Friday, April 15, 2011

Cranberry Fairy Floss

Aloha mylovelies :)

Today is a very special day, especially for dear older sister! Hope her sweet 16 turns out sweeter than she expected it to be. Although I'm a little bit upset that I won't be going to her party tomorrow, I wish her all the best in this race called life :) To Rachel Tan: God loves you, walk in His path. Win this race my Chunk x)

This week hasn't been exactly smooth, I've been busy with studies. I think I need to boost myself with the studies and all!~ That's practically what roughly happened this week.

Song of the week!:

Rainbow's Latest Single, To Me!


  1. Hey Lizzy! That's a nice photo of you and it's super sweet of you to wish your sister a happy birthday! I hope she had a good one too!

    The viva glam nude lipstick is amazing and I love it a lot! I still have to get used to the nude look because it REALLY is nude on me but I *heart* it lol my mum thinks I look like a corpse though =P

    I really hope you do win a giveaway soon, you put so much time and effort into them!!! Im thinking of doing a giveaway if I ever reach 100 followers =P

  2. happy birthday to your sister!! :)


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