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Hey guys! :D

My second blogpost for 2012 is here :D I would like to show you the stuff I got from Etude House! =) This is like, part 2 of my haul post :P Thank you for your sweet comments and advice from my last post, I enjoyed reading what you guys had to say, please continue to leave comments for me because they make my day! :D

After this haul post, I'll be starting a Blog Challenge! I'm so excited because I've never done a blog challenge before so this obviously, will be my first time :) So if you want to try a blog challenge do, you can do it along with me! Link me to your blog challenges if you have done one or will be doing one. The challenges that I will be doing are taken from Tumblr, just to let you know.

But let's get back to the HAUL :D
My Etude House bag with all my new goodies! ^^ I like their pretty pink bags :) eventhough they're normal plastic ones :P
Item number #1! This is a really good buy, these are Nail Polish remover. They were on some promotion package thingy, they were really cheap! So if you want good quality nail polish remover, head down to Etude House, and quick! I don't know when their sales end. By the way, most of the items were on discount because Etude House was having some year end sale, so yipee! ^^
I'm not very sure about the prices but if I'm not mistaken, the original price is RM6.90 for one bottle. I bought both for RM8.
I love these nail polish removers because the quality is so far better than most removers that I've tried and they smell really good ^^ They have different scents, the pink bottle is Sweet Floral and the blue bottle is Fresh Floral. The pink one kinda smells like peaches :P

Item #2
I love these eyeshadows! I have very few matte eye-shadows so I really wanted to buy a few to try out. Etude House was having a sale for most single eye-shadows so I came on the right time :D

Their names are...(From left to right): Cafe Latte, Cocoa, some pale creamy shade :P I couldn't read the name because a code was stamped right in front of the name. I'm glad I can read hangul now, because all the names are written in hangul a.k.a Korean Alphabet! :)

Okay, so I've never done swatches before and so I apologize for the bad quality of my swatches :P my very first swatches! and not good ><

Close up!
Left to right: Cocoa, Cafe Latte and the creamy color :P
Cafe Latte is almost identical to my skin color :O

Item number #3! Just a regular angled eye-liner brush, I was in need of one!

Next item... Green Tea Nose Pack and Ginko Lip Patch. I have been really annoyed by my blackheads on my nose lately so I've been putting nose patches quite often but none really worked. I haven't used these nose and lip patches yet, but I really hope it works because these are quite pricey ><

The Green Tea Nose pack cost me...( I just realized I bought it for a cheaper price because it was on sale :P) RM3.96. Original price is RM6.90 for just one patch! :O
The Ginko Lip Patch cost me...RM 7.73 which is pricey even after less but I can't really judge yet because I haven't tried it out, so I'm hoping it works really well.

The last item and my most favorite item from this haul is... The Etude House Line Nuance Duo in Baby Peach and Mocha! I love this~ This is like a pen with an eyeshadow on one end and a brown Mocha liner on the other end.

I really like this peach color, it's almost similar to my Etude House Peach Beam Blush's shade.

When opened, there's the cool (it's just a normal one :P I like to use my adjectives) applicator.
UP-CLOSE :) it's a really pretty shimmery peachy color which I love!
I just realized that I did not take a picture of the other end which is the Mocha liner :P So I decided to take some pictures from GOOGLE :D

Anyway, if I ever visit Etude House again (which I hope will be very soon!) I will definitely get another one of these babies.

Don't go away yet! I still have another item but this isn't from Etude House. This is from Beauty Credit which is another Korean cosmetic store, I think it's Korean because Actress Goo Hye Sun is on almost every cover of their products :P
I got this Blackhead Clear Pore Cleansing Strips. So as you can see, I'm very determined to get rid of my annoying blackheads >.<"
The sales lady says that this one is the best but I don't know, I don't think that it's the BEST. It just got out a little more blackheads than the other ones that I've used.

Okay! You have officially reached then end of my Beauty Show&Tell or HAUL~ I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have a haul post; do leave a LINK of it in the comment box below :D
Have a wonderful wonderful week~
I will be starting my blog challenge...soon! ANY QUESTIONS? Feel free to ask, just leave a comment.
UPDATED: The name of the creamy matte eyeshadow is Vanilla :) Managed to figure the name out :D


  1. ooh ooh a blog challenge? hmm *eyebrows raising* :P sounds like a load of fun :3 oooh wow wow make up artist in the making~ and i get annoying zits, blemishes and black head too. they're so visible in some days! it just bugs me so much! But you're way more determined in getting rid of them than I am. I just keep drinking juice thinkin it'll help effectively but it dose not :P

  2. Great haul ! I like your blog and would like it if we followed each other <3
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  3. Cute eyeshadows ~ the packaging is gorgous! and interesting ~ whats the lip pack?? do a blog about it! i am very intrigued :D

    AND OMG! Ive been looking for an eyepencil like that. Missha used to do those but stopped for some reason :( I must look for the etude one now !!

    J <3

  4. Hi Lizzy!! wow so many pretty items *o* etude house packaging just makes me want to buy everything hehe. I've heard of those scented nail polish removers! i hate the smell of normal nail polish remover >.>;;
    Rachel :)

  5. Cute blog!
    CHeck out mine? I'd love to do a follow exchange. (:

  6. Cute blog!
    CHeck out mine? I'd love to do a follow exchange. (:

  7. Yeah! The plastic bag is so pretty! The container of the eye-shadow is so lovely.:)

  8. great review dear! those eyeshadows' colour are fantastic, i love it. and congrats on getting to read hangul, i hope i could too. how did you learn it btw?

  9. I've never heard of scented nail polish remover o_O !!!! I'm buying a cheap Tesco one and it stinks like the chemicals we use at work to clean up the counters >__< !!

    I love these eye shadows you picked ! They all look lovely ! Especially the Cafe Latte shade =) Matte shadows are great !

    xxx Vee

  10. Yes! i bought the nail polish remover as well!
    It is smell nice !

    I followed ur blog!


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