Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Infection ==

Heyoo!! UGGH, I felt uncomfortable, I visited the hospital, i coughed, I blew, I burned up... guess what? I was infected by GERMS~, yup, thats right. But not to worry, I am recovering and getting back on my feet. Although, I still cough a little. This whole week I was absent from school.

Its good to distance yourself away from viruses for awhile. I'm doing my LifePac now... I recently watched "Personal Taste" korean drama. Yes, yes, yes...KOrrean DramA again. It's really good and funny!! Go check it out online!~

SigNING off-----


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday

I haven't actually wished my sister HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the blog. So my beloved Jie, Happy 15th Birthday!!

May God Bless you! ^^

Love, hugs, kisses,


Elise TAN...
Yes, my real name

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Say HI to LIberty Sheep!

LIberty sheep reading the Cold Storage Catalogue
LIberty sheep takinga bath

LIberty sheep doing art..PRO

Meet LIberty sheep


HIYA, I know this is childish but who cares?? Meet LIberty Sheep, my trusty companion. And yes, I sleep with it.

First Fashion Show

Heyy Guys, THIS DARN COMPUTER DELETED WHAT I WRITTEN JUST NOW. So, I'm writing again. Short version :). Yesterday, i went to Abby's house to hang out. I met Gertie,Abby's new hamster. Adorable little thing. I was a bit scared of it...silly huh? Abby thought that my fear was silly too, and she insisted on putting Gertie on my palm. And she did, Gertie was sniffing my hand and everwhere, I felt little feet crawling around me..eee XD! We made popcorn, it was really cool. I never made popcorn before. Its really easy. You just the seeds into a pot with some oil and it just POPS! heehee. We added some salt but I wanted caramel but sadly we didn't have some. But it still tasted nice!

We sat down at the couch to see the Nancy Drew movie, it wasn't our first time. It got a little boring so we decided to go upstairs to do a little bit of craft. We were halfway making slippers out of cardboard when we had to leave for a FASHION SHOW!! It was a public one though, at Midvalley. And Keleigh and Keaton took part in it. They were the first to walk on the runway and boy! THEY WERE ADORABLE AND CUTE :):). In my opinion, they were the cutest.

I had a BLAST!!

-signing off-