Wednesday, December 1, 2010


yellow :) I know it's pink ._.

That was totally random. Hey! DO you guys know the Lush brand? I'm kinda outdated I know. I just saw their website and their products, it ROCKS. There are so many cool flavors of soap, bubble bars, or just anything! I've never heard of Lush until now that is. I have none of their products but I'm really wish I owned one now. Hope I win PINK DOLLY's giveaway! ^^

Addition to my Christmas wish-list:
I chose one product out of every category!!
Lip Balm: It Started With A Kiss (Apple Flavor)
Body Butter: Body Butter Tin
Moisturizer: Vanishing Cream
Perfume: Orange Blossom and Vanillary
Liquid Shampoo: Curly Wurly
Shower Jellies: Sweetie Pie

There are lotsa lotsa lovely products, I wish to own ALL, however that is impossible.
What's your fav product? :)

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