Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Sanrio Wishlist

I just love Sanrio products, they're all so cute. This is just some of the Sanrio goodies that are now added into my wishlist, sweet stuff, so sweet!:

I've seen lotsa iPhone covers but this is GREAT. I WANT!! My iTouch would look definitely cute and stylish in this cover, oohyeah.
I like charm bracelets, they're sorta like a cute accesorry (don't mind the spelling). This charm bracelet is definitely on my wishlist! CUTE :D

Whoa! Hello Kitty beer bottles? Now that ain't something that you'll see everyday. Again, I do not wish to enjoy what's inside but what's outside xD

Love this bed! The color is awesome and it definitely looks soft and warm. I'll definitely have good dreams!

I recently bought a new pair of sneakers and sadly there weren't any Hello Kitty sneaker designs in Bangkok (uggh!). I love all of them, they look cute, I like the little ribbon on the side too :)

SO CUTE ^^! If it came in a bigger size I'd obviously buy it . Looks comfy too.

I don't drink wine or like wine actually but the bottles are lovely. I'd let someone drink what's inside and keep the bottle! :D

Perfume! Honestly, I would buy it because the bottle is absolutely cute but if it smells good then that'll be awesome (it'll be like killing two birds with one stone :P)

I don't actually know how to play a guitar but I've always wanted to play one, electric or not. If I get the opportunity to get one I would pick this! PINK!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back to School

3 Horror Words: BACK.TO.SCHOOL!

It is what I call 'horror' for me, because I just love holidays and the feeliing of being free. Well, the world always puts a stop to joy someday, and that day has come for me. I may sound lame or stupid writing all this nonsense 'cos school is a good thing, it'll benefit me somehow, someday. I'm not the trouble-maker in class, in fact I am the good student, more like a teacher's pet. But, I do not like school.

Time flies extremely fast, that's my favorite quote, but I don't like the meaning of it, I know, I can be confusing. It was just like yesterday when I unpacked my schoolbag, felt freedom and shouted with glee, "I'M FREEEE". And now it's back to square 1, packing our schoolbags.

Well, I do hope that school won't be as bad as I suspected and described it would be. It is a new year and I hope school will be fun and exciting (I doubt it would be :P).

6th time

Waddup bloggas ;D

Yayy! Reached 13 followers, quite happy ^^! Ermm, the title of this post is 6th time as it is, bcos I'm going to watch Narnia the 6th time today, oh yeah! Reached my 2010 Narnia Marathon goal :D

Sorry, I wasn't able to update my blog yesterday, I was so tired coming back from Bangkok, I slept until 10 am (I'm an early riser and sleeping till 10 am is a big thing)! Well, I'm kinda energized now and I'm actually forced to 'cos school starts next week. I'm hoping for a good start for 2011, hopefully it'll be a new and good year. Put your trust in Jesus, people, he'll lead and guide you ;)

So I removed the nailpolish from me fingers but I repainted my left hand, hey, holiday ain't over until Sunday! :D So what did you guys get for Christmas? Curious...I got quite a few bottles of nailpolishes this year, really happy with the color (cheap too!). I'll post some pictures in the later posts. I updated my sidebar with a few giveaways that ends mostly on January 1st (so be sure to join them all before the deadline).


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shopping Spree and Goodbye to 2010

hey bloggas!

Back from Bangkok! Really exhausted. Did alot of shopping this time, there were SALES everywhere. I'm really satisfied with the goodies I bought. They include: Lipgloss, lotsa nail-polish, 2 Girls Generation albums, a new backpack, a new pair of sneakers, letter sets, scrapbook stuff and Converse t-shirts! I love the new Converse t-shirts :D Super great designs.

Well, this is my final trip for 2010, will be stuck at home for the last days of 2010. There's still 3 more days till 2011 but I feel like we already bid farewell to 2010. I'm getting sorta depressed coming home to find out that school will be starting next week. Its back to normal, no more YAYs or YAHOOs. Will update my blog more tomorrow, I'm really tired now.

