Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jaebumfangirl and John Wind's Maximal Art Giveaway

hey gals,

here's a christmas giveaway for you from Jaebumfangirl and JW'S Maximal Art. Prizes are sweet! If you win, you'll get a Classic Christmas Necklace from JW'S Maximal Art. But you gotta sign up to win of course, click here to sign up:

Contest is opened worldwide and ends December 22, 2010. :) Hope 'yall join!



  1. Thanks for sharing the giveaway! What I meant in my previous comment of "bits and pieces" was that I only watched parts of the movie Narnia but not the entire movie =)

    haha I really like Duffy but since I live in Canada we don't have any Disney lands here boo,do you live in HK? Im planning on going to Florida next month to Disney world so hopefully I can buy Duffy lots of clothes =P

    How come you couldn't buy a Duffy?

    Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. hey suki
    You should watch the whole movie! It's superb. I like Duffy too, you could take pics with him at Disneyland. I don't live in HK btw :) Lucky you, you get to go to the Florida branch, it's awesome there and much more bigger than HK Disneyland. I couldn't buy Duffy as it was too expensive for a small teddy. Your BF must be rich xP!


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