Friday, April 15, 2011

Cranberry Fairy Floss

Aloha mylovelies :)

Today is a very special day, especially for dear older sister! Hope her sweet 16 turns out sweeter than she expected it to be. Although I'm a little bit upset that I won't be going to her party tomorrow, I wish her all the best in this race called life :) To Rachel Tan: God loves you, walk in His path. Win this race my Chunk x)

This week hasn't been exactly smooth, I've been busy with studies. I think I need to boost myself with the studies and all!~ That's practically what roughly happened this week.

Song of the week!:

Rainbow's Latest Single, To Me!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Nail Polish First Blogiversary Giveaway!!

Here's a giveaway shoutout! :)
Here are the special details and information you need to know!!

More Nail Polish: My First Blogiversary Giveaway
Prizes people! The best part ;)
:eight mini 5ml Artform holographic nail polishes! Colours are: Purple, Dark Blue, Light blue, Aqua Blue/Seafoam Green, Gold/Platinum, Light Pink, Dark Pink and Red.

20th April 2011

Opened Internationally! So anyone anywhere can join =)

Here's where you need to sign up:

That's all you need to know, the important bit at least :)

Hope you join and tune into More Nail Polish's blog, now you know who to find when you need More Nail Polish xD



Monday, April 11, 2011

Piano- By Elise


As the melody flows through the air,

Making people smile,

I press the keys, I have a song to share,

I just love the sound,

The inspiring sound the keys whistle,

As I play with legato,

It calms the screech of a missile,

As I play my piano,

The keys hum a melody right into my ear,

It makes the people tap and waltz,

It's attracting souls near,

Let it go on, never let it stop,

It rocks a baby to deep sleep,

Bringing one to an unforgettable dream,

Performing magic, go with the flow,

As I play my piano.

Dancing Caterpillars

Heyoooo :P

I sound unexpectedly bubbly today ;)

Just to inform you...the title Dancing Caterpillars has nothing to do with the post, I just thought the name was cool. From now on, all my titles will probably sound silly and random :P I haven't been blogging huh? Maybe for a few days...oh wait...maybe just 2 days...that felt like a looong time. My blog is my buddy, it's soooo boring and lonely being the youngest in the family. My elder sis has other pals to talk to, my dad is always no fun and busy recovering, my mom is always busy taking care of stuff. I tend to find myself very rebellious these days. I tend to get upset and annoyed easily, like some pregnant woman. I never liked teenagers back when I was young but now that I'm going through my very own teenagehood, I see that it's totally natural.

The weekend hasn't been very good, I get myself into trouble almost every hour which is frustrating me. I don't know what's wrong with me but I wish it'd stop now whatever it is. Moodswings, that's the word. Puberty, that's the second word :P How do you guys ever get through that without causing any problems, I have no idea how! I commit everything unto the Lord and hope for better days to come. I can tell my Mom gets annoyed by me lately which is definitely not what I want.Well, this post has become super long, now onto other stuff ;)


Yup yup, I'm very interested in Self Cameras nowadays as I have mentioned in my earlier posts. And all the self camera apps on my apple device are mostly useless. Not until I found classicSAMP. It was love at first sight :PP Here's some random selcas of me.

My UNIQLO goodies that I bought last Saturday :) I've been dying to get a pair of skinny jeans! HOORAY~
Me, just woke up so I'm kinda sleepy, blur and crazy :P Uggh. P.S the above picture shows my doggie plushy I call Bobby. Was a Valentine gift from my MOmmy :D And my banana too...a gift from Mommy from Japan! I love mommy :D All the loves, kisses, hugs and pixie dust! Lizzy

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beneath the Sun 400+ Giveaway

Well hello there peeps :) Heard of Beneath the Sun? It's an awesome blog with an awesome giveaway that ends...April 6th! Here's the deets! :) Prizes:

- Makeup Train (this is an awesome train case comes with straps so you can carry on shoulders!)

