Sunday, July 24, 2011

Family Fun

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Hey guys!

Whoo! I'm super tired ;D My cousins from Singapore just came down to Malaysia to visit, they just left a couple of hours ago. Grace and Sam were tons of fun! Grace, the genius in beauty and hair, did our make-up for both me and my sister (we suck when it comes to makeup :P) and curled our hair for an entry for a giveaway we joined on YouTube.


I'm too embarrased to post our pics here so I hope you don't mind :P

Sam on the other hand, didn't go near to the make-up as he was a boy, so we turned on a coupe of DVDs to keep him busy, he's 10 by the way and very very hyper that's probably the reason why I'm so worned out! :)

Pic Time!

Here's just a random pic of my collection of Facial Blotters! There's only two so it ain't a proper 'collection' :P

The one on the left (the white one) is from Pan Mate, my mom bought it for me at the pharmacy. It doesn't actually works and you can hardly see the oil stain so I don't recommend it.

I love the Hello Kitty one mainy because of it's packaging (I have an addiction to packaging, if it's cute, I simpy grab it without considering if it's usable. It's seriously a bad habit) but it doesn't exactly work either athough you can see the oil stain much clearer than the Pan Mate one. I bought it in a really nice Japanese store at Phrom Phong, Bangkok.

(Bottom) That's my hand by the way :P I don't like how my skin tone is dark, I always envy those with really white skin, I call it Tofu Complexion :P

Credits to Grace, my makeup genius cousin who did my nails. We experimented a little nail art for the first time. I was quite happy with it because I do such a bad job on my nails and she does it more professionally than me. We were just fooling around with the polishes but it turned out quite cute.

The bracelet was a gift from both Grace and Sam who just came back from their vacation to Bali. I like it, so cute. The little seashells add a pretty touch to the it.

A close-up on my nails. You can't really see it in this picture, but Grace painted a flower on my thumb, it was a success but I think she could do better with much more practice. I like the second finger best, the one with red polka dots on.

Last but not least a mini picture collage of Grace, Rachel (my older sister) and Sam. I call it, All at Work. This was taken in my bedroom. Grace is the one with the straightening iron and the cool braided hair, we kept teasing her on how she looks just like Jaden Smith :P Sam is the one blocking Rachel, they were both playing Tap Tap Revenge. You can't really see Rachel clearer here which is what she would've wanted, she'd kill me if I posted a fat picture of her :P
Well that's basically the end of my weekend!
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  1. Tofu Complexion?? ahahah! good one! ooh wow looks like u had a fun weekend. my weekend was so typical T.T and the highlight of it was i bumped into caveman at leisure mall x(


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