Bye luvs :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Loving Sundays

Hey peeps :)

Haven't blog for,I think one day, not much updates about what's going on. Lately, I've been in the Narnia craze so I guess I've already described how much i love Narnia so no need for more. Today was a great Sunday! Spent the whole day with my cousins (the same one who went to Disneyland with me), they were adorable as usual. I'm so excited, tomorrow I'll be going to our Christmas family gathering before my uncle leaves for Malacca. Hope we'll have a great dinner. Gonna have to wake up in the morning to help my mom with the food :D yum yum.

Went to Pavillion for window shopping with my cuzzies, there were lotsa sales but I didn't dare go into the department store, full of people, I'd probably get squashed :S Went for Baskin Robbins ice-cream, loved it, ate RAINBOW Sorbet today, missed that cold treat! Then we went to the cinemas, we were lining up to buy the tickets of the movie Rapunzel... result was: SOLD OUT. So, that's alright, we always have Narnia (:D), the results? SOLD OUT. Aww, c'mon people! But hey, there's aways a tomorrow, so yeah, I'm guessing I'll be going for my 5th time soon. Still waiting for my giveaway'll probably take another week!

So how's your holidays? Leave me a comment will ya? :) Love to read them... Merry Christmas!~ Oh yeah, I'll be posting some giveaway posts, seems that there are more that I haven't joined yet, lovely prizes!~

P.S Like me nails? I dont xD I was trying the testers at Guardians. Didn't paint them neatly. Love the green, pink and purple. Hate the blackish violet and greenish black. xO My hair is long now!



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jaebumfangirl and John Wind's Maximal Art Giveaway

hey gals,

here's a christmas giveaway for you from Jaebumfangirl and JW'S Maximal Art. Prizes are sweet! If you win, you'll get a Classic Christmas Necklace from JW'S Maximal Art. But you gotta sign up to win of course, click here to sign up:

Contest is opened worldwide and ends December 22, 2010. :) Hope 'yall join!


My Week

Hey bloggaz,

It's been quite a few days since I last blogged. The weeks been great, so far. Watched Narnia 2 more times!~ 3 more times to go and I'll manage to reach my 6 times narnia-tradition goal. Yes, I'm a crazy fangirl, C.S Lewis is totally my role-model (second to Jesus, that is).

Sadly, my BFF will be leaving for America next Monday, feeling abit down. She's like my other half and I don't know how will I do without her. :'( I spent the whole Monday and Wednesday with her, hope I can see her for one last time before she goes to America.

How's your week? I've been waiting for my giveaway prizes to arrive, hoping it'll arrive tomorrow :D Christmas is coming very soon! Have a Merry Christmas :)

lizzy :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


yayy! I've reached 10 followers. Not that it's like..50 or a 100 followers but still, it's doing good for a new blog. Lotsa love and thank-yews to my followers. FYI, I do follower those who follows me and has a blog. Now, blogging just got even more fun. I hope I get more followers and at least, readers, in the future. Please do leave me some comments 'cos I love to read the messages you leave. P.S I always reply your comments so do check my replies out. I do read your awesome blogs and I love them. I'll continue to post cool stuff and update you on stuff in my life. So, thank you once again ^^

Merry Christmas,


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back with Good News


It wasn't that long but it felt like a week for me. Not that I didn't enjoy my holiday, I did! It was the best Christmas getaway ever :) HK Disneyland truly is the happiest place on Earth. I went with my two favorite cousins, they made my trip incredible. I'm exhausted but I had fun, tons and tons of fun. The weather in HK was coooool, refreshing, chilly and cold. I loved the weather! Experienced winter, no snow, fake snow was available in Disneyland though (practically foam). Had happy days. HAPPY DAYS :D

Oh yeah, the good news!~ HK was already good news but there's more. I was a bit down today as I had to return to home but I received an e-mail by Stephanie Tsang. I won tzeyien89's giveaway (the one on my sidebar)!!! I'M SUPER PHSYCED. I'm the new owner of those lovely prizes.Can't wait to receive it.

Christmas is amazing, thank you Father Lord :DD Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas. Stay tuned for more updates on my trip to HK. Haha, I sound like a radio DJ.



