Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 7: Your Dream Wedding

Hello! :)

I'm back! I know I've been MIA for awhile but I'm back to resume my blog challenge. I came back from my Bangkok vacation about a couple of weeks ago (I will do a separate post about my trip or maybe a Bangkok haul post later). I meant to write this post and catch up with my followers earlier but on Tuesday which was 4 days ago I had a pain attack at my Pancreas area. For those readers who are new to my blog, I've had pancreatitis since the age of 7...I wrote a little about my history of pancreatitis in a post (quite a long time ago), click 'post' if you wanna read it.

Anyways, I recovered very fast, the pain lasted only around a whole day. I discharged yesterday and I was thinking to myself "Okay, it's time I wrote again on my blog." :p I feel like I haven't wrote in AGES!


I'll be resuming my Blog Challenge. Today's (Day 7 of my blog challenge) topic is:
Your Dream Wedding

Whenever the word 'wedding' appears in my mind, the next word I think of is 'simple'. I've seen several movies where brides go crazy trying to make their wedding 'grand' and 'perfect'. But to me, I want my wedding that will be memorable, simple and sweet. Nothing to fancy or grand.

I'd like the wedding to be held somewhere outdoor, somewhere with a breathtaking view, somewhere with lots of trees :D (I love trees) Definitely somewhere sunny yet shady because I am one who hates sweating and getting under the sun :P

I read at a website that the largest wedding attendance was a Jewish wedding in Jerusalem where 30,000 people attended. In my wedding, I'd like a small attendance where just our closest families and friends would come. A small happy gathering.

The wedding dress, I always felt that the wedding dress is the most important thing that a bride needs to think about (and I'm sure it's true). For me, following the theme 'simple', I would love to wear a simple yet sweet gown. I've noticed that nowadays brides are wearing mini wedding dresses which I'm not a fan of. I'd like to follow the tradition of wearing a long wedding dress, but minus the train because I feel like it's sort of a nuisance :P
My mother in her wedding dress <33

Basically, I'd like my wedding to be a memorable day where I'd look back and smile. I hope I was able to interpret my wedding ideas well. Hopefully, you can get a little idea of what I'd like :) And I really hope that in the future God blesses me with a special someone and I hope to have the perfect 'simple' wedding in the future <333

Tune back in tomorrow to see the next challenge! :) Comment! :)
(pictures are from except the picture of my Mom)


  1. A simple wedding filled with elegance and beauty. An outdoor wedding would be enchanting along with the pretty trees plus a lovely view. (: (Y) A bright but shady wedding and i hope that also comes along with a lovely cool breeze too x) aww I can't wait to attend your wedding! ;D heehee, you'd be just as beautiful as your mum was. :') and I'm sure God has written out a beautiful love story for you ;)) <3


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    2. I can't wait to attend YOUR wedding :D

  2. Great post! I gave you the versatile blogger award! :)

    1. Thank you so much for giving me the award!:)

  3. The wedding dress is beautiful - fancy but not over the top <3
    Simplicity doesn't have to mean 'boring', I'd prefer simplicity too~
    Your ideal wedding sounds really lovely!

    1. I agree with you, simplicity doesn't mean 'boring'. Sometimes the best way is to go simple :) Thanks for commenting!


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