Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Graduation DAY!

Hellooooooooooooo! :D

My sister's a high-school graduate!
After 2 tiring years of hardcore studying and serious preparation for her O-levels exam, my sister has graduated!
Last Saturday, my family and I attended my sister's graduation. Not to brag, but my sister was the valedictorian for this year's graduation, really proud of her :) I was given the task of doing her makeup for that special night, I was a bit nervous because I've never done makeup for any special occasion but my sister got a lot of compliments for her makeup that night so I'm pretty proud of myself ;)

Here are some pictures I took at the ceremony:

 Here's my sister giving her valedictorian speech. My sister and my mom had work very hard putting her speech together the week before the ceremony. I'm proud of my sister for doing such a wonderful job giving her speech. She was given short notice that she was the valedictorian of the year, thus having little time to put her speech together. She isn't a good talker by the way :P Plus, she had to write her speech while revising for her O levels examinations. AND she had serious flu and was coughing away like a seal for the past few weeks before the ceremony. But despite all these issues, she did an excellent job giving her speech, the audience clapped, laughed, and enjoyed her speech. And most of all, she was really calm and relaxed, praise the Lord! :)
If you do have stories to share about your experience on writing a speech, giving a speech, or graduating, do leave a comment, I'd enjoy reading your experiences! :)
Rachel receiving her awards and certificates :)
The graduates and their parents, of course I'm not in the picture-I'm not a parent! ;) 
A group shot of my sister and her fellow classmates/graduates in their fancy black and red gowns :) I wonder what color my graduating gown will be...only 1 year till I found out and get to wear one :)

Here's a picture of my sister and I, I thought I should at least be in one of her graduating photos. After all, I am her one and only little sister :P 

Now moving on to the fashion and look of the night. 
Here's what I wore:
 I really loved my look for the night, especially the dress! I think my main theme for my outfit was simple, sweet and absolutely vintage. In one of my previous haul posts I mentioned that I'm not a fan of dresses but this is an exception, this is my favoriteeeee dress! I love every single detail about it, from the peter pan collar (which I am obsessed with!) to the floral embroidery(?), to the basic white vintage classic color; it has everything I look for in a dress!

I bought my dress at Robinsons department store, it's from the brand Renee. I paired it up with a brown jacket (half sleeves) from Uniqlo.

For accessories, I wore my little white bow earrings that I got at a flea market in Penang, last year. 

I am in love with this pair of earrings! They are as cute as a button :) Plus, it goes well with my dress too, when I put it on the word 'Perfect!' flashed across my mind ;) Glad I got this earring (which I almost didn't for some reason!). And I do believe I purchased this at the price of RM10 which I think is a bit expensive for a pair of earrings this small but now, I think it's totally worth it :)

I also wore my lovely charm bracelet which I absolutely love to bits! I can't even describe how much I love this bracelet, it's extremely cute and vintage which is SOOO ME. I got to customize my very own bracelet at a small store at the flea market in Publika (a mall in Mont Kiara). I'm glad I found that store! I picked out 5 charms for my little bracelet (5 is just the right number), an 'E' for the E in my name Elise, a ballerina, a vintage camera, an Eiffel tower (an Eiffel Tower is a MUST for me, I simply cannot get enough of Eiffel Towers, I'm obsessed!), and last but not least...a key. 

And again, I thought this bracelet was perfect for my outfit, it screamed vintage! My outfit was pretty easy to put together, fit together like a good jigsaw puzzle. Here's a shot of approval and glee and a tinge of craziness:
For my look, I did a simple winged eyeliner for my eyes and applied some peachy blush, and finished the look with my new Revlon lip butter in Macaroon. Played it simple to go with my dress.
Now for the star of the night, here's what Miss Graduate wore:

CUE crazy shot! 
Her very own little black dress from H&M :) I can't find any other words to describe it, what can I say, it's all black and simple. The dress didn't really matter since my sister was wearing her graduation gown the whole time, throughout the whole ceremony! She could've worn pajamas inside and get away with it xD Okay, maybe pajamas is too much get my point, a dress wasn't really necessary. I do wish my sister could have shown off her new dress a little, flaunt around stunningly a little? :P
THUMBS UP of approval for my sister's dress as well :P

As for accessories, Rachel wore her precious Polaris necklace from the famous Korean drama, 'Winter Sonata' (our all time favorite Korean drama) that she bought online. She also wore purple stud earrings (no picture!). 

I was cracking my head a few days before the ceremony, trying to come up with a makeup look for her that matched her graduation gown, her dress, and the time. My mom suggested brown shades, and a darker smokier eye look since the ceremony took place during late evening. But I ended up coming up with a look that consisted dark silver eye-shadow and a dramatic winged eyeliner for the eyes. As for lips and cheeks, I did something similar to mine, peachy blush plus the same shade of lip butter.

At first I wasn't confident in the look when I did it for her, but later in the ceremony, people started complimenting her makeup. Thus, I felt proud of myself :D hee hee!

The night went smoothly, praise the Lord! I held my breath a little while my sister was giving her speech, nervous that she'd slip up and start coughing like a seal again but she gave the speech beautifully, yay! I was doubtful about the look I created for her, scared it'd look too heavy, too cakey, or too dark; but after compliments from her teachers and parents, I felt satisfied and happy. Well, my sister is alas, a high school graduate. Soon it'll be my turn, well, that will be another story and another blog post. Hope you enjoyed reading :)

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  1. Congratulation to your sister!
    Cute dress for the day! :)

  2. You sound really proud of your sister. That's some sibling love there. So heartwarming! Your sister must have been a really accomplished student for her to be chosen as a valedictorian. I've always have immense respect for people who make good speeches coz I'm those who get stage fright though I can be very eloquent off stage.

    Your charm bracelet is really lovely!

  3. Congratulations to your sister! Wow high school graduation looks really different from my country! How many people were graduating with your sister?

    Your outfit is adorable btw and I love the white vintage dress and you pair it nicely with the bow earrings. That's a real shame you're sensitive to fatty foods >< Maybe you can "splurge" one day and try a little bit hahaha just remember to hold back though!

  4. I really like these earrings you were wearing and it's so nice of you to do your sister's makeup for that big event !!! You girls look great =)

    xxx Vee


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