Sunday, July 31, 2011


What's your favorite candy?

Mine has to be the LOLLIPOPS.

I love chewing or bubble gums too, but I hate how they lose their taste after awhile, it irritates me!

I think marshmallows are cute, they have a nice soft texture, and I love how they look like little bouncy blocks but I don't really like how they taste. Sorry Marshmallow-fans :P However I do love IU's Marshmallow! ^^ She's an excellent korean pop singer by the way :)

I love cotton candy too! But it's practically made of sugar sugar sugar which is the main ingredient of candies that spoil us, but we human being stubborn just can't stop our love for candy, no? :P I used to think cotton candy were made out of magic dust that would be poured in to the spinning machine thing and *pop* comes out a Cotton Candy, the magic cloud candy on a stick.

But nothing beats Lollipops for me :)
I like licking them till the coloring on them gets stuck on my tongue, which I, very childishly, find it very very fascinating. I like taking pictures of my colored tongue (I don't want to post them here, it would be disgusting and embarrassing :P). I love the sight of my tongue being magically BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE, or the colors of the rainbow! :P
me! :P at the Sun n Surf Cafe, kissing a jar or wonderful lollipops :)

Looking Through The Lenses of the Camera: Part 2!

Part 2 of my camera journal! :) so yes, this is going to be a picture spam post :)

I call this CHRISTMAS :)

Picture 1: I love this view! No it's not exactly breathtaking, but it's the night view of Bangkok City from my hotel. This was during Christmas, back in 2009. I love going to Bangkok, it's like my second home. What do I do there? Shopping! I recommend Bangkok as a awesome shopping destination!

Picture 2: Part two of the night view.Some of the buildings put up special lights at night that looks very nice. There was even a building (not in the picture) that had a electric light banner thingy that wished everyone in the city "Merry Christmas", I loved that!

Picture 3: Central World Plaza! See the TALL Christmas tree there? The plaza always put up Christmas trees everywhere every Christmas. This was the tallest. My dad took this picture from the Skywalk Bridge that links the shopping mall to the train station, very convenient!

Picture 4: This was taken inside the mall, I love the huge soldier :D At night there was a band dressed up as soldiers marching by playing Christmas carols with huge trumpets and drums
making the shoppers smile.

Taylor Swift - Long Live - Lyrics HQ

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Looking Back Through The Lenses of the Camera: Part 1

Hey guys!

So i posted quite a long update yesterday. I'm just gonna make a simple photo spam today. I've been looking through pictures my dad took with my camera during occasions from last year, 2010.
It's a very random post full of random pictures by the way :P
I hope you enjoy reading.

15th April, 2010
Location: Home

I can't really confirm that these pictures are REALLY from 15th April but I have a strong feeling I'm right!

Picture 1: A close-up on Rachel's (my older sister) birthday cake, or cupcake :) cute right? It's homemade and low-fat. My mom is a baking genius :D

Picture 2: The rest of the cupcakes :)

Picture 3: Rachel with her big braces smile. She saw me posting this picture but thank God she didn't kill me. She must've been quite happy with this picture :P
Location: Clear Water Sanctuary @ Ipoh, Perak.
I can't state the date because I can't remember when this was but it must've be somewhere in JUNE.
Apologizing for my blurness :P

Picture 1: Isn't the view lovely? Well you can't exactly see it clearly from this pic. But this is the view of the lake from my chalet's balcony. It always gives me an enchanting feeling :p That's my lovely Grandma smiling and posing for the camera during lunch time. Next to her is my dear Grandfather looking at another camera :P My dad, my uncle and my sister were like paparazzis snapping pictures of my grandparents!

Picture 2: Ahh now you can see the view clearer here! It's beautiful but it looks better when you're really there :p Grandparents enjoying fresh air while eating yummy Japanese Curry Raisu (rice :P)

Picture 3: That was my hand pointing at my sister :P She looks puny from here. I love my nails :P

That's not the end, will post more pictures in the following posts to come :)



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Friday, July 29, 2011

Lenka - Two

Check out Lenka's song Two! :) I kinda like it, funky and bubbly! :)

DGS Beauty's Summer Giveaway!

