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April 2013 Beauty Favorites

Hello readers!

    It's been a very very long time since I blogged, yes yes yes. The last time I posted up something was in December 2012. My very first post will be this one in MAY. I will not waste time making excuses because, I was just plain lazy to put up a post, I'll be honest :P But getting back to school and settling down for the new year was pretty hectic too. Anyway, I am back to revive my blog and to post up a new post.

    I decided to do a beauty favorites post for the month of May. This monthly favorites thing sounds pretty fun and I have done it before in the past. I wanted to include a few random favorites but I;m thinking of doing a separate post on that.

For now, here are my April 2013 Beauty Favorites!:

1) Hera Homme Cell Vitalizing Essence

I know I know, isn't this a product for men? Yes, yes it is. I bought this online (well, my Mom paid for it) after watching the Korean drama 'That Winter The Wind Blows' starring Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo. Typical Lizzy, watching korean dramas as usual. This drama has become my top favorite of all time. In one of the episodes, the protagonist, the shining, charming hero, used this essence (its obvious they were trying to promote it, and it totally WORKED!).
When I saw it, I immediately told myself "I gotta have it". I had fallen head over heels for Jo In Sung's character in the drama that I told myself "If that's how he smells like, I gotta have it, I gotta smell like that!". My Mom and my sister are also major fans of the drama and they too had fallen head over heels for the dreamy hero. They were determined to hunt down the essence and get a bottle. We all wanted to see how it smells like.

True enough, it smells absolutely heavenly. It smells like what a handsome, hot, charming, hunky guy would smell like. It has a really refresing and clean scent! Now what the product really is is a light and cool toner.
What it does:
- ABcell 2.0™manages skin tone, energy, and skin texture to make skin healthy and lively.
 - 2-functioning (anti-wrinkle & whitening) toner
- Hydrates skin without stickiness

I am in love with its dreamy refreshing scent and its other qualities are bonuses!

2. Bath and Body Works PocketBac Winter Cranberry

 My next favorite is an antibacterial hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works. I love how Bath and Body Works come up with so many different flavors and scents for hand sanitizers. I don't know about you but I find sanitizing my hands more fun to do because of the scents. Bath and Body Works isn't actually available in my country, but I managed to purchase a few of these sanitizer babies in Bangkok. I particularly love this one, Winter Cranberry. I believe this is a limited edition one for Christmas and winter, hence the name Winter Cranberry. It's not winter anymore, in fact it's never winter here in Malaysia since it is a tropical country but I have a little obsession with cranberry scents and I intend to wear the scent all year round. Cranberry scents remind me of Christmas, December and holiday fun!
This sanitizer smells like straight-up cranberry, to me it's the scent of Christmas.

3. Etude House's Peach Beam Blush

Now for the makeup favorites! I have been loving this blush from Etude House in the shade #3 Peach Beam. It gives a healthy glow and a peachy goldish color to the cheeks. It brightens up my face which can look really dull and drabby sometimes. It has a beautiful sheen and it does contain tiny specks of glitter. (Forgive me for my description of the products, I'm not very good in describing things :P)

4. 17 Wild Metallics Eyes in Wild Bronze

Really impressed with this cream shadow in Wild Bronze from 17 Cosmetics. I purchased this product in my last trip to Bangkok. It's a cream shadow with a pretty brownish bronze shade. Surprisingly, the texture is extremely soft like butter (I think its a bit too soft compared to normal cream shadows) and spreads well on my lid.  A little goes a long way, I like to take a tiny amount and just sweep it across my lid. I think this is a good product for an 'all over the lid' look. 

5. 17 Cosmetics Lip Liner in Rose Blush

For lips, my favorite product of the month is a lip liner from 17 Cosmetics in the shade Rose Blush. I absolutely love the color! I'm not sure how to describe it but its very pretty mild, suttle and sweet. I think it looks very vintage and antique. 

6. Revlon Nail Polish in Chic

Nails! I haven't been wearing a lot of nail-polish this month but the one shade which I wore and loved this month was Revlon's nail-polish in #480 Chic. Like its name, it is definitely very chic. It's a greyish blue color that look as if it might come out dull but it does not! It suits my skin tone and it doesn't make my nails look drabby or dull. I love Revlon nail-polishes in general, the brush and the formula gives good application overall, they don't turn sticky or gloopy very fast like some nail-polishes do. 