- Pure spring Cherry blossom set

Body mist Lotion Shower gel Net sponge

- ELF Encyclopedia Book

- NYX pigments (8) Orange

Baby pink

Pearl Fanta

Ocean blue

Mocha Walnut Black

- NYC Mosaic Face Powder Peach glow Heart of gold

- Sally Hansen Foot scrub

- Sally Hansen Nail Pen

- Sally Hansen Lip treatment

- Nail Enamel Art Pen A 3 way art pen great for art, comes in 14 colors

That's alot of prizes, I'm so excited! I hope I win. If you wanna join the giveaway, please do click: Again I remind you, contest ends April 6th. Opened to anyone with an address :) I wish you good luck and goodbye! Lizzy

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Melodic Tuesday

Hello lovelies :) It's been quite a few days since I last blog. My last post was about my April wishlist, and I indicated that I was going to get my new iTouch cover striked off the list first but I have decided to wait awhile because 1) too expensive, 2) not worth it. They had very little variety for the new iTouch 4, which I owned. There were so many choices for iPhone 4! I'm gonna go to another mall to look out for more designs this week so maybe it WILL be the 1st thing striked off the list :) (Photography by MEEEEE. Jar of Dreams) On to other events...Drink review :P I bought a drink for myself a couple of weeks ago before April. It was sooo hot so I decided to try it. By the way, it's called: Pudou Water. Its sports water actually, like Pocari Sweat. Honestly, I'm absolutely not a fan of Pocari Sweat, it tastes just like 100 plus with no gas in it. I prefer carbonated drinks. If you like Pocari Sweat, I suggest this one too, get the blue packet one, it tastes exactly like Pocari Sweat. I bought the purple packet one, grape flavour. I think the flavour is too strong that made it taste like medicine, chemically yucky :P -No makeup and dark face >< results of swimming

Hope you like the post :)

Adios Amigos miladies :)


Friday, April 1, 2011

April Wishlist

Hey lovelies! Here's a list of the things I wish to get this month of April!

Nerdy glasses! :D I'm not usually a trend follower but I think nerdy glasses are really cute! My mom wouldn't approve of buying a pair because, practically it's useless besides making me look cute :P So I'm hoping I win one, if you don't have one and you want it for free I suggest you join Mon Cheri, Lily's giveaway (I posted about it on my sidebar!)

Secondly, I love MAC Cosmetics, and I tried to win an item from the Venemous Villains collection but it's over and yeah... I'm really hoping I get an item from the Wonder Woman Collection this time :D The packaging is super awesome!

A bow headband! Particularly a red one :) I think it's really sweet and cute. I used to have one but it was really uncomfortable so I stopped wearing it :P It's quite hard to find in stores here at KL though :/



I've got a couple of hoodies, but I've kept my eye on this one. I love the color, it's so cute :) Several korean online websites sell them but they're kinda expensive so I'm saving up and filling my piggy bank :P

A new iPod Touch casing! Mine's getting dirty after 6 months of using. This will probably be the first item to strike off the list as I'll be able to get one tomorrow! ;D I'm hoping to get either one of these (above) but if they don't have any of those designs, I'll be getting a Hello Kitty one ;) I'm still a little gurl :)

I'm a dreamer but I think I've got more items on my wishlist than on my dream list :s These are just some of the items on my wishlist but I think it's enough for the month of April. :)

Happy April :)


It's the Famous APRIL FOOLS DAY!

GOTCHA! :) It's April Fools day, fools! :D I didn't mean that by the way :P How's the pranks coming along? I've pranked several people already, even my teacher who heard it from my friend! It was a good one, I had a good laugh. All my galfwens freaked out when I finally said "HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY" I'm still pranking a few of my buddies :D The night's still young! But I feel so guilty, they're so innocent and sweet. Here's my prank: I told them that I was transfering to another school next week and that next Monday would be my last day at the school. They all got PRANKED! :) Success!~

Mon Cheri, Lily's AWESOME Giveaway!

Waddup people :) Here's a blogpost about Mon Cheri, Lily's SUPER-AWESOME giveaway!~ The prizes are sweeeeet :) Here's the list of prizes:

# a copy of vogue card from me

#a pair of geek glasses similar to mine

# owl necklace & adjustable butterfly ring from a vintage shop in town

# Japanese Gumdrop Pink Earpiece

# glittery pink purse from local brand in Singapore : Fourskin.

# purple scarf : Forever 21

a mystery gift from uniqlo!

I'm soooo excited ;) I love the geek glasses and UNIQLO part, oh let's face it, I LOVE IT ALL! I really hope I win! If you're interested, then click here to sign up! :

The contest ends April 15th, there's 13 days left from now, so hurry up and join!

It's opened internationally by the way.

All the best!