Monday, January 3, 2011


hii bloggas :]

Haven't been blogging for quite a few days already. Well, we've all already met 2011, so Happy New Year to you guys :) It's a new beginning and I hope you guys start of the new year with a fresh start! God bless you guys.

It's the first day of school but unfortunately I was absent. I'm what the title says; SICK. Yes, sick, viral fever, I probably got it from some person in the malls or some place. I dunno, but I hope I get well soon and get back up on my feet to start the new year! I didn't want to go to school but now it seems that I dont want to miss school, i'm a weirdo, yes xD

Anyways, I'm thinking that there'll be some new giveaways coming up, so I'll probably join some and tell you guys about it on my blog. Stay tuned (I sound like a radio DJ :P).


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  1. hey~ i hope you get better soon! hahaha sometimes I feel the same way about school! Good luck in the giveaways~


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