7. Lily Brown 2013 Spring/Summer Collection Bag

My final favorite is a fashion favorite, I bought this bag in Kinokuniya bookstores, it's one of those bags or free gift that comes with a Japanese fashion magazine. Most fashion magazines from Japan  comes with a bag or a free gift which I think is such a cool idea, I love buying them, you get a magazine full of fashion and beauty ideas and you get a cute bag which is such a bonus! 

This particular one which I'm loving this two months (April and May) is from Lily Brown's 2013 Spring/Summer Collection. Here's how the magazine looks like:

I've never heard about Lily Brown before purchasing the magazine but looking through the pages, Lily Brown has some really cute clothes and accessories! I'm definitely keeping an eye out for Lily Brown's items in the future. 
Now on to the bag (almost drifted off talking about the brand instead of the bag :P), I really love the design of it! There are blue siamese cats all over a white background (layout?).
 (My bag isn't as white and squeaky clean as it was when I first bought it of course.  I should've took pictures when it was spanking new. Oops!)
Normally I refrain from buying items in white because they can get dirty and greyish very fast but I just couldn't resist from purchasing this bag. I've had this for a month already and its the only bag I've been using every single time I go out. I like it because of its fancy cat design and also because its very convenient. I don't normally bring a lot of stuff when I go out so the size of the bag is just right to fit the little amount of things I carry. 
This is how the bag looks like on the inside (you can see my little medication case and EOS lipbalm :P) . It's velvety purple on the inside and has 5 pockets on the sides to fit your phone or any miscellaneous items (the biggest compartment or pocket has a zip by the way).
This bag is covenient and stylish, one stone kill two birds, booyeah! I hope Lily Brown comes out with more bags like this one.

That is it for my beauty favorites (and one fashion favorite) for the month of April! I hope you enjoyed reading this. I'm still trying to adjust back to blogging, typing out a post after a long time is a bit difficult :P I hope I'll be able to put up more blogposts in the future. Thanks for reading! 

Ta-ta for now!:)

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Shopping?!

Hello people!

   Yesterday I had a little 'date' with 2 cutie-pie girlfriends: Celina and ShiQing :3 It was nice getting out of the house for a while (I have been cooped up in the house since I got back from my HK Disneyland trip!) and hanging out with my friends which I haven't done for a long time.

Shi Qing (check out her blog: and I went makeup shopping at Sephora which was extremely fun, it was nice going makeup shopping with a friend who was interested in makeup. If you're reading this Shi Qing, we need to go makeup shopping more often galfwen!

The three of us watched a movie (the famous Perks of Being a Wallflower, no I haven't read the book) which wasn't very entertaining. It's probably a good movie to many people online but I dunno, I felt that the movie was pretty confusing and boring at the same time. Let's just put it this way, it is not the kind of movie I fancy. I think all three of us didn't fancy it much :P

Leave me a comment on your thoughts of the movie and book: The Perks of Being a Wallflower if you've seen or read it :)

After the dull movie, my older sister (who was also on a date with her bestie in the same mall) called me up to meet her at a store. And she passed me my early Christmas gift. Oh why, that made my day! My first Christmas gift! How delightful :P  I looove presents <3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp">

My older sister went over to Red Eye which is a Korean accessory store/brand thingy I believe :P The little cardboard bag was pretty neat. There's sorta like a pop-up silhouette of a girl on both sides.

Opening and closing the cardboard bag was a bit tough, complicated packaging alert! After opening the bag I struggled to close it back, frustrated, I handed it to my girlfriend Celina to figure out how to close this dang bag! ;D She's good with her hands :P

What do you get at an Accessory store? Accessories why of course! My sister got me two hair accessories and a pair of adorably cool earrings. Come to think of it, I have been getting lots and lots of hair accessories lately :P
1) It looks like a giant pink color pencil but it's actually a hair stick! I used to put up my hair with chopsticks but now I have a cool hair stick to use instead :)
2) These frog earrings are real nifty! Their bodies can swing or dangle from side to side, cool beans!
3) My sister included a vintage hair-tie, can never get enough of vintage stuff! I'm so glad my sister got this for me, it's a loose coral ribbon with white polka dots on it. I tried it on and the band seems a bit to tight but I think it'll loosen up after using it a few times more :) 

Thank you sista for these lovely Christmas gifts! :)