Monday, December 6, 2010


SO, I'm a girl and a girl has her own style of fashion. I'm the sorta casual kinda gurl, i dont really like fancy dresses, like really fancy ones. I like putting on a casual t-shirt (i love converse!) and jeans, that's what I wear normally. These few days, I love jackets, all kinda jackets. I like the korean fashion, most of the gals there wear tees, jackets, boots and jeans. I think it looks cool especially if you're slim x)

what's your style? :)


Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Hello bloggers,

Yes! I watched the Narnia movie yesterday, it is absolutely a masterpiece!! Although, it was different from the first 2 movies, it was still GREAT. No longer Andrew Adamson as Mr Director, Michael Apted took the place as director. Honestly, I preferred Andrew, but Narnia still blew me away so, I loved it! As usual, Narnia once again, blew me away. This wont be my last time watching the movie in the cinemas, I will come back, hopefull 5 more times like I did before. I call it a tradition :)

Hope you guys watch the movie too, and love it as much as I do! It really is wonderful and in my opinion so much better than Harry Potter. Looks like I'll be in HK at this time tomorrow, hope I have a safe trip!



Friday, December 3, 2010

NY Beauty's One Year Giveaway

it's the ends of the year! woopeee :D

NY Beauty has got a GREAT BIG giveaway for you gals out dere. DEETS!: Open internationally, ends: Dec 11th, 2010. Prizes are great! There might be 25 winners or maybe more :D (yay!) and also the prizes are valued at over $300! Whoa, right?

Do join :D



Never thought Silver and PINK would go well on my nails. Yep, painted them, wanted to do somethin different. After my uncle bought my blue nailpolish (my all time favorite), I've been painting my nails and school break and holidays. Mom said I should do something different. My sister did pink nails with red french tip and it turned out girly, christmasy, and elegant. Mom wanted me to paint the same, but I wanted something different. I took out all my nailpolishes and tried on each and everyone of them.

Couldn't match some of the colors, but pink and silver worked well on me. So ta-da! :D But I might change it to my sister's color and do the same thing as her... to fit the Christmas theme :)

Change of Plans :S

ELLO Amigos,

Sadly, there has been a change of plans, I will not watch Narnia today :'( I am very dissapointed but...I'll watch it tomorrow!! Which, I will try to stay patient and wait xD I really was hoping I could watch it today, but I guess the times of the show wasn't appropriate. I'll be posting more on giveaways today and P.S My blog is not for advertising giveaways :P

I'm here with my comp while my unnie is updating Dad's iPad which is taking such a long time!! I can't wait to get my hands on it xD

Happy Weekends :)

Officially 2 more days to departure to HK!


LOLanne's Giveaway


LOLanne's got a giveaway for you to enter! Details, details, details!: Open to everyone, End January 1st 2011. The prizes? Look DOwn...

One lucky winner will win:

Ninja boy and girl made by LOLanne herself! :)

Small make-up pouch

2x BNIB palettes (never used) from MAC's Magic and Mirth Holiday Collection

3x MAC blushes

BNIB MAC lipglass in Frozen Dream

2x MAC eyeshadow suits

10 pairs of Asian Eyelashes!!

The prizes shown in the pictures above are the MAC (I LOVE MAC :D) products, the Ninja boy and girl, and the small make-up pouch.

The prizes are lovely! So do join at:

Giveaway by LOLanne
Lurve from,
Lizzy :)

3D Magic

Hey ladies and gentlemen,

As you all know, I love NARNIA. Really love the movie, author, story, and the series of books. I've been a crazy fan eversince the first movie came out, since then I fell in love with everything Narnia. I saw the first move 4 or 5 times, 2nd movie 6 times and now I've waiting for 2 years for the next movie which is the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. And it's finally here!! I'm super excited, the 2D version comes out in Dec 9th in my country but I just found out that 3D is here!!

I'm very excited and itching to see the movie, I managed to convince daddykins to take me tomorrow first thing in the morning, I gotta see it before I go to HK! I've decided to watch the movie 6 times again, it has become a tradition. I'm deeply in love with Narnia and I've got to get my hands on it :DD

Hope 'yall have a good weekend, I hope mine will be great! 3 more days 'till departure to HK.

