Friday, March 12, 2010

Dizzy Lizzie

WASSUP people! LIzzie is back and she's dizzy. that was weird @_@. lollies. I'm back from the hospital. Had a pain attack at the pancreas. What's my prob? go type pancreatitis on wikipedia and you'll find out. But thanks to my Amazing Father Lord. I'm back n_n! Ate too much of good food. Cant eat too much of the food I like T_T. Terrible disease. Anyways, I'm back and its good.

In the hospital I couldnt eat. So I fasted for 3 days. Can u believe I FASTED FOR 9 days before?!! Superrific. Well, if u try fasting for at least a day, u'll feel dizzy. So I'm really dizzy. Cant walk straight. I'm getting well so no worries.


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