After handing me my Christmas gift I felt like a Christmas angel hit me with a Christmas-Present shopping arrow :p I wanted to get her a Christmas present on the same day! I went finding her present right away. Here's what I got for her :)

I tried shopping at a store that gives out cool bags, tried my best to find one as good as my sister's but unfortunately I failed :( I went to Typo (the coolest stationery store filled with vintage items!) I ended up having to go with this newspaper themed plastic bag which I think is good enough, pretty vintage I suppose :P
Gift No.1
1) A raccoon 2013 wall calendar from Typo. I actually got my sister the same Raccoon notebook for her birthday this year. Now she has matching pair of a Raccoon calendar and notebook! :) This Raccoon now reminds me of my sister whenever I look at it. I think my sister needs a good calendar to sort out and organize her days as she is going to college next year :)
2) How it looks like inside.
3) There are different posters or pictures inside the calendar, the designs are so cute and pretty!

Gift No.2

1) This seems odd for a Christmas gift, but honestly I bought it because I really really wanted it for myself! I love MUSTACHES (hence the new blog theme and layout, like it?) , I think there's nothing more vintage than mustaches (well there are but Mustaches just represent 'vintage' for me for some reason)! There are 6 different mustaches inside the box and they're the stick-on kind. It was screaming "You gotta have me, Elise! YOU JUST GOTTA HAVE ME!" and true enough, I just gotta had it :P It was on sale too. I don't think my sister's gonna use this a lot, I told her it's partly mine too :p I gained some ownership.
2) The types of Mustaches. My favorite is the 'Traditional Gent', the classic. The 'Abra-Kadabra' should be a fun one ;D Who am I kidding? They're all fun!
Comment what's your favorite kind of Mustache!

3) The Mustaches are packed in plastic packets, the one shown in the picture is the 'Italian Plumber' I believe. They're so cool! Feeling the mustaches from the outside of the plastic, they feel soft and fluffy or hairy. When my sister or I use it, I'll definitely put it up on my blog ;)

Gift No.3
Bear Ears! I thought I should get her something girly and something that she can accessorize her hair with so I stopped by a mini stall (I didn't get the name of the stall, at least I don't think the store has a name :P) selling earrings, necklaces, bows and ribbons, and hairbands from Korea. Another Korean accessory store, sweet! FYI, this isn't the same place where my sister got my Christmas gift from. These adorable and in-trend Bear Ears headband caught my eye and I immediately thought "Yes! I found the cutest gift!". My sister Instagrammed a selfie of herself (selfie of herself? whuuut.) wearing the headband. 

Presents for my sister wasn't the only thing I got. My dear Shi Qing and I went over to Sephora to look around and we found the NYX section! I rarely shop at Sephora (in fact this is my second time only) so I completely didn't know they sell NYX products! We went crazy, well at least I did :P I'm a Sephora member as well! At first I was reluctant to become a member when the cashier invited me to become a member since I don't shop at Sephora very often. But since the membership is free I thought, what the heck, let's do it! So now I am officially a Sephora member, guess I'll have to visit Sephora more often now :P Here's what I got:

1) I got the 'Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner' for RM30. Washing all my makeup brushes is a pretty long process so I thought I'd cut me some slack and try out this Makeup brush cleaner spray. This spray (reading the description on the back of the bottle :p) contains an anti-bacterial agent. A daily brush cleaner with an anti-bacterial agent designed to quickly remove the light traces of makeup between applications. The directions are plain easy-peasy which is why I bought this and what I love about this, all I have to do is spray the cleaner over the bristles and let it air-dry, there's no need for rinsing!

2) My very first NYX blush! I was contemplating whether to get this shade, Dusty Rose, or another one, Mocha. But in the end I chose Dusty Rose. I like it's name. I've seen YouTube beauty gurus talk about this before. I'm very excited about this, can't wait to use it!

It feels very smooth and velvety, I like its texture and it's pigmentation. It turned out to be much lighter and pinker when I swatched it. I think this will give me a nice pink flush on my cheeks :)

I got myself a pair of Bear ears as well, mine's brown though, I picked out a purple one for my sister. I kinda regret I didn't choose one with a lighter color, maybe I should stop by the stall next time and get myself another pair! ;) I've got Minnie Mouse ears, and now I've got bear ears! I see a new collection coming up: cool and cute headbands! I'll keep an eye out for more cool headbands :)

 Couldn't end the day without taking a picture with my girlfriends! Thanks for hanging out with me you guys, I had a blast! Although the movie was not entertaining whatsoever, you guys gave me entertainment and a lot of fun! Love 'yall <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
The fondue Celina and Shi Qing ordered from Baskin Robbins.! NO cheese :( I believe this was the hazelnut chocolate dipping sauce kinda fondue.