Signing off,


Litto Mokaa's GIVEAWAY :)

Hihi my friends,

Little Mokka is having a giveaway, woohoo!~ It ends DEC 19th, 11:30pm GMT and it's open internationally, yay again :D

Now, prizes are sweeet and totally awesome. Not gonna tell you specifically but mainly it includes: lipbalms, mascara, lip kit, cleanser, eyeliner and A MYSTERY GIFT. I love mystery gifts! ^________^ Just look in the picture above. To find out more and to JOIN (which you must), do click here: Yippee!

That's all for now, don't forget to join and check out the blog.


P.S This is on my sidebar, just for your information :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tze Yien 89's Christmas Giveaway

Christmas is definitely near, Tze Yien's got a Christmas giveaway for you :) Do join! The winner will be announced December 9th, 8pm GMT, which isn't very far from today. The prizes are lovely (see? see? it's in the picture)! You can also check my sidebar, I posted about this there. Here's the link: Winner will be chosen RANDOMLY but it's open to all readers :) Yippeeee!~

Happy Holidays

To all my followers and bloggers,

Happy Holidays! May all your wishes come true before 2010 ends :) Hope

you guys spend a good time with your families this Christmas. And...Happy

Birthday to Jesus :) I love you. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


Lizzy ^^

The Happiest Place on Earth

Well guys,

It's the second of week of the holidays and it's soon about to end. It's now Thursday here and I wished that time would just stop, okay, maybe it should run fast so I can go to HK faster and then that's when it should stop. Oh yeah!~ I'm going to Disneyland for the 2nd time! Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, I've been there and I can say, it's 95% right. Hope to get autographs of Mickey and Minnie and practically all the characters I see again like I did before the last time. I got their autographs but I ruined it -_____-" I was very young back then! So this time I'll preserve them well and maybe I'll take a picture for you to see, did you know you can actually ask for autographs? :) Fun Fact!

I think Disneyland is for people of all ages, you're still gonna enjoy it even if your 5 or 85 years old. The rides and shows are AWESOME! I loved the 3D Philharmonic Mickey or whatever it's called :D Thank you Father Lord for giving me the chance to go again. I hope I'll have a good time. Hope to have a safe journey there.

Hope all you bloggers out there have a good holiday and Christmas!
Happy Holidays from...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


yellow :) I know it's pink ._.

That was totally random. Hey! DO you guys know the Lush brand? I'm kinda outdated I know. I just saw their website and their products, it ROCKS. There are so many cool flavors of soap, bubble bars, or just anything! I've never heard of Lush until now that is. I have none of their products but I'm really wish I owned one now. Hope I win PINK DOLLY's giveaway! ^^

Addition to my Christmas wish-list:
I chose one product out of every category!!
Lip Balm: It Started With A Kiss (Apple Flavor)
Body Butter: Body Butter Tin
Moisturizer: Vanishing Cream
Perfume: Orange Blossom and Vanillary
Liquid Shampoo: Curly Wurly
Shower Jellies: Sweetie Pie

There are lotsa lotsa lovely products, I wish to own ALL, however that is impossible.
What's your fav product? :)

Jen's Joyful Giveaway

i love jen, i love being joyful, i love christmas, i love jen's blog, i love her giveaway :D

Jenny is hosting a JOYFUL~ giveaway, joyful it is and great too. Look at the prizes in that pic above, lemme tell you something awesome, the prizes adds up to 29 GOODIES. Yep, the winner gets all 29 of the things in that picture, that's not all, Jenny is kind and she wants to reward the winner with a 30th prize (it can be anything which does not exceed $20 AUD). So woohoo, an even-numbered prize. If you'd like to know more about the prizes or JOIN please click here:

P.S I posted this on my sidebar

P.P.S Jenny's blog is on my blogroll

ooh ooh! P.P.P.S Contest ends December 8th and it's opened worldwide

Hope you're convinced :)


Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hello sweethearts :P

Here's a great news, Pink Dolly is hosting a LUSH!~ Giveaway. Oh yeah, it's got a LUSH products included in the prizes. I just found out about the Lush company, and it's really great, I love all their products, EVERYTHING is super nice. I like their bubble bars too.

