofessional. But they still did a not-too-bad job on my hair. But will I be going back for a trim? NO. Why? Because they need to treat their customers equally with a smile not a snicker >_> I'll come back when you have better service, boys!

Let me know if you're living in K.L and know a good hair salon ;)

Well, I'm getting nervous as I have to get back to school, and I'll be attending a new school! So I'm very very nervous. Any advice on how to be less nervous?COMMENT PLEASE :P
Till my next post, see you guys :D