Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Sanrio Wishlist

I just love Sanrio products, they're all so cute. This is just some of the Sanrio goodies that are now added into my wishlist, sweet stuff, so sweet!:

I've seen lotsa iPhone covers but this is GREAT. I WANT!! My iTouch would look definitely cute and stylish in this cover, oohyeah.
I like charm bracelets, they're sorta like a cute accesorry (don't mind the spelling). This charm bracelet is definitely on my wishlist! CUTE :D

Whoa! Hello Kitty beer bottles? Now that ain't something that you'll see everyday. Again, I do not wish to enjoy what's inside but what's outside xD

Love this bed! The color is awesome and it definitely looks soft and warm. I'll definitely have good dreams!

I recently bought a new pair of sneakers and sadly there weren't any Hello Kitty sneaker designs in Bangkok (uggh!). I love all of them, they look cute, I like the little ribbon on the side too :)

SO CUTE ^^! If it came in a bigger size I'd obviously buy it . Looks comfy too.

I don't drink wine or like wine actually but the bottles are lovely. I'd let someone drink what's inside and keep the bottle! :D

Perfume! Honestly, I would buy it because the bottle is absolutely cute but if it smells good then that'll be awesome (it'll be like killing two birds with one stone :P)

I don't actually know how to play a guitar but I've always wanted to play one, electric or not. If I get the opportunity to get one I would pick this! PINK!


  1. wow look at all the cute sanrio/hk stuff!!! I love th wine bottles but I'd never drink it either lol! Sanrio makes the cutest things but sometimes I think they're overpriced =P

  2. suki! :D yeah, I agree with you on how Sanrio makes the cutest stuff. I, too, cannot afford most of their products. And I'd go on wishing I was a millionaire, so I could get Sanrio stuff xD


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