The LUSH gift set ain't the only prize, there are MORE! Yes, MORE :DD yippee! I really hope I win this things because I find it hard to come across giveaways with LUSH products as prizes. If you want to learn more about the prizes or join:

Lovely giveaway :D Thanks PINK DOLLY!~

Skinnie GEnes Holidays Giveaway

Yayy! It's time for a happie holiday giveaway ^^

I promised Jenny I'd join her giveaway and I have. Now, if you're interested you should go check out her blog and her giveaway. Prizes are lovely, they include: Lip Fusion Lipglosses. I posted a picture of it on my sidebar and above. I want them, I'd like to thanks Jenny again for following me and hosting this giveaway.

The entries can be submitted before January 5th, and yes it's opened internationally :) Here's the link:

Hope you join! Posted on my sidebar. I like to do both (write a blogpost and post it on my sidebar :D)


Jumping with Joy

2 has become my favorite number because I've got 2 special followers on my blog!

Thanks Jenny and Liz, love your blogs too!~ Finally, I have followers. I felt kinda lame that I was talking to myself -___- Thanks again for following me! Don't forget, I'm following you guys too.

Thanks darlings, keep up the good work blogging :)



The Last Day of November 2010

Hey lovelies,

I just realized that today is the very last day of November 2010. The last month of 2010 is coming, I'm just 2 hours away from December. Wow! November was quite a happy month for me, and for all students that is, I had 2 weeks break from school, I liked November because it wasn't Christmas yet and we were still one month away from saying goodbye to 2010 but now it's soon gonna be December. Sigh! Time do fly fast, speedily. I feel like we just started the year and now it's gonne be the end of the year soon. Again, Sigh!

Well, I invite December with a happy smile! :) After all, December is one of my favorite months, it's Christmas time!~ I'll update you on my December, hope I get at least A follower in DEcember :S!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Nail Galore's End of the Year Giveaway!

That's right!

Nail Galore is wrapping up the year with a giveaway. The prize is Chanel's Latest Holiday Collection Color; Pulsion. Uh-huh, if you want that click here:

More deets: It's opened to EARTHLINGS :D Cool way of saying International :P Ends December 15th, 2010. So submit your entries FAST :)

That's it, please do JOIN :)


Da Dentist

Hey guys and gals,

How was my day? Lemme say something, HORRIBLE.Well, not exactly 'cos I didn't have to do any of my homework (lazy little me >:D) but I had to visit the DENTIST. Oh the horror, you know how people hate to go to the dentist's, well it wasn't a problem for me and it didn't really bother me but I just HATE it now! The drilling and the sucking, I can't take it. Especially the drilling, thinking about it makes my teeth now. Gone were those days where I'd just go to the dentist's to brush my teeth by the awesomely cool electric toothbrush (the toothpaste tastes great too :P) I really gotta cut down on the sweets, but hey, I'm not like to freaks eating candy 24 hours a day.

After the appointment, after the drilling and the sucking and stuff, we had to go to another dentist, it was Rachel's (unnie) turn. She took off her braces last Saturday and she went to pick up her retainers today. Mom succeeded in driving to Ampang for the first time (I hope she's happy). It was raining heavily and I didn't like going to the orthodontist 'cos its BORING! But I guess we don't really need to go that often now. So there you have it! Two dentist appointment today, I'm glad that's over!

Lizzy (still no followers yet, basically writing to myself T.T)

Momo's World Giveaway

Hello ^^

It's 9:30 pm and i've got a cute giveaway. Momo is having a FIRST giveaway! There are lotsa prizes so I can actually post all the pics of the prizes but hey, you gotta believe me, it's great. Prizes include Japanese products like cosmetics and stationary (now does that sound great? JAPAN gurls)

DEETS: Opened worldwide!~ Ends: Dec 31st at 11:59 PM, of course, 2010. Here's the link:

P.S This is posted on my sidebar.

