Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hey heys :)

Bored? I am. When I'm bored I turn to POPTROPICA. When you're bored and you've played all your games and got sick of it try going to

You can create your own popHropica dude or dudette and then you go on adventures and use your brains to solve it. NICE!


omg: my blog has become a advertising site 0_0 lol


Changing Classes


Guess what? 2day we changed classes and I had to leave T.Mel's class today...I am now in T.Evelyn's class (I think that's how you spell her name). Things are just fine..gotta adapt to t.Evelyn's ways now. Hope things will go well and I hope she's a really good teacher =D.

When Delena found out I was moving she was like "WHAT??!! AwwwWwwwW....Don't GOOOO!"

lollies. I'm gonna miss u DELENA GOH! But hello! My class is right next to yours!! Heeheee....I <3 MY fwens...

TO fellow Christians, brother and sister in-Christ...remember, that this Friday (GO_OD Friday) is the day that our BESTEST-ESTEST FRiend Jesus died for our sins. I LOVE U JESUS!

Happy Easter everyone! Remember the work our precious Jesus has done for us on the cross.

Signing off

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This PANCREAS story N me~

Most of my family and friends know that I have a problem in me. But of course God took away this problem in me so I dont have this problem that was in me..confusing? haha! Lots of new friends ask what's this sickness you have? Its PANCREATITIS..yup..P-A-N-C-R-E-A-T-I-T-I-S!! There is a organ in our body call the 'pancreas'. And I have a weird problem with it. Its a special sickness 'cause no doctor can find out why its causing me this pain! And pancreatitis is for adults only! Well, I'M NO ADULT. So, since I was 7 years old this pain has been attacking me. Its like a sudden attack, like the last morning I was fine, e-okay, feeling as normal as can be but the next morning I'm with this unbearable pain that even pain-killer can't take away this pain. I always find myself on the hospital bed watching the stupid annoying series Mr. Bean! Its terrible. I have to get admitted to the hospital and take blood tests like every day...and the worst thing is I have to fast. My record is 9 days without anything going inside my mouth. NO FOOD. That's the word, NO FOOD is what you'll get for having the pancreatitis. I know, TERRIBLE. But I grew to get use to it. It happened so often that half of my life I spent in the hospital. All the nurses and doctors knew who I was. My dad would call up and they'll be like "Elise? Oh, Elise!"

Anyways, its been hard living with this pancreatitis pain. Lots of people ask me, is there a cure to it? I don't think so. But The Lord has been healing me. A lot of people has been praying for me too. I wanna say thank you to them! Some of them, I dont even know who they are. But THANK YOU!

If you're not sure on what a pancreas you can go search on google for further info!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Cooking Blog

Hey everybody! HOW'S SCHOOL?? I HATE SCHOOL!! haha, Finally returned to school. So don't wanna go back. I'll update you more on that l8er, right now I'm here to promote a COOKING BLOG!!

Like cooking? Go visit my mom's blog

My mom's not the kind of lady who uses computer, but since she has so many nice recipes to share and keep, I suggested she made a blog. So I made 1 for her! There's lots of recipes my mom invented. Some Korean cusine. All of them are really delicious. So if you're interested in cooking stuff, simple and easy food, go visit it!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Today was A Boring Day

1) Woke up at 9:00 AM
2) Ate yummy yam cake from the market (delicious!)-citron tea too
3)Went up to wash up
4) Came down playing an iPod game
5) Surfed the internet and l8er went out to watch TV
6) Saw a weird Korean drama
*7) Watched Invincible Youth..great episode!
8) When o9 again...nothing to do now

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bye bye Sam n Grace T_T

Wassup people! :)

You know how things always have a beginning and an end, now I hate the end. It feels like just yesterday I posted something on my blog saying that my cousins are coming. Now they're gone :(. I had a great time though. Well, Sam was mostly on the comp all the time. Pet Society craze. He talked me into buying him a piano that costs 2,200 which is alot if you're playing pet society. I decided what the heck? He's going to HK soon..I should give him a farewell yeah. But I made it clear that that was the last gift I was going to give him. Sam had moodswings..he gets offended easily but he is just ADORABLE ^^. Very sensitive boy. And Grace, my twin, was a fun gal to play with. She brought her brand new body shop make up along and she made me up like a pro. She is a pro! Boy, I miss her. She told me lots of funny stories about Sam. Those two are simply fun and cute. I miss them and I love them. I wish they were here. Its so boring now that all the fun is gone. Nothing to do...exhausted. Just hoping that time will fly super fast so that I can meet up with them again.

That was briefly a sypnosis of my week with Grace n Sam Toi

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yay GRACE n Sam!

Ellos :D! So happy, I was bored before but now excited. My cousins are coming!! Grace n Sam are coming! I'm just so happy. Ok ok ok..waiting for them to come now. I'm talking to Mel (from Australia) in the same time talking to Grace's BFF Gabby Yong. Nice gurl nice gurl. Good to meet her. lol, i'm getting to hyper. Gotta take my pills XD.

Bwye Bwye, PS TQ crystal :) for visiting my blogg!


Friday, March 12, 2010

WHo I am

Never Find Another Like Me

<3i like this one

Advertising Corner

I'd like each and everyone of you to drop by and leave a message behind. To show your kindness (XD) and your sincerity to my blog. Its nice knowing that someone is reading my blog. It makes you feel your blog is special >-<. So leave a message at the ChatBox and leave one with a smile :)).


now this post is weird but please take it to consideration :p

LIZZIENESS *-*-*-*~~~

Define: Friend

I like this one. Its really true. It caught my eye because my best friend, Abby knows lots of things about me. Embarass stuff. Things that I hide when other friends come. Its just so nice that a friend accepts you for who u are. Now thats what I call a best friend. :D Just dont tell people the stuff you wish to hide..if u do that, you're a BAD FRIEND. Lollies.

A simple white world

Yo people! Just changed my background. I like to change backgrounds. I think I'll be editing my blog like every month now. Its just fun to change the look of your blog :). ANYWAYS..found this blogskin on, i think its new. Never seen it before but it somehow caught my eye. Its kinda cool to me. BUt a little plain, thats how I got the name A Simple White World. Its a simple skin..which is all I need. Gotta find some blog links. My BFF abby just made a new blog- Check it out. It's kinda new so not many stuff in there yet..but slowly she'll post stuff.


Dizzy Lizzie

WASSUP people! LIzzie is back and she's dizzy. that was weird @_@. lollies. I'm back from the hospital. Had a pain attack at the pancreas. What's my prob? go type pancreatitis on wikipedia and you'll find out. But thanks to my Amazing Father Lord. I'm back n_n! Ate too much of good food. Cant eat too much of the food I like T_T. Terrible disease. Anyways, I'm back and its good.

In the hospital I couldnt eat. So I fasted for 3 days. Can u believe I FASTED FOR 9 days before?!! Superrific. Well, if u try fasting for at least a day, u'll feel dizzy. So I'm really dizzy. Cant walk straight. I'm getting well so no worries.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stuck in Science

Oh boy! doing my science 510 activities now. I'm suppose to find the system for an animal's lungs. I chose lungs...i don't actually know why. Anyway, can't seem to find a summary that is easy and not too detailed (with Science Language). Trying to find a summary fit for kids to read. Hmm...where can I find? If anyone of u knows..tell me. I need some sources, UNFORTUNATELY wikipedia is not so good. Now I'm in some kind of website which tells me stuff I dont know. PLEASE HELP ME.

One thing I hate is being stuck in science.....