Woohoo! DGS Beauty is having a summer giveaway, thank you!! :)

Giveaway ends August 31st and opened internationally :)
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Ciao! :)

Nails By Desire Giveaway!

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Disney's Tangled Untangled-The Making of a Fairy Tale

Hey guys! Happy Friday :D

Here's a little video on Behind the Scenes of Disney's 50th Animated Movie. I love Tangled, it's probably the best one I've ever seen! I didn't really like Rapunzel when I was young, the story of how the girl had such looooong hir didn't seem to interest me much. I actually preferred Sleeping Beauty. But I am proud to say, Rapunzel is so much better ;D
i'm such a traitor :P

If you love the movie too, check out this video, a little behind story of the making of Tangled. I liked the Hot Men Meeting part, it's a part of the video where they try to create Flynn Rider. They actually sketched lots of drawings of what Flynn Rider could be and they brought in ladies for a little survey on which one they would prefer. They picked the right one! I honestly think Flynn is the best looking hero in the history of Disney heroes :D

Check it out!
Bye :D

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Goodbye Baby!

miss A is back! :D

With their new song Good-bye Baby. As you can see, I posted the MV, so check it out :) I wasnt a miss A fan actually, but slowly I'm starting to like them and their songs. Their last song "Bad Girl Good Girl" was a hit, I liked it too. According to websites, 'Good-bye Baby' seems to be doing well, making their way to the top of the charts. I honestly preferred the last song but this isn't so bad either.

Min, Jia, Fei and Suzy, as usual, looks stunning and sexy. Although I thought one of their outifts were a little bit too much but I've seen worse so it's okay. In 'Bad Girl Good Girl' she had pink hair which I thought looked very weird on her but this time I like her new hair color :)

Hope they continue to make more good songs!
Fighting ;)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Family Fun

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Hey guys!

Whoo! I'm super tired ;D My cousins from Singapore just came down to Malaysia to visit, they just left a couple of hours ago. Grace and Sam were tons of fun! Grace, the genius in beauty and hair, did our make-up for both me and my sister (we suck when it comes to makeup :P) and curled our hair for an entry for a giveaway we joined on YouTube.


I'm too embarrased to post our pics here so I hope you don't mind :P

Sam on the other hand, didn't go near to the make-up as he was a boy, so we turned on a coupe of DVDs to keep him busy, he's 10 by the way and very very hyper that's probably the reason why I'm so worned out! :)

Pic Time!

Here's just a random pic of my collection of Facial Blotters! There's only two so it ain't a proper 'collection' :P

The one on the left (the white one) is from Pan Mate, my mom bought it for me at the pharmacy. It doesn't actually works and you can hardly see the oil stain so I don't recommend it.

I love the Hello Kitty one mainy because of it's packaging (I have an addiction to packaging, if it's cute, I simpy grab it without considering if it's usable. It's seriously a bad habit) but it doesn't exactly work either athough you can see the oil stain much clearer than the Pan Mate one. I bought it in a really nice Japanese store at Phrom Phong, Bangkok.

(Bottom) That's my hand by the way :P I don't like how my skin tone is dark, I always envy those with really white skin, I call it Tofu Complexion :P

Credits to Grace, my makeup genius cousin who did my nails. We experimented a little nail art for the first time. I was quite happy with it because I do such a bad job on my nails and she does it more professionally than me. We were just fooling around with the polishes but it turned out quite cute.

The bracelet was a gift from both Grace and Sam who just came back from their vacation to Bali. I like it, so cute. The little seashells add a pretty touch to the it.

A close-up on my nails. You can't really see it in this picture, but Grace painted a flower on my thumb, it was a success but I think she could do better with much more practice. I like the second finger best, the one with red polka dots on.

