Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth

Well guys,

It's the second of week of the holidays and it's soon about to end. It's now Thursday here and I wished that time would just stop, okay, maybe it should run fast so I can go to HK faster and then that's when it should stop. Oh yeah!~ I'm going to Disneyland for the 2nd time! Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, I've been there and I can say, it's 95% right. Hope to get autographs of Mickey and Minnie and practically all the characters I see again like I did before the last time. I got their autographs but I ruined it -_____-" I was very young back then! So this time I'll preserve them well and maybe I'll take a picture for you to see, did you know you can actually ask for autographs? :) Fun Fact!

I think Disneyland is for people of all ages, you're still gonna enjoy it even if your 5 or 85 years old. The rides and shows are AWESOME! I loved the 3D Philharmonic Mickey or whatever it's called :D Thank you Father Lord for giving me the chance to go again. I hope I'll have a good time. Hope to have a safe journey there.

Hope all you bloggers out there have a good holiday and Christmas!
Happy Holidays from...

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