Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 5: How Important You Think Education Is

I am back for Day 5! Surprisingly, I've noticed that I have been able to continuously post up this challenges...and I though I would be too busy to do so :P

Today's topic is How Important I Think Education Is

Honestly, just reading the word 'education' makes me feel dull and bored, I'm very sure very few people on this Earth likes to hear the word 'education', I know I don't! :P
Obviously, education is very important, for all of us. Without education, people around the world would be useless :P
Nowadays some youngsters aren't very interested in education, they just love to party and have fun but let's face it, education will help our future be a brighter one :O
Studying may not be fun (I relate to that! :P) but it benefits us! So for all you youngsters out there, study hard and don't just party all day~
There isn't much for me to say on this topic because it's very basic to me, I've grown up believing that education is a must in life and it's definitely important and I hope in 2012 I will be more hardworking! :)

SO here's a little selca of me to end today's challenge, for your information I'm saluting you guys, but it looks like it's a FAIL :p But all the best with your studies, I pray that God provide you people out there with good teachers and good schools :) Work hard, play hard (but work more) xP

Have fun studying (seems impossible at times but it's possible)


  1. Education can be in any form! Even in beauty tutorials, hauls, daily life, ramblings LOL! :P

  2. Education is super important, but you're right, sometimes it is really hard not to get bored or distracted!

    Balancing fun and study is key ^^

  3. I love these kind of posts, - opinions of social matters etc.

    Well I think a lot of children/young adults are either confused or forced to study subjects that they don't enjoy these days. Either for: financial reasons (they want to study something that will get them more money) or parental reasons (parents forcing children to study a particular subject) and there are TOOOOOO many of them who 'don't know' what they want to study, due to: a lack of guidance/exposure to the social realms (maybe because their spending too much time on twitter and not enough time figuring out what they want to do with their ... lives? future?)...

    Studying, shouldn't be the core centre of someone's life, people should have much more aspirations than to: 'a doctor', or .. 'to get an A', there is so much in life to explore, and someones studying doesn't necessarily mean: 'I have a degree in ...' or 'I am a master at ...' but learning (literally) something new everyday whether it was something interesting on TV, learning something important of someone else?

    And education shouldn't be a painful thing, because it isn't - being forced to learn is painful, but once you find that 'something' you enjoy learning about, whether it's: 'The behaviours of animals' or 'How to apply makeup' or even 'Where did we come from' should all be an enjoyable process.

  4. I realised how important education is, now i'm part of the "grown up world" ! If only I'd been a bit more hard working and I didn't drop Uni and hairdressing class, I wouldn't be having a crappy job like mine, and I would have experience and qualifications to do a job that I like !! Now I can't afford going back to school, and I really regret it. Maybe in a few years, when I know what kind of class I want to do I will do after work classes, who knows ! Until know, I want to tell every young people: Don't drop school !!! You will regret it !!!!!!

    xxx Vee


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