Last but not least a mini picture collage of Grace, Rachel (my older sister) and Sam. I call it, All at Work. This was taken in my bedroom. Grace is the one with the straightening iron and the cool braided hair, we kept teasing her on how she looks just like Jaden Smith :P Sam is the one blocking Rachel, they were both playing Tap Tap Revenge. You can't really see Rachel clearer here which is what she would've wanted, she'd kill me if I posted a fat picture of her :P
Well that's basically the end of my weekend!
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Girl's Day - Hug Me Once

Girls Day is back!
I wasn't a big fan of Girls Day before, but after hearing a few of their songs, I'm starting to become a fan :) This video isn't the MV, it was from Music Core (the live version) cos I preferred this better than the MV. The live singing is a bit shaky but I've heard worse so this isn't that bad. I just LOVE the beginning, I thought it was very cute ;) So that's probably the highlight of the whole performance. Cute idea!!

I love the dresses. Their concept is very cute and lovely. Their last song, Twinkle Twinkle was also one of my favorites! Supporting Girls Day, can't wait for their next comeback and hope they won't let me down :)


Next video post! Introducing 2NE1's I am the Best!

My thoughts? I don't like it, sad to say. 2NE1 always has their style of music and clothing and I'm not a big fan of it. I think their music are getting a little boring with too much rapping and a continuous dull tune. I liked I Don't Care, there was more singing back to their debut days. I also liked Go Away which was out last year. Nowadays, their songs seems to get more boring-er as they get louder. Confusing, I know.

Their fashion? I find it a little weird, but that's their own unique style which make them different. I like the fact that they always have outrageous hairstyles which they all still look good in. Their clothing however can be a little weird to me :( They've got giant accesories all around their jackets and so on. In this MV, CL is wearing this big metal thing on her shoulder, makes me wonder "isn't that heavy?". Made me feel like its a Terminator concept or something :P

The tune is basically very Bollywood-y or Arabic, hahaha, which I find odd.
That's about it, what I think about their new song.
If you're a kpop fan too and you've got your own opinions, feel free to comment :)

Roly Poly Love~

Check out T-ara's comeback hit song, Roly Poly! I love the concept, it's back to the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s? Sorry not good with the yester-year fashion age :P But I love their outfits, the colors are so striking! Everything's so yesteryear! Even the moves :D Even their hairstyles! My mom used to have very big hair and she said it was the trend back in those days. It's true! Ive seen tons of yesteryear pictures from the 70s or 80s, everything was made big. The GLASSES, the HAIR, the JEANS, most of it! I guess everything shrank when we entered the 2000s :P Haha, anyway, Roly Poly has a catchy tune so I kinda like it.

Check out the MV!
Credits to Esther for teaching me how to post this on blogger. I'm such a noob when it comes to internet, so yesteryear of me :P

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crackers, Toast, and Jam


Blogpost number 2 this week, or is it the first? Oh I don't keep track of these sorta things! (heehee) Spending my time at home recovering, it get's really boring. I read books, take pictures, declare the Word of God, and read through blogs. I also doodle nowadays, which is alot of fun! I draw shoes, shown above, I call it the Shoe Collection. I copied the designs from a very cute Japanese book that teaches you how to draw or doodle adorable stuff! And I got addicted :P

Because of my health condtition, I haven't been eating any delicious food. As in pizza, pasta, fried rice, or other yummy food that I fancy :P My mom strictly keeps me on what I call the sludge, crack, and toast diet

What is the SLUDGE CRACK AND TOAST a.k.a SCT diet?

It consists of crackers or toast with jam for breakfast and snacks. NO RICE, or NOODLES. Just porridge (that's the sludge in the SCT :p) STRICTLY NO DAIRY. That means no milk in my Milo or Coffee or Cereal. STRICTLY NO CANDY. That means no lollipops for a lollipop-lover like me :(

Hope to eat all my favorite foods soon! :) For others who can eat whatever they like, be thankful! Don't waste :)

Song of the Day
And for the Song of the Day, I chose Taylor Swift's Speak Now!

