Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Hello bloggers,

Yes! I watched the Narnia movie yesterday, it is absolutely a masterpiece!! Although, it was different from the first 2 movies, it was still GREAT. No longer Andrew Adamson as Mr Director, Michael Apted took the place as director. Honestly, I preferred Andrew, but Narnia still blew me away so, I loved it! As usual, Narnia once again, blew me away. This wont be my last time watching the movie in the cinemas, I will come back, hopefull 5 more times like I did before. I call it a tradition :)

Hope you guys watch the movie too, and love it as much as I do! It really is wonderful and in my opinion so much better than Harry Potter. Looks like I'll be in HK at this time tomorrow, hope I have a safe trip!



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