Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beneath the Sun 400+ Giveaway

Well hello there peeps :) Heard of Beneath the Sun? It's an awesome blog with an awesome giveaway that ends...April 6th! Here's the deets! :) Prizes:

- Makeup Train (this is an awesome train case comes with straps so you can carry on shoulders!)

- Pure spring Cherry blossom set

Body mist Lotion Shower gel Net sponge

- ELF Encyclopedia Book

- NYX pigments (8) Orange

Baby pink

Pearl Fanta

Ocean blue

Mocha Walnut Black

- NYC Mosaic Face Powder Peach glow Heart of gold

- Sally Hansen Foot scrub

- Sally Hansen Nail Pen

- Sally Hansen Lip treatment

- Nail Enamel Art Pen A 3 way art pen great for art, comes in 14 colors

That's alot of prizes, I'm so excited! I hope I win. If you wanna join the giveaway, please do click: Again I remind you, contest ends April 6th. Opened to anyone with an address :) I wish you good luck and goodbye! Lizzy

1 comment:

  1. This is a great giveaway! It's amazing how generous people can be!!! Have you won anything? I hope so! <-- haha I say this every time to you! =P


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