Charmed Chick 50 Followers Giveaway


Charmed Chick's got 50 followers on her blog, but actually she has gotten 11 extra so YIPPEEE! Charmed Chick's got 50 followers now so she's hostin' a sweeeet giveaway. I'll post this on my sidebar too. It opens internationally but you have to be a blogger. It ends 7th January 2011 (awesome! next year :D), it closes exactly at 11:59pm GMT. The winner will be chosen using

Here are more deets: The prizes include Eyelure Color Lashes, Superdrugs Little Pink Tin Lip Balm, Superdrug Smoothie Self Heating Face Mask, Two Pairs of True Spirit Earrings and Two NYX Chrome eyeshadows in colors Java and Geisha. I posted the pics of the prizes above. Interested? Click here to JOIN:





My Kamio Banana Plushie is finally here! It came faster than I thought. Thanks to my unnie who searched all over the internet for it, thanks to omma who bought it and last but not least thanks to Uncle Albretch who helped with the shipping and all. And thanks to me for discovering it! :) I discovered it when I saw one of my fav singers who took a selca with it, and immediately, I had to have it.

This banana is squishy and soft, but that's not it, the reason why I loved and wanted it SOSOSOSO much is because it can PEEL open! FALALA, ain't that great. You don't come across stuff like that these days, it's super-duper cool and wonderful. It splits, it really splits! I love it. There's a picture of it above. It's the best Christmas present ever, totally a great companion for a good night sleep. I had a good dream last night ;)




Hiya :)

How are you lovelies today? I'm fine, sorta (there's always a sorta in my life :P) Yesterday was great! Sorta. Half of the day was crazy but the other half was awesome. I went to watch Tangle a.k.a the story of Rapunzel with Dad and my Unnie. 3 words: I LOVED IT!

It was awesome in my opinion, I loved Rapunzel's character and voice, Mandy Moore did a great job. It was funny too and somewhat different from other fairytale movies like Princess and the Frog, that was quite a failure. It had some very cool scenes and I loved the animation. They made Rapunzel look very pretty and I loved her oh-so-gorgeous golden hair, super long! :D

The hero was funny too and there was some romance but I find it awkward to see romance in a princess fairytale, I mean of course there had to be romance in a fairy-tale otherwise it wouldn't BE a fairytale but, it would be nice if it were real. I like the mini chameleon Rapunzel kept as a pet. Cute, the characters are humorous and great! I must say, it is a MUST-SEE movie. Awesome and if I were to rate the movie, I'd give 5 STARS out of 5!
It's that good, for me of course. :-)

Friday, November 26, 2010

What a Fine DAY!

Ellow :)

How was your Saturday? Although it hasn't end yet but I can say that my Saturday was good :) Rachel (my older sis) took out her braces today (I'm not excited about that :P) and she went to her buddy's house, meanwhile I went window shopping together with my dad, mom and BFF (Abby Bengs). Nope, we did not buy anything but I had fun with her :)

We ate lunch together and she told me some funny stories that made me laugh out loud...AND we had a photo session together on the way back home, sorry, the photos aren't with me now! Will post soon. I just dropped her at church and now I'm resting. So glad, Math tuition is finally over. All I have to do now is concentrate on my LifePacs :/

Well, will update soon :) see ya!


Just Jingle's KAWAII giveaway

Aloha peeps!

I just wanna inform you about a giveaway I joined yesterday. And yes, it's also sponsored by MODES4U, sick of it? I hope you aren't cos I'm not :P

Just jingle is a BUBBLY and EXCITING blog, so check it out at: Simple as that.

Now, GIVEAWAY DEETS (FYI, this is an ultimately kawaii CUTE giveaway, Like being cute? I got one word for ya, JOIN): Opened worldwide, it ends on Dec 3rd. Yeap, 2010 :D To find out the prizes and join, click here:

JOIN!!! It's jingletastic and kawaii, SUPER :) P.S I'll just post a pic of one of the prizes, kay? This is not the end, there are more prizes and the lucky winner will get ALL of 'em (PRAYING IT'S ME :D)



Cutesypoo Toys+Modes4u Giveaway

Hey peeps,

I've found another kawaii giveaway, sponsored by Modes4u (AGAIN :D, I never get sick of Modes4u giveaways) and also Cutesypoo, I just heard about this blog. It's a kawaii blog too, I like it's name ^^ how cute!~

If you wanna check out Cutesypoo Toy's blog, click here:

Here's the GIVEAWAY deets :)

The contest ends December 6th. I only posted a pic of one of the prizes but to check out more prizes in this giveaway and also to JOIN the giveaway, click here:

Oh, did I mention? It's opened WORLDWIDE :D

Hope you join ^^


BIG kawaii Giveaway from Modes4u

That's right peeps. This is a BIG giveaway hosted by none other than the kawaii-est blogs, Modes4u. I just wrote a blogpost about the amazing website, hope you read it. It's an online shop and a blog. You must visit :D

Now, the deets on this BIG kawaii~ Giveaway! First off, it's opened worldwide so, yes, you can absolutely join if you're living in Earth. Secondly, this giveaway ends on December 6th, 2010 which is a Monday... Modes4u will receive entries untill Midnight (that's when the spell breaks xD), so hurry up! The faster you enter, the better.

There are 20 prizes to win, I know!Awesome right? I think it is. Oh yeah, one more thing... the winner will be announced the next day (Dec 7th, Tuesday). Winners will be chosen randomly using none other than

The most important part, this is where you click -->> Do join before the contest ends. There are pictures of some of the prizes on the link I just wrote, so check it out :)

That's practically it, hope you join,


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Modes4u JJang! ^^

I love Modes4u! If it's your first time hearing this, Modes4u is a website for all kawaii stuff fans. This absolute kawaii website is an online shop that sells all kawaii stuff, from bento boxes to hoodies (i love hoodies! ^^). THere are really cute bags and stationeries too. Lotsa accesories to check out too. If you love kawaii stuff then this is your one-way ticket to kawaii heaven!

Here's the link if you're interested to check it out: Please do check it out :) I like the boss, she's super kawaii and nice! There are gonna be some blogposts of giveaways hosted by modes4u so stay tuned. All the prizes are kawaii goodies, so my type of thing :P

I've never won any of the giveaways but I'm hoping I get to win one of them one day. Crossing my fingers :D

Once again, don't forget to check out! You'll love it (if you're a fan of kawaii, that is :))

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Usage of Sidebar

If ya'll read my giveaway posts please do follow me and also I'll be shifting the posts to my sidebar from now on so if you'd like to check out the giveaways section you have to see it in my sidebar. Thanks gals :)

Bloggers Template

WOO-HOO! Changed my template to Bloggers Design.Ahh, Classic. Now it's gonna be useful as I can see if anyone follows me and I can use my sidebar. Please do follow me!!

Haircut Day

Hello :D

How ya' people doing? I'm fine, the holidays have been...well, so-so. It's kinda boring, Mom wants me to study hard so I can progress in my work fast and... T^T it's tuiton day, and it's MATH!! Who like's studying? Studying=Boring but it'll make me good in the future. Sigh!~

Today I got a haircut! At Tesco's 15 minute haircut shop. Got a little trim and thinned it...I'm known for my glorious thick and dark hair. But having THICK hair ain't all good, it's always hot so I am currently enjoying myself with my light and thinned down hair! :)

But the day isn't all good, I feel sad for my fav cuzzie (my own spelling for cousin ^^), I'm not gonna say the bad news, it isn't any good to tell anyway. Well, cheer up Gracie! Elise loves you :D

Yayy, Dad's gonna take Aaron, Abbypoo and Me for a movie this Friday night! :) Tangled, I guess you've heard of it! "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, with hair so fine, come out the window, climb down the vine!" :D

Hope you guys have a great day!

Signing off,


P.S There are gonna be more posts of giveaways so stay tuned :)

52 New Days: Dior and Urban Decay Giveaway :D

Let's be friends
Hey gals, 52 New Days is hosting a giveaway! Hooray :) Prizes include:(Dior Products) Full Size DiorShow Mascara in Black (oohlala, I want that :D), Mini Duo Express Instant Eye Make-up Remover, and Mini Crayon Eyeliner in Black. (Urban Decay Products) 2 eye shadows in Narcotic (matte teal blue) and Toasted (muted copper shimmer) (*purple and tan colors shown in the containers are not available) And a few more surprise goodies! (I like this part best :P more prizes!!)

