Wednesday, December 29, 2010

6th time

Waddup bloggas ;D

Yayy! Reached 13 followers, quite happy ^^! Ermm, the title of this post is 6th time as it is, bcos I'm going to watch Narnia the 6th time today, oh yeah! Reached my 2010 Narnia Marathon goal :D

Sorry, I wasn't able to update my blog yesterday, I was so tired coming back from Bangkok, I slept until 10 am (I'm an early riser and sleeping till 10 am is a big thing)! Well, I'm kinda energized now and I'm actually forced to 'cos school starts next week. I'm hoping for a good start for 2011, hopefully it'll be a new and good year. Put your trust in Jesus, people, he'll lead and guide you ;)

So I removed the nailpolish from me fingers but I repainted my left hand, hey, holiday ain't over until Sunday! :D So what did you guys get for Christmas? Curious...I got quite a few bottles of nailpolishes this year, really happy with the color (cheap too!). I'll post some pictures in the later posts. I updated my sidebar with a few giveaways that ends mostly on January 1st (so be sure to join them all before the deadline).


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