Friday, December 3, 2010

Change of Plans :S

ELLO Amigos,

Sadly, there has been a change of plans, I will not watch Narnia today :'( I am very dissapointed but...I'll watch it tomorrow!! Which, I will try to stay patient and wait xD I really was hoping I could watch it today, but I guess the times of the show wasn't appropriate. I'll be posting more on giveaways today and P.S My blog is not for advertising giveaways :P

I'm here with my comp while my unnie is updating Dad's iPad which is taking such a long time!! I can't wait to get my hands on it xD

Happy Weekends :)

Officially 2 more days to departure to HK!



  1. lucky girl!! i think you're probably on your flight heading towards hk as i'm typing this! have fun and be safe! :)

  2. Hey jenn, oh not yet :-) leaving tmr at noon. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and holidays! I'll have fun ^^


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