Monday, July 19, 2010

Background change

WASSUP people,

boohoo, I'm down with the flu, its been more than a month, I get well n someone passes it to me again T_T. Thanks alot people >:( Please stay home if you're SICK!! Now I cant taste or breathe, what am I saying? Can't breathe? Then, I'm DEAD! haha, thats lame ==

Anyways, I'm gonna screen through, wanna find a new background, its time I changed it to sumthing new, but its gonna take a long time to edit it. I'm gonna update the blog with some pictures too!


lurves <3
LiZzy a.k.a ( I checked out this funny but cool korean name generator at some rum n monkey website -i know, FREAKY NAME-) my 'korean made up name' Han Min Hyo!
Not that happy with it...gonna search for the RIGHT name.

SIGNING OFF, ciao ^^

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