That was it for my day out with my girlfriends and my mini pre-Christmas shopping haul! I'll be doing more shopping in the days to come as Christmas draws near. I'll be in full Christmas mood this year going out to buy gifts for families and friends. Oh! I almost forgot. I gave my blog a new look, cleaned up a bit because for some reason; my old blog theme and layout just wasn't doing anything for me and I felt like my blog looked a bit messy. So I've dressed my blog up a bit, I hope you like it :)  I hope you readers out there will have a blast shopping for Christmas gifts as well! :)

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Bits and Pieces of Disneyland Trip 2012

 Hello peeps!:)

I thought I'd update my blog with random pictures that I took while I was in Hong Kong Disneyland! I just LOVE to read blog posts filled with pictures so I thought I'd write a picture-spammed post today. I hope you enjoy browsing through the pictures :)

~ I took this picture on the flight to Hong Kong. The sky was so clear and extremely blue, I thought it looked lovely! There's just something about very blue skies that enchant me. The clouds were so fluffy and white, they looked like white piles of cotton candy, I wanted to float on one. It was a perfect day to fly, thank God for the perfect weather :)

A badly-taken (I apologize) picture of our hotel room :P You can see my Mom and my older sister lounging around the room :P
~ I thought I'd take a picture of the hotel room's bathroom before we messed it up. One thing that I find very important in a hotel room is that it must have a good and clean bathroom. It is a quality I think every hotel should have otherwise the whole stay would be disastrous, in my opinion :P And I say to Disney Hollywood hotel, "5 stars! I like your bathroom" :)

Dinner at the Studio Lounge! This was on our first night and we were too tired to go out for dinner so we decided to stay in and eat at the hotel. I like how every night, the lounge will put up a big projector screen thingy and play a Disney movie, it's like a special Movie Time kinda thing. FUN! Service was really good too, I appreciated the waiters and waitresses who helped us order the food, we had some special requirements because of my health issues and they were very kind and helpful to make sure our food filled according to our special requirements.
Hahaha, and yes, that's my Dad with his camera, looking blur.
~ Our oyster sauce was even shaped in a Mickey Mouse head! HECK YEAH! I love how there are so many Mickey-shaped food in the Disney Resort. Puts me right in to the Disney mood :)
Our food, BEFORE and AFTER. Gobbled up our delicious dinner!
~ The wontons in the Wonton Noodle were HUGE, compared to the ones selling in my country, these wontons were giant-sized! I didn't get to try one though :( shucks.

~ Went over to the Disneyland Hotel to roam around after dinner, before heading back to rest. I loved the Disneyland Hotel! It was well decorated with Christmas ornaments, made me feel so Christmasy and cosy! Made my day looking at all the decorations. The hotel looked very grand as usual and in fact, even grander thanks to the Christmas decorations. Oh I just love it there! Seeing all these decorations made everyone pull out their cameras, iPhones, and iPads to take pictures. 

~ The Christmas tree that the hotel put up was grand as ever! I think it was the most perfect Christmas tree I've ever seen. I went to Hong Kong at the end of November but seeing the Christmas tree just made me feel like it was December 25th already. 

~ My sister's friend Abbie (who lives in Hong Kong currently) came over to our hotel to visit us! It was nice to see her and a bit weird because we were meeting her in another country :P I told her to do a little OOTD pose :) I like her outfit of the day very much :)

~ Dad sporting the Perry the Platypus hat look ;D 

~  I was looking around for more funky and cool hats (like the Perry the Platypus one) because I have been into hats lately; and I found a Woody's Cowboy hat (they also sold the Jessie's Cowgirl hat which had her famous red hair braid attached to the back of the hat, how cool is that! Didn't take a picture tho :( BOO). I convinced my Uncle to put it on because I thought it'd matched his outfit and true enough, it did. He didn't like this picture very much, went on about how he didn't look nice in it which I totally disagree. I like this picture very much, my Cowboy Uncle. He wouldn't like the sound of me putting this up on my blog but SHHH, he doesn't have to know :P

