Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This PANCREAS story N me~

Most of my family and friends know that I have a problem in me. But of course God took away this problem in me so I dont have this problem that was in me..confusing? haha! Lots of new friends ask me...so what's this sickness you have? Its PANCREATITIS..yup..P-A-N-C-R-E-A-T-I-T-I-S!! There is a organ in our body call the 'pancreas'. And I have a weird problem with it. Its a special sickness 'cause no doctor can find out why its causing me this pain! And pancreatitis is for adults only! Well, I'M NO ADULT. So, since I was 7 years old this pain has been attacking me. Its like a sudden attack, like the last morning I was fine, e-okay, feeling as normal as can be but the next morning I'm with this unbearable pain that even pain-killer can't take away this pain. I always find myself on the hospital bed watching the stupid annoying series Mr. Bean! Its terrible. I have to get admitted to the hospital and take blood tests like every day...and the worst thing is I have to fast. My record is 9 days without anything going inside my mouth. NO FOOD. That's the word, NO FOOD is what you'll get for having the pancreatitis. I know, TERRIBLE. But I grew to get use to it. It happened so often that half of my life I spent in the hospital. All the nurses and doctors knew who I was. My dad would call up and they'll be like "Elise? Oh, Elise!"

Anyways, its been hard living with this pancreatitis pain. Lots of people ask me, is there a cure to it? I don't think so. But The Lord has been healing me. A lot of people has been praying for me too. I wanna say thank you to them! Some of them, I dont even know who they are. But THANK YOU!

If you're not sure on what a pancreas you can go search on google for further info!


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