Friday, July 9, 2010

LOOOONG time eh?

HEYY PEOPLE, its been a loooooooooooooooooooong time since i wrote on my blog. I always do that. But I promise to make comebacks to the world of blogging :D. LOtsa Lotsa stuff are happening. In the meantime...pooh...I'm having a slight fever. :(( I'm gonna haveta take care of myself, drink lotsa water, poop xD and pretty much keep a good diet and exercise.

YAYY, my best buds, Erica n Esther are coming back from Chennai. Dont exactly know when...but they told me next week, which is 1 day from now. I wanna get better and go see them at school. HUGS N KISSIES to Erica n Esther xoxo!

Ma fellow schoolmates have come back from their trip to Penang. WOO-HOO, emosharky best bud is BACK. But now lotsa lotsa people tasted my mom's amazing Potato Salad. They keep ordering from me. I think I'm gonna sell them and raise fund for our school's missiontrip to Cambodia.

Rachel, my sis, is now in the craze for our favourite latest band, MBLAQ. She's in <3 with Joon, I kinda like Seungho 'cos he's depressing...sometimes, he's BORING.

That's just half of what happened. While she's into MBLAQ, I'm into my present fav gurl band, After School. I like JooYeon :D...she's preeetty.

Zat ees all fur noww...

GoodBye Fellow Earthlings. I will update my blog...some time.

Yours Truly,

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