Friday, January 13, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge! Day 1

Hey peeps!

The first day of my 30 day blog challenge has come :D Before I start, I just wanna ask those bloggers out there, if you ever see this post and if you've done a blog challenge before, are there any rules to follow? :P I'm still so new to this whole challenge thing, so if there are rules, just comment below :)

Day 1: Your Favorite Song

I have a million favorite songs! It's so hard to choose which is my most favorite because it keeps changing from time to time. I change my favorite song almost every month.
I decided to show a list of songs that I never get tired of, I guess you can say, these are my favorite songs:

1) Anchor- Mindy Gledhill
I first heard this song at a blog and I immediately fell in love with it. It's a very slow and calm song, I love to listen to slow songs like these. I love the lyrics, it's very touching and inspiring.

2) Dream- Priscilla Ahn
I came to know this song through a movie, some of you may know it, 'Bride Wars' the comedy that starred Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. I love this song because it reminds me of my childhood when I had so many dreams. Again, it's sort of a slow and calm song, my kind of song. It's relaxing to me.

3) In Christ Alone- Owl City
I'm a Christian and there are so many worship songs but I think this one has to be my all time favorite. The lyrics are just remarkable and always reminds me of how much Jesus cares and loves me. I always listen to this song whenever I feel down, it rejuvenates me.

4) IU's You and I
I am a big fan of IU, for those of you who haven't heard of her or have heard of her but don't know who she is. She's a very famous young K-Pop idol, she has an amazing voice and a pretty face :) I love to listen to her songs, every one of them. But this one called You and I, which is her latest, has won it's place as my most favorite! I never get bored of it and I doubt I will in the future.

5) Enchanted by Taylor Swift
I am a total swiftie (nickname for a Taylor Swift fan), I love her voice and I love the songs she write. To me, there's always a certain feature, how do I say it? A little bit of her in every song? :P I'm bad at describing things. But what I mean is that, all her songs are almost the same but different. It's confusing, I know. However, Enchanted is my favorite! I love the word Enchanted and once I saw it on her Speak Now album tracklist, I immediately listened to Enchanted first. The lyrics are very enchanting and cute. Taylor Swift has many many good songs, but Enchanted is the one I think is best.

Well, I could go on and on about my favorite songs because the list just never ends, it's always updated every month which made it a CHALLENGE for me to talk about today's topic. Now I see why they called it a 'Blog Challenge' :P

Anyways, I hope you tune in to check out my next challenge which I will post soon. Leave a comment below and hit 'Follow' if you like my blog :) Any questions or requests? Just leave a comment.

I hope you guys have a wonderful, wonderful week. Chinese New Year is coming super soon, and I just can't wait! Can't wait to collect Ang-Paus (red packets with money inside) that is :P
Kiss kiss, hugs hugs,


  1. I've never seen or really done a blog challenge, but I'm sure you can bend the rules a little bit if there are rules to follow.

    I'm like you. I like slow & calming songs, though I don't know most of the songs on your list. O_O Time to listen to more music, haha.

    1. Haha, thanks for your comment :D Nowadays it's kinda hard to find teens who like slow and calming songs :P glad to meet someone who actually does :D And I'm totally bending the rules because I broke some :P from now on, my challenges shall have no rules :DD

  2. ooh 30 day challenge? Good luck :)
    Wow you can read korean?? Can you speak it too? I just started watching SNSD and the Dangerous boys, and now i'm hooked onto snsd :P Whats your fave song from their album?

    1. Hey! Thanks :D And yeah, I can read korean, and I'm pretty sure I can speak it too :P just not so pro, but I'm working on it :) Practice makes perfect after all :)

      I've loved SNSD ever since they debuted, they are just gorgeous and talented. My favorite song from their album has to be The Boys :D but I'm kinda addicted to Trick lately :)

  3. I think the only rule is to make sure (or at least to try) to post everyday for 30 days without missing one. I'm doing one too!

    1. Thanks for your comment :D And thanks for informing me on the rule :D I totally broke it though :P I will be reading your challenges from now on :D see you at your blog! ^^

  4. I love IU too! Been following her singing since she started off.. such a cutie..
    & I get what u mean by taylor's songs are same but different LOL! U know it's her once the rhythm comes out haha...

    1. Oh, glad you got what I meant! It was very hard to describe it :P And wow, I'm so happy to meet an IU fan ;D totally agree with you on how she's a total cutie ^^

  5. oh ? the challenge looks like fun~~ lols goodluck!~~ i guess a new post daily?! cool! ^_^/ ~~

    1. it is fun! :D thanks :D I kinda failed in posting daily but I will try my very best to complete this challenge daily :)

  6. Awwww I'd love to do a challenge like this !! I'll look for a beauty blog challenge maybe I can find a good one =D hehe

    I don't know any of these songs :p I really like Hit The Light by Selena Gomez at the moment =) It's a perfect feel good song !!!

    xxx Vee


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