Sunday, July 17, 2011

Girl's Day - Hug Me Once

Girls Day is back!
I wasn't a big fan of Girls Day before, but after hearing a few of their songs, I'm starting to become a fan :) This video isn't the MV, it was from Music Core (the live version) cos I preferred this better than the MV. The live singing is a bit shaky but I've heard worse so this isn't that bad. I just LOVE the beginning, I thought it was very cute ;) So that's probably the highlight of the whole performance. Cute idea!!

I love the dresses. Their concept is very cute and lovely. Their last song, Twinkle Twinkle was also one of my favorites! Supporting Girls Day, can't wait for their next comeback and hope they won't let me down :)

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  1. Hey Lizzy! Omg so many things I need to say to you! First! Im so glad that you're alright and recovered from your time at the hospital!!!! That was scary and I know how taking MRI feels because my mom took it and she said that she was even scared to breathe lol I also know it's very expensive! ><

    Thanks so much for joining my giveaway!!! Im so that you decided to put it in your sidebar!!! *jumps and dances* hee hee hee and I read your previous posts too, thanks so much for blogging about it and for your sweet comments about my blog! I hope I don't disappoint you and I'll try to keep my posts as interesting as they can!

    P.s I watched the video and you're right, the beginning is the cutest part!


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