Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shopping Spree and Goodbye to 2010

hey bloggas!

Back from Bangkok! Really exhausted. Did alot of shopping this time, there were SALES everywhere. I'm really satisfied with the goodies I bought. They include: Lipgloss, lotsa nail-polish, 2 Girls Generation albums, a new backpack, a new pair of sneakers, letter sets, scrapbook stuff and Converse t-shirts! I love the new Converse t-shirts :D Super great designs.

Well, this is my final trip for 2010, will be stuck at home for the last days of 2010. There's still 3 more days till 2011 but I feel like we already bid farewell to 2010. I'm getting sorta depressed coming home to find out that school will be starting next week. Its back to normal, no more YAYs or YAHOOs. Will update my blog more tomorrow, I'm really tired now.

Bye luvs :)

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