Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Graduation DAY!

Hellooooooooooooo! :D

My sister's a high-school graduate!
After 2 tiring years of hardcore studying and serious preparation for her O-levels exam, my sister has graduated!
Last Saturday, my family and I attended my sister's graduation. Not to brag, but my sister was the valedictorian for this year's graduation, really proud of her :) I was given the task of doing her makeup for that special night, I was a bit nervous because I've never done makeup for any special occasion but my sister got a lot of compliments for her makeup that night so I'm pretty proud of myself ;)

Here are some pictures I took at the ceremony:

 Here's my sister giving her valedictorian speech. My sister and my mom had work very hard putting her speech together the week before the ceremony. I'm proud of my sister for doing such a wonderful job giving her speech. She was given short notice that she was the valedictorian of the year, thus having little time to put her speech together. She isn't a good talker by the way :P Plus, she had to write her speech while revising for her O levels examinations. AND she had serious flu and was coughing away like a seal for the past few weeks before the ceremony. But despite all these issues, she did an excellent job giving her speech, the audience clapped, laughed, and enjoyed her speech. And most of all, she was really calm and relaxed, praise the Lord! :)
If you do have stories to share about your experience on writing a speech, giving a speech, or graduating, do leave a comment, I'd enjoy reading your experiences! :)
Rachel receiving her awards and certificates :)
The graduates and their parents, of course I'm not in the picture-I'm not a parent! ;) 
A group shot of my sister and her fellow classmates/graduates in their fancy black and red gowns :) I wonder what color my graduating gown will be...only 1 year till I found out and get to wear one :)

Here's a picture of my sister and I, I thought I should at least be in one of her graduating photos. After all, I am her one and only little sister :P 

Now moving on to the fashion and look of the night. 
Here's what I wore:
 I really loved my look for the night, especially the dress! I think my main theme for my outfit was simple, sweet and absolutely vintage. In one of my previous haul posts I mentioned that I'm not a fan of dresses but this is an exception, this is my favoriteeeee dress! I love every single detail about it, from the peter pan collar (which I am obsessed with!) to the floral embroidery(?), to the basic white vintage classic color; it has everything I look for in a dress!

I bought my dress at Robinsons department store, it's from the brand Renee. I paired it up with a brown jacket (half sleeves) from Uniqlo.

For accessories, I wore my little white bow earrings that I got at a flea market in Penang, last year. 

I am in love with this pair of earrings! They are as cute as a button :) Plus, it goes well with my dress too, when I put it on the word 'Perfect!' flashed across my mind ;) Glad I got this earring (which I almost didn't for some reason!). And I do believe I purchased this at the price of RM10 which I think is a bit expensive for a pair of earrings this small but now, I think it's totally worth it :)

I also wore my lovely charm bracelet which I absolutely love to bits! I can't even describe how much I love this bracelet, it's extremely cute and vintage which is SOOO ME. I got to customize my very own bracelet at a small store at the flea market in Publika (a mall in Mont Kiara). I'm glad I found that store! I picked out 5 charms for my little bracelet (5 is just the right number), an 'E' for the E in my name Elise, a ballerina, a vintage camera, an Eiffel tower (an Eiffel Tower is a MUST for me, I simply cannot get enough of Eiffel Towers, I'm obsessed!), and last but not least...a key. 

And again, I thought this bracelet was perfect for my outfit, it screamed vintage! My outfit was pretty easy to put together, fit together like a good jigsaw puzzle. Here's a shot of approval and glee and a tinge of craziness:
For my look, I did a simple winged eyeliner for my eyes and applied some peachy blush, and finished the look with my new Revlon lip butter in Macaroon. Played it simple to go with my dress.
Now for the star of the night, here's what Miss Graduate wore:

CUE crazy shot! 
Her very own little black dress from H&M :) I can't find any other words to describe it, what can I say, it's all black and simple. The dress didn't really matter since my sister was wearing her graduation gown the whole time, throughout the whole ceremony! She could've worn pajamas inside and get away with it xD Okay, maybe pajamas is too much get my point, a dress wasn't really necessary. I do wish my sister could have shown off her new dress a little, flaunt around stunningly a little? :P
THUMBS UP of approval for my sister's dress as well :P

As for accessories, Rachel wore her precious Polaris necklace from the famous Korean drama, 'Winter Sonata' (our all time favorite Korean drama) that she bought online. She also wore purple stud earrings (no picture!). 

