Monday, April 11, 2011

Dancing Caterpillars

Heyoooo :P

I sound unexpectedly bubbly today ;)

Just to inform you...the title Dancing Caterpillars has nothing to do with the post, I just thought the name was cool. From now on, all my titles will probably sound silly and random :P I haven't been blogging huh? Maybe for a few days...oh wait...maybe just 2 days...that felt like a looong time. My blog is my buddy, it's soooo boring and lonely being the youngest in the family. My elder sis has other pals to talk to, my dad is always no fun and busy recovering, my mom is always busy taking care of stuff. I tend to find myself very rebellious these days. I tend to get upset and annoyed easily, like some pregnant woman. I never liked teenagers back when I was young but now that I'm going through my very own teenagehood, I see that it's totally natural.

The weekend hasn't been very good, I get myself into trouble almost every hour which is frustrating me. I don't know what's wrong with me but I wish it'd stop now whatever it is. Moodswings, that's the word. Puberty, that's the second word :P How do you guys ever get through that without causing any problems, I have no idea how! I commit everything unto the Lord and hope for better days to come. I can tell my Mom gets annoyed by me lately which is definitely not what I want.Well, this post has become super long, now onto other stuff ;)


Yup yup, I'm very interested in Self Cameras nowadays as I have mentioned in my earlier posts. And all the self camera apps on my apple device are mostly useless. Not until I found classicSAMP. It was love at first sight :PP Here's some random selcas of me.

My UNIQLO goodies that I bought last Saturday :) I've been dying to get a pair of skinny jeans! HOORAY~
Me, just woke up so I'm kinda sleepy, blur and crazy :P Uggh. P.S the above picture shows my doggie plushy I call Bobby. Was a Valentine gift from my MOmmy :D And my banana too...a gift from Mommy from Japan! I love mommy :D All the loves, kisses, hugs and pixie dust! Lizzy


  1. HIGH 5 FOR BEING THE YOUNGEST IN THE FAMILY SIS! =DD yeap blogging is definitely a hobby of mine now. glad to know i have a pal thats going trough teenhood/girlhood the same time as me. lets do this together =DD

  2. Thanks my dear Esther :) Glad to see your blogging now. Livens up the world of bloggers :P Is liven a word? :P


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