Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 6: A Photo of An Animal You'd Love to Keep As A Pet

A pet? Oh this is is easy :) I've never had a pet, besides the tortoise that my sister and I saved at the park (it died :( we named him David, or was it Ollie? :P names that we got from Totally Spies).

I have not one, but a few animals that I'd like to keep as a pet but I'll let you know my favorite :) I want a lion.
This is Aslan (whom I admire and like a lot!), some of you might recognize him as the Great Lion or King from the Chronicles of Narnia. And in this GIF, he looks sorta scary and in the same time majestic. If I saw a lion up close (which I have at a zoo), I would be terrified because I know it's a ferocious predator in reality but really, it's beautiful and majestic image just makes me want to keep it as a pet. And if I ever had one, I don't think anyone would dare hurt me because I've got a lion as a pet! :D

Life would be so cool if I had a lion as a pet!
Another animal that I'd like to keep as a pet is a German Shepherd.
I'm actually allergic to dogs, when I'm up close with a dog, my nose gets itchy and I start to scrunch up my nose for a period of time, makes me look hilarious to watch :P I love dogs, I absolutely love the cute and pretty ones especially small newborn puppies!
But as I get older, having a protective and loyal one can be great as well, y'know like having a companion after all dogs are man's best friends. The downside in having a loyal dog is when it dies, you'll feel terrible and sad for a long time and then you'll have to do one of the hardest things in life, that is, move on :(

Dolphins are the cutest! I've loved these marine mammals since young, along with whales but I think dolphins will make a better pet. Considering the size of a whale, like where on earth will I put it? :P But I've always dreamed of having HUGE HUGE tanks in my backyard and a glass window in my study room where I can observe with the dolphins :)
Yes, yes they are :)

Before I hit the hay, I would like to inform you guys that I will be MIA for awhile, probably around 5 days... so I shall put this challenge to a pause for awhile. When I get back from my vacation, I will resume all blog challenges :D
I hope you guys have a wonderful new year and for all my asian readers who celebrate CNY, Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai ^^

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  1. These all sounds like great pets! A lion would be pretty cool now that i think of it ;) Maybe if i had a lion youknowwho would leave me alone!! :P ahahaha! and nooooo! I HATE IT WHEN YOU'RE MIA >:( pfft. sigh. you're the only person that keeps up with my post! with you gone, i feel like im posting all these for nothing :P so once u get'll probably have allot reading to do at my blog! :P

  2. This gif of Aslan is great ! It's one of the best moments of the film =)

    I know what you mean by being sad when your pet dies. My mum had to call the vet because my cat was sick and she had to give him an injection (deadly one) otherwise he would have been suffering a lot. I was very sad when she told me on skype. We had him for about 12 years and I loved him to bits ! His sister died about 5 or 6 years ago and I couldnt stop crying for days ! Last time I saw my cat was when I was back home for Christmas and it's weird because I had a feeling as if I would never see him again !

    Back to a happier note, I'm definitely a cat person !! When I'll have my own house, I'll get one or two kittens and I also love fishes !! They're so beautiful !! I'd love to have a little tank with warm water fishes =)

    xxx Vee

  3. lol!!~

    I'm so happy to see that you've been keeping up with the post challenge XD~~~~ !!

    I think I would want a PANDA as a pet!!! I would suffocate from the cuteness~~ hahaha


  4. i want a bunny!!! haha but i super happy with my dog now to. she's actually half german shepherd and half collie

  5. Hey thanks for the comment! and Yeah we should follow each other. I agree by the way I'd love to have a lion as a pet, a lot of my friends say a look like a lion because (apparently) I have a mane of hair ;)

    Au revoir


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