Sunday, December 19, 2010

Loving Sundays

Hey peeps :)

Haven't blog for,I think one day, not much updates about what's going on. Lately, I've been in the Narnia craze so I guess I've already described how much i love Narnia so no need for more. Today was a great Sunday! Spent the whole day with my cousins (the same one who went to Disneyland with me), they were adorable as usual. I'm so excited, tomorrow I'll be going to our Christmas family gathering before my uncle leaves for Malacca. Hope we'll have a great dinner. Gonna have to wake up in the morning to help my mom with the food :D yum yum.

Went to Pavillion for window shopping with my cuzzies, there were lotsa sales but I didn't dare go into the department store, full of people, I'd probably get squashed :S Went for Baskin Robbins ice-cream, loved it, ate RAINBOW Sorbet today, missed that cold treat! Then we went to the cinemas, we were lining up to buy the tickets of the movie Rapunzel... result was: SOLD OUT. So, that's alright, we always have Narnia (:D), the results? SOLD OUT. Aww, c'mon people! But hey, there's aways a tomorrow, so yeah, I'm guessing I'll be going for my 5th time soon. Still waiting for my giveaway'll probably take another week!

So how's your holidays? Leave me a comment will ya? :) Love to read them... Merry Christmas!~ Oh yeah, I'll be posting some giveaway posts, seems that there are more that I haven't joined yet, lovely prizes!~

P.S Like me nails? I dont xD I was trying the testers at Guardians. Didn't paint them neatly. Love the green, pink and purple. Hate the blackish violet and greenish black. xO My hair is long now!



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