I was cracking my head a few days before the ceremony, trying to come up with a makeup look for her that matched her graduation gown, her dress, and the time. My mom suggested brown shades, and a darker smokier eye look since the ceremony took place during late evening. But I ended up coming up with a look that consisted dark silver eye-shadow and a dramatic winged eyeliner for the eyes. As for lips and cheeks, I did something similar to mine, peachy blush plus the same shade of lip butter.

At first I wasn't confident in the look when I did it for her, but later in the ceremony, people started complimenting her makeup. Thus, I felt proud of myself :D hee hee!

The night went smoothly, praise the Lord! I held my breath a little while my sister was giving her speech, nervous that she'd slip up and start coughing like a seal again but she gave the speech beautifully, yay! I was doubtful about the look I created for her, scared it'd look too heavy, too cakey, or too dark; but after compliments from her teachers and parents, I felt satisfied and happy. Well, my sister is alas, a high school graduate. Soon it'll be my turn, well, that will be another story and another blog post. Hope you enjoyed reading :)

*Don't forget to leave me any graduation stories*
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shoe Shopping and Show And Tell!:)

Aloha readers :D

   A couple of days ago, my mom, my older sister Rachel, and I went shoe shopping! We went to the mall on a hunt for a good pair of shoes or heels to go with my sister's dress for her graduation this Saturday! Yes, my older sister is graduating from High School, I'm so excited for her :)  I have the honors in doing her makeup for her graduating ceremony thingy this Saturday, so I'm excited to do that too.
I'll try my very best to make her prettyyyy :P

   We had a good girls day out and along the way I did a little shopping myself, picked up a few items that I am going to show you guys :) Before that, here's a little show and tell about the pair of wedges we got for my sister's graduation!

Mom got a pair of shoes herself (which I will show you after my sister's) from Camel Active and my sister's pair of wedges are from Zang Toi :) We bought both pairs of shoes at the shoe department of Isetan at KLCC by the way.

After trying on a few pairs of shoes from different brands, we decided to go with this one from Zang Toi. I, personally, really like it a lot. The plan was to actually purchase a pair of shoes in the color black to go with my sister's black dress but after comparing this shoe in black and in the grey shade, we came to a conclusion that this grey one suited my sister's skin color better.

   My sister's new leather wedges are simple and classy, I especially like the 'crown' pin on the side of the wedges. I'm glad we were able to find a pair of shoes that a) fit my sister's skin color, b) compliment her body and look, and c) match her dress ;) It's a great buy!

 Now, for my mother's brand new shoes, she got these babies from Camel Active. I am not sure what this kind of shoe is called (are these pumps? :O) , if you do know what the particular name this kind of shoe is, let me know in the comment section :P I'm not good in shoe types and names. But I like to call this the Mama Shoes, because I call my mom, 'Mama', and because she seems to wear this kind of shoe quite often. She bought this pair to retire her old one which is from the same brand (Camel Active). Mama claims that it's a very comfortable pair of shoes, I'll probably be getting one too in the future because my Mom keeps praising and recommending it! :P

 I also made a trip down to the Kinokuniya bookstore to make some purchases, I got 3 C.S Lewis books (Mere Christianity, The Problem of Pain, The Four Loves) which I am VERY excited to be reading! I'm a slow reader so finishing these 3 will take some time but I'm just going to take my time enjoying every single wisdom-filled thought Mr C.S Lewis has written in these books. I am a HUGE fan of Mr C.S Lewis and his works, I absolutely enjoyed and loved his Chronicles of Narnia series to bits, and so I decided that it is only right for me as a fanatic to read his other works. And let me tell you, I have yet to complete all the books but I can tell, these 3 are going to be brilliant.


I have kept the best item for last...I'm really happy about this item, I'm really glad I got it.
I got a KNITTED BEANIE! :D It's incredibly cute! 
Here's a picture I tweeted of me wearing it, I couldn't keep it off my head that night after I got it, I wanted to wear it immediately!
I look like an excited little kid :P 

And I also Instagrammed an adorable picture of my sister wearing it and I compared it to the famous Korean cartoon character Pororo (the cute penguin!)
TWINS! My sister's enormous trendy 'nerd' specs made it look like she was wearing goggles :p I had a good laugh.

I started wanting this knitted beanie with the fluffy ball on top and attached to the hat when I was watching the hilarious Korean drama 'Wild Romance' starring Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young. Lee Si Young played the character, Yoon Eun Jae, whom I think is the CUTEST character ever, I think Lee Si Young did a MARVELOUS job acting in this drama. But for those of you who haven't watched this funny and entertaining drama, 4 words, go check it out. Getting back to the beanie, Lee Si Young wore a lot of knitted beanies in this drama and she looked incredibly adorable in them. 

