Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Heyy-oo, now I'm trying to finish my homework and assignments. All of 'em are piling up, but dat's good 'cos I can take my LPTs and go to the next book fast :)

Things are gettin' tiring, as I haveta revise for my piano theory exams >:((, Grd 5! Boo... but I'm very sure that I'll pass. Writing a report on SLOTHS now, they look weird. They are weird, they're the slowest animal in earth.

Oh n those who needs to write a report on Sloths you can go check out this website... it gives the description of Sloths in simple english, its good :) :

NOW; don't simply go and click on it, it's for those who needs to get info on SLOTHS... not some Kpop website or bla bla bla xD...

Oh n GOOD NEWS: My emosharky Kat is back from Bangkok, WooHoo, tmr I'm gonna C her!

ciao :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

My fAv members of After School:

1) Honey UEE :)
UEE Pictures, Images and Photos
2) Scary but Pwetty Nana
After School Pictures, Images and Photos
After School Nana Pictures, Images and Photos cool moving Nana pic :)
3)'Goddess' Kahi
Park Gahee Pictures, Images and Photos
4)my FAVV JOoyeon
Joo Yeon Pictures, Images and Photos
NanaJoo Icon Pictures, Images and Photos
jooyeon Pictures, Images and Photos
Bekah Pictures, Images and Photos

After School n their cool outfits

after school Pictures, Images and Photos
The cool pic of After School for their BEST album 'Because of You'...I >

tHE aFTer School collage of pics

after school Pictures, Images and Photos

aWw...I wanna eat lunch wth them too =P

Bekah BIW

after school bekah Pictures, Images and Photos


OoH, both JooYeon n I luvs Lollipops :)

I'm weird, i'm a girl obsessed with a girl...what's wrong wth that? bwahaha.

The LO-vely JooYeon

The LO-velly JooYeon! :)

The Craze about Lee Joo Yeon n After School

While my sis is crazy about MBLAQ, I'm busy being crazy over After School and one of the lovely member, Joo Yeon. GAWSH, she's so puh-rey-teee! Cmon, you gotta agree with me... I like, UEE, Bekah, Ga-Hee, Nana and...ALL of the members:).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My very own on9 bedroom :)

Hiiiii :D!

I'M in a GOOD mood 2day! Well I'm kinda sad to see my 2 beloved frens leave for Korea, but what am I talkin' about? It'll only be a week! I'll see them again :))

Like my new background? It's simple and cute...just what I was looking for to suit my personality. OKAYY... maybe I'm... a bit more crazieerr with the imaginations. But, I'm SIMPLE. yes. simple.

I'm gonna upload some nice pics next...

lizzieboo :)
ooh, and PURPLE text is pretty!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inspired Gal

NEWS: Lizzy is a newly inspired gal with a dream to write billions of songs!

Sigh, I need lotsa inspiration, I used to write songs but as I grow up I think the lyrics I wrote before were...lame...I wanted to invent songs, Airplanes by B.o.B! Amazing song :D

What could I write about? Any ideas? Gimme some... I really want to write songs!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Background change

WASSUP people,

boohoo, I'm down with the flu, its been more than a month, I get well n someone passes it to me again T_T. Thanks alot people >:( Please stay home if you're SICK!! Now I cant taste or breathe, what am I saying? Can't breathe? Then, I'm DEAD! haha, thats lame ==

Anyways, I'm gonna screen through, wanna find a new background, its time I changed it to sumthing new, but its gonna take a long time to edit it. I'm gonna update the blog with some pictures too!


lurves <3
LiZzy a.k.a ( I checked out this funny but cool korean name generator at some rum n monkey website -i know, FREAKY NAME-) my 'korean made up name' Han Min Hyo!
Not that happy with it...gonna search for the RIGHT name.

SIGNING OFF, ciao ^^

Friday, July 9, 2010

LOOOONG time eh?

HEYY PEOPLE, its been a loooooooooooooooooooong time since i wrote on my blog. I always do that. But I promise to make comebacks to the world of blogging :D. LOtsa Lotsa stuff are happening. In the meantime...pooh...I'm having a slight fever. :(( I'm gonna haveta take care of myself, drink lotsa water, poop xD and pretty much keep a good diet and exercise.

YAYY, my best buds, Erica n Esther are coming back from Chennai. Dont exactly know when...but they told me next week, which is 1 day from now. I wanna get better and go see them at school. HUGS N KISSIES to Erica n Esther xoxo!

Ma fellow schoolmates have come back from their trip to Penang. WOO-HOO, emosharky best bud is BACK. But now lotsa lotsa people tasted my mom's amazing Potato Salad. They keep ordering from me. I think I'm gonna sell them and raise fund for our school's missiontrip to Cambodia.

Rachel, my sis, is now in the craze for our favourite latest band, MBLAQ. She's in <3 with Joon, I kinda like Seungho 'cos he's depressing...sometimes, he's BORING.

That's just half of what happened. While she's into MBLAQ, I'm into my present fav gurl band, After School. I like JooYeon :D...she's preeetty.

Zat ees all fur noww...

GoodBye Fellow Earthlings. I will update my blog...some time.

Yours Truly,