Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back with Good News


It wasn't that long but it felt like a week for me. Not that I didn't enjoy my holiday, I did! It was the best Christmas getaway ever :) HK Disneyland truly is the happiest place on Earth. I went with my two favorite cousins, they made my trip incredible. I'm exhausted but I had fun, tons and tons of fun. The weather in HK was coooool, refreshing, chilly and cold. I loved the weather! Experienced winter, no snow, fake snow was available in Disneyland though (practically foam). Had happy days. HAPPY DAYS :D

Oh yeah, the good news!~ HK was already good news but there's more. I was a bit down today as I had to return to home but I received an e-mail by Stephanie Tsang. I won tzeyien89's giveaway (the one on my sidebar)!!! I'M SUPER PHSYCED. I'm the new owner of those lovely prizes.Can't wait to receive it.

Christmas is amazing, thank you Father Lord :DD Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas. Stay tuned for more updates on my trip to HK. Haha, I sound like a radio DJ.




  1. I agree that disney land is the happiest place on earth! It's one of my dreams/goals to visit all the disney lands in the world at least once! I actually went back to tokyo for two days last year so I could visit Tokyo Disneyland, because when I went prior in that year I only went to Tokyo Sea and I told my bf it didn't count hahaha =P Im hoping to go to Florida for Disney World next month, but that still seems so far away! Im glad you had tons of fun on your vacation and congrats on winning those awesome items!!!

  2. Hey, I've been trying to convince my Dad to take us to Tokyo Disneyland. Hope it's working. But my parents want me to learn how to speak jap bfore going. Do people there speak english? or is it motly japanese? I find the communication a difficulty. I wanna go to the Florida one too, it's awesome, I saw it on a traveling programme once and I was like, "I wanna go there!" Thanks for the wishes. :D


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