It also reminded me of Edith from Despicable Me, she's the sister that's most tomboyish and wears pink, I wonder how does that go together, tomboy and pink :O 

Anyway, while walking down the hat and accessories aisle, we came across several knitted beanies with fluffy balls and I immediately made up my mind to get one, how do I resist? I will be wearing this on my upcoming trip to Hong Kong Disneyland (my 3rd time!). So excited to wear my new knitted beanie out! This beanie I guarantee will keep your precious heads warm and stylish :P

You have reached the end of my haul post! :D I hope you enjoyed reading, be sure to leave a comment!:)

Have a wonderful day!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

My Thoughts On: Etude House's Follow Me Tints

Howdy there,

I thought I'd give a go in writing a review on  two of my favorite products from Etude House. Before I get into the review, I'd like to say that I don't think I've ever written a review before? Can't remember. I'm not really good at this so instead of calling it an actual review, I'll call it "My Thoughts On:---". I like watching or reading reviews on the internet but I'm not good at writing one. Forgive me if the pictures are very good or my explanations aren't very good, I'm just an amateur or a 'newbie' :P I'm not a very confident person as you can probably tell but here goes, here are my thoughts on Etude House's Follow Me Tints. 
I hope you enjoy reading this :)

Left: 2NE1 Follow Me Tint. Right: Miss Tangerine Follow Me Tint

I own 2 of the Follow Me tints, I'm not sure if there are other shades available but I only have two of them. These two are my very first lip tints by the way. I got them in Penang last year, I think.

I own the 2NE1 Edition Follow Me tint, I'm not a BIG fan of 2NE1 whatsoever but I was quite interested in trying out the 2NE1 edition tint that Etude House had. The saleslady swatched it for me and I thought it looked super cool and not like any lip product I've ever seen. Let's just say, I was very fascinated by it's blue stick.

I for one, love the packaging. As always, I find myself buying a product because of it's appearance and the cute packaging. Etude House always dresses up its products in a lovely package and I think Etude House hits the spot on their packaging, I'm a sucker for their packaging :O The 2NE1 Follow Me tint has a white background for its casing and a pink 'Follow Me' logo along with several pink stars all around it. The stick is BLUE which really got my attention, I had never seen a blue lip stick at that time (now I see all kinds of multicolored lipsticks :P), the stick will have little red or purple spots on the surface once you apply it to your lips or once you swatch it. The picture can do further explaining :P Typical lazy Lizzy, not bothering to describe the product further.

I tried swatching it for you guys, but I'm just not good in swatching! Forgive me for I am not very experience when it comes to swatching :( But anyway, it first appears a sheer pink but when applied to lips, it can turn into an intense fuchsia color which I find very very cool. Both lip tints, by the way, go on pretty sheer at first but gradually becomes more intense after a while.

The Miss Tangerine Follow Me Tint is my favorite! I like it a bit more than the 2NE1 one because of it's tangerine reddish shade which I think suits me better. This lip tint has a similar white background for its cover and little pastel tangering polka dots and a classic 'Miss Tangerine' sign.I think the packaging is much more lady-like and sweeter than the 2NE1 one which is more like...glamorous and fabulous to me :P
As I mentioned, the lip tints go on sheer at first and gradually intensifies after a few seconds. This one had a sheer orange shade when first applied. On my hand, it doesn't look very intense even after a few seconds but on my lips, it turns darker and much more reddish and intense.

What I love about this products:

The texture:
I'm not a person who likes the feeling of thick, sticky, lip gloss on my lips that's why I don't apply lipgloss very often, whenever I do, it feels like I covered my lips in tons of sticky honey. I prefer lip balms or anything that is thin and balmy. Which is why these tints are just the thing for me! They don't feel sticky, gloopy, or heavy. They're more like lip balms, they're buttery and slide on nicely, sorta like Vaseline. I like how they don't feel heavy. It feels pretty moisturising actually :)

The shades:
I like the shades of both lip tints, I feel like I can wear this at any occasion. They're pretty natural in my opinion. They're basically more like tinted lip balms, which I like a lot.

The packaging/ appearance:
I love both the packaging and the design of it. I think the design is very cute and pretty, it definitely was presentable enough to convince me to buy them :P The lip tints are easy to twist (or scroll? :P) up and down.
Oh and by the way! These lip tints are scented, I don't mind the scents AT ALL. I think they smell pretty nice, both have difference scents but both are strongly scented or whatever. You can't smell them from a mile away, they have very subtle and pleasant scents.