~ Spotted another 'hidden Mickey' in our hotel room. Check out these bar soaps! So cute! It has a Classic Mickey face imprinted on it. I think it's such a cute idea and I would love to have these Mickey soaps around in my house. I feel cooler washing my hands with these bar soaps :P

~ The Christmas tree right in the middle of Main Street U.S.A in the theme park. So pretty! Disneyland was filled with Christmas decorations. The Christmas spirit filled the air and I was so hyped up and excited seeing all the pretty Christmas ornaments and decorations. If you want to go to a place to soak yourself in the Christmas spirit, definitely head straight to Disneyland :)

~ A little selfie I took while on the Its a Small World boat ride :P

~ I really enjoyed the food at the theme park. We dined at the Royal Banquet Hall (Fantasyland) for lunch. I ordered the Shanghai Chicken Set (THUMBS UP!) which was absolutely delicious. The chicken was soft and tender and the gravy was delish and not greasy or oily. The rice was a bit tough but still edible (I kinda like my rice a bit hard and tough, weird :P but my mom didn't like the toughness of the rice). The side of  stir-fry mix vegetables that came in the set was 5 stars, it wasn't oily or greasy either. The vegetables were cooked through till soft and it was very easy to eat. The corn and ham soup was yummmm! I like fishing for pieces of ham in the soup :p I didn't expect such a scrumptious and good quality meal from Disneyland honestly, but this set really impressed me and because of the yummy food that they serve, I love Disneyland even more :)

Busy eating~ nom--nom!
~ I took a picture of the sinks and the sink area at the Disneyland Hotel because I was so AMAZED at the cleanliness! In my country, I always dread to go to the toilets because they're always so wet, dirty or smelly. But the toilets over here at Disneyland Resort are always so clean and dry. The sinks were spotless and spanking clean, it looked so new. Even though the resort has been running for 7-8 years now, the place still looks new and clean, IMPRESSED! :)

~ Taking the Disney subway line to the city. The Disney train is beyond cooool, it has Mickey mouse shaped windows and handrails and statues of Disney characters IN the train. They really know how to WOW the visitors with all these Disney decorations. Taking the Disney train is like going on a ride, I like staring at the design and decor of the train. 
Chip n Dale statue in the subway! :)

Toy Story Land had drawings of the famous Toy Story characters on some of the walls. I really like them and the design, because I'm very fond with the Toy Story series, paying attention to all these details and designs taken from the movie was really fun. I love the cute drawings of the characters, maybe I should paint these on my bedroom walls, hey, GOOD IDEA :p

~ I love visiting the Art of Animation studio/museum! One thing that I have taken interest in since I was a little girl was the art of drawing the Disney characters. I like to learn about how its done and observe the actual sketches. In the Art of Animation museum, they show a brief history of how each Disney film was made or cool! They have little figurines or maquettes of the Disney characters everywhere around the mini museum or showroom! I like to get behind the scenes of both the classic and latest Pixar Disney films, I never fail to visit the Art of Animation museum everytime I visit Hong Kong Disneyland.

This was one of my favorite features at the Art of Animation mini museum. It was a big white board like picture of various rough sketches of the Toy Story characters. I had to take a picture of it so I could practice sketching and mimicking the sketches when i got home. I have a weird obsession with original Disney animation sketches. I love copying them :P

~ "Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, please put on your 3D opera glasses because it's time to present Maestro Mickey!"
4 words: Mickey's.Philharmagic.Is.Awesome

~ While in line to board the Winnie the Pooh ride, my older sister and I went snapping selfies like crazy. How to past the time for waiting for a ride? SELF-CAM! :) Oh why hello there, Owl! :)

~ Peering into the Bakery while waiting for Mommy to get hot-dogs :P
~ The great Christmas tree shining in its beauty at night, oh it's such a wonderful sight. I'd kill to have such a nice big Christmas tree like this one in my house.

~ After every magical day at Disneyland, we anticipate the highlight of the day, the big finale, the Disney in the Stars firework. Watching the amazing spectacular fireworks is the perfect ending to a day at Disneyland. Words can't describe how much I enjoy the firework show! :D

It has been almost a week now since our magical adventure to Disneyland ended. I'm still under the Disney magical spell and I don't know when it'll wear off but I can't wait to visit Disneyland again. Some people think it's absurd to visit Disneyland more than one time but I think it's very necessary if you're a die-hard Disney fanatic like me ;) I had a splendid time! I'll be back, perhaps next Christmas? Hehehe!

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