A little summary of Speak Now! Haha, too lazy, copied from Wikipedia! :P

Speak Now is the third studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was released on October 25, 2010 by Big Machine Records. Production for the album took place during 2008 to 2010 at several recording studios, and was handled by Swift and country music producer Nathan Chapman. Written entirely by Swift, Speak Now expands on the country pop style of her previous work, and features lyrical themes concerning love, romance and heartbreak.

Book of the Week

My pick for da BOOK of da WEEK is....Frank Cottrell Boyce's COSMIC. My opinion: I think it is no doubt, BRILLIANT+COSMIC. Very cute. My mom picked up this book at the book fair, the cover is super cosmic, super cool and super cute. See? Haha, look down.

Again, I didn't write this brief summary. But I wanted to post it here, so you can find out about it a little and maybe be interested and get the book :)

Liam is unusually tall for a 12-year-old, and he has also developed a bit of a beard, so he gets mistaken for a grown-up. This offers unexpected opportunities in a Porsche showroom as well as on his first day at secondary school, when he is assumed to be the new member of staff. And it leads to a strange opportunity in a Chinese desert, where, as a winner of a telephone competition, he becomes the guest of a shady corporation that is planning to make money from commercial space travel. While his parents believe he is on a school trip to the Lake District, Liam is posing as a father, accompanied by a celebrity-obsessed “daughter” who is one of his classmates, and undergoing astronaut training for a rocket trip to the moon. As Liam finds himself in a “Best Dad” contest, voted for by four other children, he copes better with responsibility than the other adults, and all five youngsters learn about what good fatherhood might be. (The author has the benefit of experience of his own seven children.) A crisis in space reveals that computer games may have a use after all, as training for operating a spacecraft.

The book is full of adventure and FUN FUN FUN. The dialogue between the characters can be very hilarious and cute too. I love Liam, the main character in the book, he's very smart considering he's in the Gifted and Talented section in his school. And not forgetting his companion , Florida, who accompanies him on their rocket trip as his 'daughter'. Frank (the author) is truly a genius to come up with this fantastic idea! :) This paragraph is written by me by the way, not copied :P

Before signing off, I'd like my readers or anyone who stumbles upon this blog, to challenge me to do something fun! A survey or whatever! A blog challenge, a photo challenge, just anything! I'll do my best to fulfill it. It's been so boring, and I've been watching people do fun challenges, I'd like to give it a go. So suggest anything below in the comment space or email to:

Thank you for reading!

Monday, July 11, 2011

I Always Return :)

I'm back! I'm FINALLY back. Back from 4 days of hospital treatment. I am EXHAUSTED! For those who are my close friends or have been reading my blog since it was started, you might know that I have pancreatitis (being straightforward :P) but all is well now. I am healed! :) I just recovered from my 100th (exaggerated) attack of pancreatitis.

What is pancreatitis, you may ask?

Google search it :P

I went through MRI scans which is extremely tiring and NOT RECOMMENDED for claustrophobic peeps like ME. I almost died in there :P And I went through ultrasound scannings but thanks God! I am fine now :) Feeling great now in fact. Oookayy, a little woozy and tired after fasting for 3 days :P

Wanna say thank you to friends and famillies who has wished me Get Well Soon and thank you so much for your prayers. God has answered them :)

More blogposts coming up! Will do a Sephora haul post. But that will be after I snap enough pics :)

One more thing!! I just wanna mention about my blogpal Suki and her first 100 followers giveaway. You MUST visit her blog, she has amazing posts about make-up, trips to teahouses, and more amazing stuff. Her OOTDs are great ;D Here's her page link:

And don't forget to check out her new giveaway. I posted about it on my sidebar so be sure to click on it ;)

Have a wonderful Sunday!