Overall I have no problem with both products except the fact that the stick is very fragile and soft. The stick inside or the product, is very very fragile, if you accidentally knock it or press it against something, the stick will mess up in its bottle and the product will sorta look like it's melting? It'll lose it's stick form. I'm not good in explaining but the conclusion is that if you ever get your hands on one of these, I suggest you be very careful with it not to drop it while applying to your lips. I speak from experience. I actually have two of the Miss Tangerine tints because my sister also purchased one for herself but we kinda got mixed up which was which and started sharing both :P One of them fell out of my hands and got knocked against the mirror while I was applying it, lets just say it was a mess but thankfully, it's still usable :P

Well, that's all for my 'My Thoughts On: Etude House's Follow Me Lip Tints' post. I think...I did a pretty good job. I don't know, you readers can be the verdict or judge. I'll polish my reviewing skills and write more blog posts like this one in the future. I have several products in my makeup drawer waiting to be reviewed :) 

Till the next post,


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cuppy Cakes for Celina

Cuppy Cakes! Today's post is about Cupcakes or as I like to call...Cuppy Cakes...that sounds cuter to me :P Mommy and I made cupcakes yesterday, colorful and fun ones, different from those healthy ones Mom bakes all the time.

 But these cupcakes are for me or my family, they're for my friend/classmate: Celina! It's her birthday, she's probably not reading this post but if you somehow ended up reading this...Celina, my little bear, Happy Birthday!
Anyway, my little birthday gift of delight and yumminess to her was a batch of colorful cupcakes which I have titled 'Love Potion'. They're just ordinary vanilla cupcakes but with a little touch of love and lurid rainbow colors~ 

Here's the process of making my Love Potion cupcakes, I took pictures yes! A blogpost is always happier and lovelier when there are pictures in it, in my opinion :P

After making the batter and giving them some color, we popped these sweeties into the Turbo to bake or as I like to call it: Tanning Session :P

Almost rising~
We took out some edible ornaments to dress the little cupcakes. From left to right: little edible red hearts, silver balls, and my favorite, red/pink sparkly sugar. 

I love the pink/red sparkly sugar, it looks like magic dust when sprinkled on top of white icing. 

What's your favorite decoration to put on a cupcake?

Almost there! You can see it's starting to rise. I love to observe cupcakes slowly rise as they bake, they look like puffy

In case you're wondering why we aren't baking the cuppy cakes in a normal regular rectangular oven...we prefer to use our trusty Turbo. Because of its small size, it heats up faster and uses less energy than the regular big oven. So in order to save energy, we prefer using the Turbo. Plus, its easier to clean up and more convenient to use because of its size. So if you wanna save energy and bake delicious treats, go get a Turbo people ;D

Time to let these babies cool down :)

Mom using a glass bottle to roll out the fondant xD alternative for a rolling pin!

Topping the cupcakes with a white layer of fondant as a base for the decorations :D
Mom's skillful hands pressing the fondant onto the cupcake :)
DONEEEE! Now for the toppings! Oh and spot the minions? They're the same minions we made from  my last blog post! My friend here has a thing for minions, I mean, who doesn't love minions? Minions on their birthday cupcakes! I'd like my birthday cake/cupcakes to have minions on them. So yeah, the minions were meant for her birthday cupcakes ;)
Remember these little guys? ;D Done popping them onto the cupcakes. We only made 6 minions so the other cupcakes were decorated with the silver balls, the mini heart shapes, and the red sugar dust.

Beautifying the cupcakes with a little bit of pixie...haha sparkly sugar!:) I call these the LoveyDovey Love
Potion cupcakes, they have extra looooove <3 br="br">

And now after beating the batter, after baking the cupcakes, after rolling out the fondant, after popping the minions on, and putting the love in to the LoveyDovey Love Potion cupcakes...

*drumroll* I now present to you, the final product of the Minions and the Love Potion Cupcakes! *drumroll*

I'm proud of the final product, after placing everything properly and neatly, closing the box and everything. We (Mom, Rachel and I,) stand back and admire our creation in awe, I'd buy this box of cupcakes, oh yes I will ;D 
I'm very pleased with our cupcakes, after a successful mission of creating the Minions, this is just the icing on the cake. I hope the birthday girl enjoys these cupcakes and eat them in delight. If you like making cupcakes and you wanna decorate them with something different and unique, try Minions! They're cute and totally fun to make. Look how nice they are on a cupcake? xD I think this is a great design and we're definitely going to make more fondant minions in the future.

Hope y'all enjoyed reading :)