Monday, December 6, 2010


SO, I'm a girl and a girl has her own style of fashion. I'm the sorta casual kinda gurl, i dont really like fancy dresses, like really fancy ones. I like putting on a casual t-shirt (i love converse!) and jeans, that's what I wear normally. These few days, I love jackets, all kinda jackets. I like the korean fashion, most of the gals there wear tees, jackets, boots and jeans. I think it looks cool especially if you're slim x)

what's your style? :)



  1. Oh I agree that the hoodie and jean style looks good with a slim figure, but then again most styles look good with slim figures lol! My style is probably a bit more girly but still very casual, usually on days for school, exams, or some other type of "Stressful" endurance (etc. dentist appointment!!!) I will usually just throw on a sweater, some leggings and boots. I really enjoy hime-gyaru though =P

  2. hey! I love your style, sorta like mine :D I envy gals with slim figures with coats/jackets and boots. I think it's very stylish :D Casual can be stylish too, I like looking simple and casual, not too fancy. It's true, slim figures wear everything nice, they look good in everything it's annoying xD


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