How do you like the prizes? If you wanna join, click the button on top, it's actually for the sidebar but I dont have one so I'm putting it on the post instead of the link :P saves the trouble for me and it looks nicer. Enough of that, here are the deets: Opened to all bloggers (that means worldwide) and it ends December 3rd, 2010. A winner will be chose randomly using the generator and announced on December 5th (hope that'll be my lucky day :P)

Just so you know, all the prizes are bought from the blogger's own money $$! Thanks Nelah :D

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Extra Petite's Giveaway

Click on the button to join extra petite's GIVEAWAY;D Yes, it's open internationally and ends Dec 12th. You might be the lucky winner of those goodies in the button but don't forget, I might be that winner xDD


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pandaphilia's 250+ Giveaway

Annyeong! ^^

Love Pandas? Love giveaways? Love Beauty products? Then join this giveaway! Pandaphilia is giving away beauty goodies (i love the brands of all the goodies) :)


Contest ends: December 15, 2010. Exact time: 12 PM, CST

Yippee, it's open internationally :D

Thanks Angie (the blogger of Pandaphilia) for this cute giveaway!

Love pandas :)


Monday, November 22, 2010

KONADomania's 700+ Followers Cool Giveaway

Hiya gals, KONADomania has got 700 over followers, woohoo! Congrats :) That's not the only great news, there's a GIVEAWAY!~

Giveaway details:

This giveaway is opened to human beings which means you can join as long as you're in Earth.

Opened untill Nov 30th, 2010!

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Varnish VIxen's Giveaway

YELLOW :) Hot News: Varnish Vixen's hostin' an totally awesome giveaway. There are 4 prizes but the winner can only get one.


1) Prizes are stated in the link I give below. I'll just be posting the picture of the prize I want to win. There are nailpolishes to win too.

3) Opened worldwide

4)Ends December 5th

5) Prizes are BRAND* New!!

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Only Half Dressed Giveaway

Aloha to divas out there!

I have a fantastic giveaway for you. A pwetty one, I gurantee.

Here's the info and things you need to know:

1) Prizes!: FCUK Pure Bodywash, Ted Baker Gentle Body Scrub, Soap and Glory Floral Body Spray, BARRY M-instant nail effects, Barry M-304, Topshop Floral Ring, New Look Beaded Necklace. The winner will win all these including the sequin make-up which it all will be packed into, sweet right?

2) Opened internationally! ^^
3) Ends November 30th, hurry up gals.

4) Here's the VIP (Very.Important.Part), the link:

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The Polish-Aholic's Holiday Giveaway

Hey everyone!

The Polish-Aholic is celebrating the holidays with this nail-polish giveaway.

Here are the details and things you need to know, (link included):

1) The prizes includes a whole bunch of awesome nail-polishes, shown in the picture above, for more details about the prize (such as brands) go click on the link below.

3)Good news! It's opened to all international readers :D

4) Contest ends December 9th, Midnight PST

5) All prizes were bought by the blogger's money, not a sponsored giveaway.

That's roughly what you need to know, now go join! :)


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas is HERE!~

Yup yup, Christmas is HEREEEEE!~ Wee, it's not exactly Christmas yet 'cos it's not officially December but who cares? November is the starting of the Christmas mood and spirit that runs through the city. Decorations of all sort are up and songs like 'Santa is Coming To Town' or 'I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause' are playing in shopping malls and stores. I love it! It gives me the cool and free feeling, it's the time where we spent time with our family and most of all, it's the time we celebrate our Saviour who came down from Heaven to Earth to die for our sins and set us free :)

If it wasn't for Jesus, there wouldn't be any Christmas dinners or gathering, and most importantly, we wouldn't be free. So, I'd like to say, Thank You Jesus :DD and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Early wishes from,

lizzy! ;)

Polishaholic Giveaway

This Polishaholic has got a great giveaway for you, the prizes aren't big but they're perfect who loves nail art (a girl like me and my sis). The contest closes 20th December and Hooray! It's open to all earthlings :P That means, opened worldwide. Congrats to the blogger who has got 400 followers! :)

Winner will be chosen by, here's the link:

Do join before the contest ends :)