Friday, April 1, 2011

April Wishlist

Hey lovelies! Here's a list of the things I wish to get this month of April!

Nerdy glasses! :D I'm not usually a trend follower but I think nerdy glasses are really cute! My mom wouldn't approve of buying a pair because, practically it's useless besides making me look cute :P So I'm hoping I win one, if you don't have one and you want it for free I suggest you join Mon Cheri, Lily's giveaway (I posted about it on my sidebar!)

Secondly, I love MAC Cosmetics, and I tried to win an item from the Venemous Villains collection but it's over and yeah... I'm really hoping I get an item from the Wonder Woman Collection this time :D The packaging is super awesome!

A bow headband! Particularly a red one :) I think it's really sweet and cute. I used to have one but it was really uncomfortable so I stopped wearing it :P It's quite hard to find in stores here at KL though :/



I've got a couple of hoodies, but I've kept my eye on this one. I love the color, it's so cute :) Several korean online websites sell them but they're kinda expensive so I'm saving up and filling my piggy bank :P

A new iPod Touch casing! Mine's getting dirty after 6 months of using. This will probably be the first item to strike off the list as I'll be able to get one tomorrow! ;D I'm hoping to get either one of these (above) but if they don't have any of those designs, I'll be getting a Hello Kitty one ;) I'm still a little gurl :)

I'm a dreamer but I think I've got more items on my wishlist than on my dream list :s These are just some of the items on my wishlist but I think it's enough for the month of April. :)

Happy April :)



  1. Wow Im going to be excited to hear your monthly lists if you decide to continue this! Oh and to see what items you do get and what items you decide to drop =) I should do this too but maybe one for a year instead of a month LOL my items cost too much to buy in a month =(

  2. Great picks for April. I'm loving the nerdy glasses as well...fingers crossed you win a pair!


    Britt + Whit

  3. To suki!
    Haha, I just recently started this monthly wishlist. Honestly, I don't think I'll be able to get ALL these goodies in one month. My parents wouldn't approve :D

  4. To Brit!
    Thanks! I'm really hoping I win a pair too. It's so cute! :D Thanks for leaving a comment. Will be reading for your future posts in your blog.


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