Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 4: Your Favorite Photograph of Your Best-friend

Hey guys!

Day 4 is here~ Wow this challenge makes me feel how fast time flies! :P
Well, moving on, today's topic is My Favorite Photograph of My Bestfriend!

My best-friend is definitely Jesus Christ, hands-down. But since I've never seen Him before...I don't have any pictures of Him :P But there is a particular drawing or portrait, sketched by a young girl who saw visions of Heaven and saw Jesus. She drew this, which was her interpretation of how He looked like. And although I've never seen Him before, I feel like this is the most beautiful and realistic picture of Him. If you'd like to search about this young artist, her name is Akiane Kramarik. I feel peace and joy just looking at this art piece.

Next, Miss Esther Ng :D
She has a blog too, if you'd like to check it out, this is her blog!
She is the sweetest, cutest and most loyal best-friend I ever had :) We talk to each other almost everyday and I am so blessed to have her as my friend. Here is my favorite pic of her:
It was kinda hard to choose because she had so many awesome pictures, but I liked this alot! :D If you're reading this Esther, you're BEE-YOU-TEE-FOOL :)
P.S She's doing a 30 Day challenge too, head down to her blog to check it out :)
That is the end of Day 4 :D i hope you liked this post, I'm pretty sure Day 5 will be put up very soon so stay tuned and don't forget to leave me a comment ;D
I will be replying them :)

Have a wonderful day!


  1. That sketch of Jesus is perfection! so beautiful! I'm in awe! His eyes looks so deep. Y'know, like a soulful person's eyes. :) Absolutely priceless. Beautiful. (Y)

    and awww, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE! X) ily sho much! heehee, feeling incredibly flattered here! thanks for the shoutout of my blog. much appreciated! :) NOW TOMORROW'S MY TURN. heehee.

    1. I know right? His eyes, are just remarkable and gorgeous, the artist did say something about how His eyes were just simply beautiful.

      And no problem, a beauty like yourself should be on my blog :DD Can't wait to see you challenge post today :)

  2. This post is so cute ! The drawing of Jesus is so beautiful and yout best buddy looks so nice! I love such beautiful relationships :)
    Come and join my ZELEB GIVEAWAY ? KISSES !!!

    1. Hey :D Thank you for your sweet words. Yeap, they are both so beautiful :) i will check out your giveaway soon :) Thanks! And kisses to you too ;)

  3. wow that drawing is incredible!! totally would have imagined jesus differently, but thats awesome!!
    the first picture is nice though too ~ who is that??

  4. The drawing is amazing !! And your bestie looks sweet =) hihi, I'm gonna check out her blog !

    xxx Vee


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